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Foundations -Diego Dalla Palma -High Coverage Foundation

on 2/22/2018 11:54:00 AM


Edit: can confirm, this has not caused me to break out!

... could this be it? My new Holy Grail?

Well, this one was certainly a surprise. Some background on my skin - I’m oily, very textured with pores and all, some small amount of active blemishes but quite a few red marks. I saw this in my local Marks and Spencer’s, and thought it felt rather unusual, but pleasant, on my hand. I took a chance with the shade and decided to give it a go.

Becuase my skin is extremely textured, I am never able to get that ‘your-skin-but-better’ look. As soon as I put this on I realised that this was different from other foundations I’ve used. And wow, the colour was spot on! But that was purely luck on my part.

I applied this with my fingers, and usually I just blend in with a Beauty Blender but weirdly it didn’t need it. It went on nicely and flawlessly with no streaks or pilling. I did not use any primer, but a spot of facial oil (applying oil to oily skin in an attempt to control oil production, that’s another story). I set with fixing powder and also setting spray, and finished with finishing powder just on the bits where the pores really do show through as I have a very big problem with my large and visible pores.

Cons -

• The shade range is really poor. You may be able to get a match if you’re fair-to-light skinned.
• It smells very strongly of paint when first applied (this scent does fade when it dries down).
• It’s rather pricey for the amount that you actually get
• It’s difficult to find (I’ve only seen this in a few Marks and Spencer’s (UK)).
• It’s not going to keep oil away full-stop. But I get oily with everything so this is probably just my face, rather than the product being 100% at fault with this.

Pros -

• I can’t really even tell I’m wearing foundation. I barely see any trace of this showing up on my skin, even when I look in my magnification mirror. It’s applied so we’ll and just almost melted on to become a second layer of skin, and it’s blurred my texture and pores somewhat.
• It really is medium-to-high coverage. They’re not lying! I only had two active blemishes that I could see requiring a teeny bit of concealer, the rest were covered.
• It dries down well and isn’t budging, even when I fell asleep in it.
• It seems to hold powder on top very well.
• The packaging is really good, it’s a squeeze tube with a pump to apply.
• You don’t really need much at all to get good coverage.
• It has really good lasting power for me, and doesn’t break down or crack.
• There is very minimal sinking into lines compared to other foundations.

For me, the final result is almost flawless, skin-like and just real looking. It’s not so matte that it looks false, nor is it dewy which is a nightmare for very oily skin. It’s just... normal. Like skin.

I haven’t worn this enough to get any breakouts forming, but if I do I will put an edit right at the top in time.

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Mascara -Diego Dalla Palma -Transformista mascara in black

on 9/14/2017 1:18:00 PM

As previous reviewer mentioned, this mascara smudges and suppose to be long-wear and humidity and sweat proof. Nope.
I was very happy with other DDP mascara - Ciglione (which I one of the best mascaras I tried), so I thought I would give this a try as I read many great reviews - much better than for Ciglione.

The mascara is different than Ciglione - give much more volume and length, but the way I do not like it. I makes lashes stick together, so visibly you look like you have very sparse lashline. I need to use a separate, clean brush to separate lashes and give them that feathery look. After that step the mascara look OK, but for me this is too much hassle.
I would live with that, but it smudges easily :(

Lipstick -Diego Dalla Palma -Classic Lipstick

on 1/12/2016 12:02:00 PM


I love this brand in general. It's one of the few brands that charges a pretty dollar but for consistently excellent quality. Their lipsticks are no exception.

Creamy -but not too glossy, amazing staying power and they go on so smoothly. Amazing, slick packaging and no annoying fragrance, this lipstick is everything and it costs just the same if not a little less than MAC -definitely cheaper than Chanel, YSL, Dior -this is my go to.

Such a shame this brand is not widely available in the US, and to my knowledge in the UK it can usually only be found in M&S. Diego Dalla Palma not only has quality products that blow others out of the water but are completely cruelty free and challenge the 'normal' idea of beauty.


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Mascara -Diego Dalla Palma -Semipermanent Technical Mascra

on 3/7/2015 4:02:00 PM


This is a great mascara if you want defined, glossy black lashes that rarely smudge. People who are fans of Shu Uemura Mascara Basic or Ultimate Natural Mascara but want a less matte look would be fans. It has a gel-like texture that goes on smoothly. With one coat, lashes look natural and "clean". It's easy to layer multiple coats to build more length and thickness. The trick is to let the formula dry a little in between coats. I do this by applying a coat to one eye, then switching to the other eye and alternating back a forth. Even with several coats, there are no clumps or or spiky looking eyelashes that make it obvious that I'm wearing it. Have you ever noticed that some mascaras make your eyelashes matte and dry looking? I love this one because it's a little glossy, which I think looks pretty and more natural. It also maintains curl well (very important for my straight eyelashes). If you're looking for super thick or dramatic lashes, this is not for you.

If you are a fan long-wear formulas like the discontinued Revlon ColorStay Lash Tint or Jemma Kidd Semi-Permanent Lash Tint (two of my favorites), give this a try! Ever since they were discontinued, I've been searching for a replacement and this Diego Dalla Semipermanent Technical Mascara is nearly a duplicate of Jemma Kidd's Mascara. The ingredient list is almost identical. I can wear this mascara for most of the day (9-10 hours) and it almost never smudges. The few times it's smudged on me is after a tough, sweaty workout. Even though this mascara is supposed to last a long time, I recommend taking it off before bed. I tested out sleeping with it on a few times and woke up with my eyelashes stuck to each other.

A few complaints: the brush is big and bushy with bristles that criss-cross each other. Because it's on the big side, it's hard to get the lower lashes and the corners of my eyes and it doesn't separate as much as I'd like so I need an eyelash comb to separate my eyelashes. Also, if I accidentally get the mascara on my eyelids, it will stain and I have to use makeup remover to wipe it off.

Overall, I really like this mascara. I don't love the brush, but I love that the formula itself because gives me smooth, clean looking lashes without smudges at the end of the day.

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Eyeliner -Diego Dalla Palma -eye pencil

on 7/21/2014 4:59:00 AM


Matitta occhi / eye pencil #24 green forest.

I like everything about this pencil. It has a soft structure, glides easy and evenly and It is long-wearing though does not stay so. I put it on eye's waterline and feel very comfortable: no itching, red-eyes or similar irritation even with a contacts. I may easily wear it for 4-5 hours without additional touch-ups. It does not leave a panda-eye effect even after a whole day. Comes out as easy as puts on :-)

Comes in 12 beautiful shades. The one I have is dark green and makes my grey eyes to look greenish.

Price is ~20 EUR and it worth every penny.

The only con I may say is the pencil is too long and doesn't fit to my regular cosmetic bag.

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