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Misc Beauty Tools -Diamancel -Foot Callus Rasp #20

on 5/12/2016 8:16:00 PM


I have a LOT of foot files and buffers, from several emery ones to the Ped Egg, Tweezerman's Pedro and a metal rasp by them that I believe was discontinued ages ago, as well as the battery powered Micro Pedi and my beloved (but hard to find) Heros Chiropody Sponge. This rasp from Diamancel beats all of them. It is thin, easy to use to get into small areas and to buff the side edges of my feet. While this is called a callus rasp, I use it for my whole foot area, adjusting the pressure as needed. It gets off the hardest, nastiest skin on my heels but also polishes and buffs other areas of my feet without hurting or being too harsh, simply by adjusting the pressure. This is on the pricey side for something fairly small but in hindsight, I wish I'd not wasted money on all those other foot files, pumices and buffers (except the Heros sponge) and just bought this. Believe me, it is so worth it!

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Misc Beauty Tools -Diamancel -Genuine Diamond Foot Buffer 10

Ordered this online from all the great reviews I've read about this brand. Ordered the # 10 since my feet are good and don't need much. Mr. Pumice and all of the like tear my heels up. The # 10 is perfect for me. If removes whatever bit of small buildup I get on the edges of my heels and makes them perfectly soft and smooth. The buildup comes off as a super, super fine dust. I wear hosiery, and I need for my feet to be completely smooth and soft so as to not snag my delicate stockings and pantyhose. For me, the # 10 suits my needs perfectly. Would gladly spend the money many times over for this gem.

Misc Beauty Tools -Diamancel -The Tough Buffer #11

on 11/23/2014 6:26:00 PM


It's an ok file not a miracle worker. I'm a dancer and my feet get beat up a lot. I've had better luck w using a Swedish clover red foot file from Sally beauty supply it seemed quicker and smoother. I have 3 Diamancel files and sadly they're just sitting in my bathroom. Le edge exfoliator and Sally's file are my go to for super smooth feet. Don't waste your money on this it's just hype.

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Nail Tools -Diamancel -#2 Medium Nail File

on 10/28/2013 5:11:00 PM


Diamancel makes fabulous products. My first exposure to this brand was probably about 15 years ago when my mother had purchased one. It was not cheap, but it filed so well and its still good today! Since then, my sister, my best friends and I have all purchased a set for ourselves, and I've also been giving them as gifts. It doesn't seem like a conventional gift to receive, but its one of those products that I find you come to appreciate with time. I've used cardboard files (wears out quickly, you need different levels of coarseness), crystal files (generally unpleasant - feels sort of like running your nails against a chalkboard), as well as the metal ones (ok performance) but the best is this one by Diamancel.

My nails are always manicured, and I do it myself. The most tedious part of doing my nails is the filing/shaping bit and I can't imagine doing my nails with anything less effective. The file is very slim, flexible and effective, so it takes just a light touch to file your nails down. It just slides across your nails very easily, and its easy to maneuver around the edges and corners. It files down to a nice smooth finish so you won't be scared to scratch yourself up right afterwards. It stays sharp for YEARS, and its so easy to maintain. Just run it under a little soap and water and leave to air dry. Since it is sharp, you don't need to run the file across your nails much or with much force which I believe makes it gentler on your nails.

I have to say that it is on the pricey side BUT it lasts for years and years and years. I am extremely lucky because I live in Montreal (where the company is located) so I can get my hands on their products at their bi-annual warehouse sales at amazing prices! This file is HG!

Misc Beauty Tools -Diamancel -The Smoothie nail buffer

on 4/12/2012 11:18:00 PM

I've owned this for years and forgot about it until recently. Not sure why, since I constantly battle dry skin around my nails from overtrimming with cuticle nippers and general dryness. This file is the only thing that works to gently and painlessly buff away the hardened skin around your nails. I have been obsessively trimming my cuticles because they have been so dry, but it's a vicious cycle. I finally remembered that I owned this file and within seconds, my problem was solved. It is easy to clean with soap and water and I'm sure even with regular use, will last a long time, maybe never needing replacement. Very pricey but well worth it.

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