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Dr. Bronners was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner. He was a third- generation master soapmaker continuing his family's business. Their first product was a peppermint soap along with various health food seasonings. They are well known for the messages on their packaging- most notably "All-One", meant to promote peace and unity for all people. It is still a family business, and in 2000, they began selling their products worldwide. Dr.Bronner's is a certified Fair Trade Company and their products are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with no synthetic ingredients or detergents.

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Skincare - Body -Dr. Bronner's -Organic Magic Balm - Baby Unscented

on 3/5/2018 12:49:00 PM


Imagine greasng your body/hands/face with unscented WD40? This is it. It doesn't sink in. It sits on your skin like cooking oil, getting on anything you touch. It's also hard as hell to wash off.
It even managed to give me a zit on my hand half an hour after applying it.

Gels/Soaps -Dr. Bronner's -Liquid Soap - All Scents

on 2/24/2018 5:23:00 AM


I have the tea tree one in the orange bottle. When I first got it I used all over my face as it was very effective at removing makeup but it was quite drying. Now I just use around my nose and forehead as that's where I get oily and pimples. I've also found it very good at cleaning makeup brushes. It also has multiple other uses although I haven't used it for anything else but definitely reccomend as it's such a good working and versatile product

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Skincare - Body -Dr. Bronner's -Lavender Liquid Soap

on 1/9/2018 7:16:00 PM


Great soap! The ingredients are good, and it's cruelty-free. I use it mainly as a body wash/shaving soap on a shower puff. It also can work for shampoo, in a pinch. I've used it in household cleaners as well. Pleasant lavender smell. Price isn't bad. However, it can slightly drying in the winter months.

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Lip Treatments -Dr. Bronner's -Magic All-One! Organic Lip Balm - Naked

on 11/15/2017 12:01:00 AM


This is the best product for my lips that are prone to being dry and peeling. Nothing I’ve tried can compare.

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Gels/Soaps -Dr. Bronner's -Almond Castille Soap


I love Dr. Bronner's soaps and this is my favorite one. Smells so good, yummy almond. I use this mainly as a body wash. Doesn't give me rashes or breakouts and rinses clean. No toxic or potentially harmful ingredients.

It is a true soap and not a detergent so it's a little drying in the wintertime but I squirt a little into my washcloth and that's all I need to clean my whole body.

Pairs really well with The Body Shop's almond and also the coconut body butter!

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