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Moisturizers -Dermaveen -Moisturising Lotion

on 12/23/2017 3:13:00 PM


Stop what you're doing and get your butt to a drug store and buy this.

This is hands down the best moisturiser ever.

I use it on my body and face and my skin has never been softer or more moisturiser. It blows every other moisturiser out of the water.

After one use it was like night and day.

My skin feels supple - I've never described my skin as that before it's amazing. It feels like my skin has been exfoliated.

Just try it!!! Never using anything else ever again and I'm definitely gonna try out their other products. I wish I found this sooner!!

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Bath Treatments -Dermaveen -Shower and Bath Oil

on 3/29/2016 10:01:00 AM

I bought this with the main purpose of relieving my dry skin without irritating my eczema, as I am trying to cut down on using steroid cream for eczema relief. I don't like to use body lotion so much as most body lotions tends to really make my skin itch and aggravate my condition.

this is the only shower oil i've used so far that really keeps my skin moisturised without any irritation. after barely finishing my first bott, i bought more without hesitation. it's really pricey in singapore (S$29.80 x 500ml), but keep a look out for promotions at guardian/unity/watsons. I bought 3 x 500ml at guardian for S$62.40 (3 for 2 promotion, = S$20.80 each).

I'm really happy with my first discovery of this brand/product.

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Moisturizers -Dermaveen -Daily Nourish Rich Facial Moisturiser

I recently picked up some Dermaveen Rich Facial Moisturiser after a Clinique moisturiser left my face very dry. It's cheap compared to a lot of the other products I've used but I've found it very effective. My face felt soothed and a lot of the redness started to disappear. It didn't leave a greasy film on my face, even after I put several layers on throughout the day due to how dry my skin was. It's really improved my skin texture and I'm so happy that the redness has reduced so much.

My philosophy is to spend money on treatment products but go for a cheaper option with moisturiser on top of the treatment and Dermaveen is perfect for that. I use Skinceuticals retinol 0.5% underneath at night and then pop the Dermaveen on top. I had a horrible hormonal breakout in my late 20s so would stop using a product immediately if I thought it was going to break me out but I've had no issues. Saying that, the retinol does keep any breakouts at bay.

As a side note, I usually put a thin layer of Vaseline over my Dermaveen at night to lock in the moisture. I know this sounds gross but it works. Dermaveen won't have the same amazing results as things like retinol or vitamin c serum but is a good soothing moisturiser.

I've ordered the Arbonne Calming Daily Moisturiser to use next and will update as to how it compares to Dermaveen.

Moisturizers -Dermaveen -Eczema Moisturiser

Amazing! First off a little background - I have oily skin but during the change over from autumn to winter I get INCREDIBLY itchy, dry, sore eczema spots on my knees and the front of my ankles as well as the occasional one or two on the back of my calves. I have used everything from prescription and over the counter creams and lotions as well as natural remedies like honey and coconut oil. This cream is literally the only thing that has stopped the itching immediately, reduced the redness and tenderness of the spots as well as reducing the slight inflammation from itching! So so happy with it. SO affordable and the packaging is not important.. It is however a pretty big bottle and will last me about 2.5 months with twice daily application on my legs from ankle to hip! Definitely recommend, so happy!!!

Shampoo -Dermaveen -Oatmeal Shampoo

on 11/10/2014 10:48:00 AM

Very drying even on an oily scalp, causes some itchiness and dandruffs.

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