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Recent Dolce&Gabbana Reviews

Fragrances -Dolce&Gabbana -Light blue eau intense

on 11/14/2018 3:44:00 PM


Some say that they can smell a scent difference between the original Light Blue and Light Blue Eau Intense. Whatever difference there might be between the two fragrances is, in my opinion, negligible. To my nose they are the same scent: bright, refreshing lemon lime water over a fresh cedar base. In my opinion, if you already own a bottle of the original Light Blue then you don't need a full bottle of the Intense version. If you love the original and need to purchase a new bottle because you've run out, then go ahead and purchase a bottle of the Intense while it's available. I do think the Intense version has improved sillage and longevity. I got a solid 7 hours on my skin and could smell it on my blouse when I pulled it to wash.

I think this is a safe gift and also a safe blind purchase if you like fresh citrus scents. This and the original were made for hot, humid summer weather. Just pleasant and refreshing.

Fragrances -Dolce&Gabbana -The Only One Eau de Parfum

on 11/5/2018 3:56:00 AM


Lovers of the floriental The One who like leaning toward gourmand may really enjoy this fragrance. I do. It is an out there, unashamed bomb of notes - especially in the beginning- and the golden, sweet opulance of the original is toned down with more bass tones. I think the colour of the bottle is apt.

The Only One is a very direct fragrance. Notes are easily recognizable right from the beginning. I get caramel, coffee or cocoa, flowers and even a bit of spice and the clean patch right from the beginning, together with oriental, sparkly citruses. It is indeed easy to call this parade a mess but it is easy-going and likeable to my nose. I don't find it risky or daring. More like a comfortable oversized jumper, but with a statement.

The Only One calms down during the heart on my skin. The dense sparkle tones down considerably and transforms into a coziness. I find the flowers sweet but airy, not totally a candy bomb. Out of the iris, violet and rose, the most noticeable is violet on my skin, paired with an airy pear.

The drydown is a comfortable gourmand with caramel, coffee and patch but nothing risk taking like Mugler interpretations of these notes.

The Only One is marketed as the essence of sophisticated and hypnotising femininity. I don't see it that way. It is not sophisticated in my understanding - although, by no means is it vulgar or anything. Easy to combine with casual chic stuff and maybe mulled wine in front of the fireplace. I don't believe I can and neither do I wish to "hypnotise" anyone with this. It would be more like "wrarrr, you smell so good, can I eat your arm?" If The One is a strong daytime fragrance that can easily transition into a Friday night out, The Only One is the cozy but stylish Saturday after that night. I rarely enjoy the One flankers but this is FBW for me - though I would get bored if I wore it every day.

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Fragrances -Dolce&Gabbana -Light Blue

on 10/30/2018 11:11:00 PM


I bought this as it had a lot of good reviews but when I sprayed it on my skin it smelled awful like cat pee! I thought perhaps I bought a bad batch so I took it back and tried again from the tester and unfortunately I got the same smell. It was very disappointing that a perfume didn’t work with my skin chemistry and one the few I can’t wear. Learnt the hard way not to blind buy just because it had good reviews - always test before you buy!

Fragrances -Dolce&Gabbana -Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum

on 7/20/2018 10:08:00 PM


Coconut with a beach lotion accord. A bit of dust but overall appealing on a sticky day.

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Fragrances -Dolce&Gabbana -Dolce Rosa Excelsa

on 5/17/2018 1:15:00 PM


I received a sample of this and was surprised to find that I like it. I haven't been a fan of the newer generation of fragrances being made, so I was pleased to find this. I like the fact that it is not an overwhelming scent and that although the name implies that it will smell of rose, in my opinion it doesn't. I wouldn't purchase it again, however, since I find it is not that special and would not become a signature scent for me, but I am happy to wear it in until I finish the bottle.

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