Christian Dior SE is a French luxury goods company most commonly known simply as "Dior". It is owned by Bernard Arnault who is the head of LMVH. The company was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior and retails luxury fashion, accessories, makeup, skincare, fragrances and jewelry. Headquartered in Paris France, there are currently 210 retail locations worldwide. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Liquid -Dior -Diorskin Nude Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 [DISCONTINUED]

on 11/17/2018 11:42:00 AM


I've been using this foundation for the last 7 years - I've always had great comments on my skin since using this which is ironic because I've actually got finicky combination skin that in its natural state is nothing special. This foundation is moisturising enough so that it doesn't dry my skin out and cling to flakiness (so hard to find in a foundation) but it's not greasy, just dewy and light and beautiful. Plus it has spf in it which is a bonus. I had a scare after moving to Canada as it is discontinued here - had a panicked week of going to Sephora every lunch break trying to find something that came close but to no avail. So now I get friends to ship it to me from home - that's how much I love it!

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Foundations -Dior -Backstage Face & Body Foundation

on 11/15/2018 1:57:00 PM


Okay: i was totally not expecting to love this one so much but damn! it's light, super buildable coverage, super long lasting, gorgeous satin-matte finish and it's pretty affordable (it's dior). over the weekend i went to a music festival and with the crazy sweating and 20 min downpour, all the makeup melted off my face except for the base. I WAS SHOOK.
nonetheless i think this foundation isn't for everyone. i have super oily acne prone skin and it does control the oil. besides the acne, the texture of my skin is pretty good, so i don't have issues with that. i'm currently using a retinoid which causes peeling and purging, so i really have to exfoliate before using this. after moisturiser, i buff the foundation in with a sigma f80 until even. it has a bit of a powdery finish and it's okay to blend powder products over it. to prevent cakiness, i try not to powder and use UD all nighter to set the face. everything sets perfectly and lasts all. day.

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Fragrances -Dior -I Love Dior


I really loved this perfume. Too bad I dropped and the bottle broke.

Fragrances -Dior -Dior Addict EDP


Dark sexy and smokey from the same sort of stable as Gucci Rush, but not so pungently patchouli and sandal wood musky, I loved this from the first squirt, so to speak and often wore each in succession to work out which I liked more: this one won in the end. Not perky enough for a daytime scent unless you Really are a famous Courtesan, but for the rest of us mere mortals a tiny bit of this goes a long way and adds to the seductive arsenal.

Since my last bottle finished and I ran out of eligible men to buy it for me, the last time I looked it seemed to have spawned a huge array of mini-me variants, so much so I was quite bewildered as to which was the original. An airport departure lounge habitually late (as ever) is not the best place to exercise one's olfactory senses. Shortly after, that I lost my sense of smell in a car accident, but would cheerfully wear this again as I L O V E D it. God knows what I'm going to do if they stop making my favourites - there are no plans to cancel this, Guerlain's Mitsouko/Shalimar or YSL's Rive Gauche are there? You see, the 21st century has scarcely troubled me!

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Mascara -Dior -Diorshow Iconic Extreme (Waterproof)


I hated this mascara, the Diorshow Iconic OVERCURL WATERPROOF is heaps better than this mascara. The formula of this mascara is really wet and does not hold a curl at all. If you try building it up it will clump together. It also took forever to dry because it was so wet. You curled your lashed really well and applied the first coat and it already has flopped down. Even after 5 minutes when the mascara has dried your lashes will still feel really sticky n rubbery like it's been coated. I looked at the package ingredients and lord behold it is not waterproof. Water is the first ingredient. With true waterproof mascaras normally wax is the first ingredient to appear on the list. I was so disappointed and was misled. With the Overcurl waterproof formula, Isodecane (wax) is the first ingredient so i know straight away that it will hold a curl and is waterproof. The only good thing about this mascara is the brush- the plastic bristles gets into every lash.

Like the previous reviewer i bought Diorshow Iconic waterproof mascara because apparently Miss Meghan Markle wore it on her wedding day. It's a little confusing but there's 2 types of Iconic mascara- the original Iconic mascara with the rubbery bristles which is this one and the Overcurl version which is the spoon curve shaped brush. I ended up buying both in waterproof to see which was better and i have to say the Overcurl version is heaps better than this one. And i'm more inclined to say that miss Markle probably used the Overcurl version on her wedding day. She has been quoted in previous interview that she likes this mascara but maybe I'm thinking they confused this mascara with the other Iconic Overcurl mascara. The Overcurl version has a stronger, drier formula and dries really fast and holds the curl too. Stick with Diorshow Iconic OVERCURL WATERPROOF mascara.

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