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Loose Powders -Dermablend -Setting Powder


I used to use NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder, but I decided to buy this because it contains more product. I am satisfied with the product. For the price, you get A LOT of powder. It's not chalky at all. It's very easy to blend. I like to apply a light layer of it all over my face with a brush. It makes my face look so soft and flawless. However, I like to bake underneath my eyes... Well, I tried baking with this product and I noticed that even after I brush off the excess, my under eyes look horribly white if I walk outside in the sun. It's also pretty noticeable in flash photos. I'm pale so I assumed this powder wouldn't look harsh on my face. I would suggest staying away from baking with this powder. Just apply a small amount with a brush.

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Primer/ Corrector -Dermablend -Insta-Grip Jelly Makeup Primer

on 8/3/2018 9:04:00 PM


I’ve used a lot of different primers with varying results. As my skin ages, my usual primers seem way too drying. I use dermablend makeup , so figured I would give this one a shot.
First off - this is hard to use. You really have to practice. The first time I used it, I truly thought it may just be another crappy primer. It’s tacky beyond belief. Don’t do your hair first ! It’s that sticky.
It is a really weird thick gel texture. Pump bottle, and you don’t need much. I applied it and then put on foundation. My foundation was hard to spread. The primer gripped it My usual makeup brush wasn’t cutting it, but a beauty blender worked. My makeup stayed tacky so I dusted a light translucent powder over it. I was not optimistic.
It looked good but my face felt sort of tight Luckily that tightness didn’t translate into my fine lines showing !I did my makeup at 2 and went to a country concert until midnight on a scorching hot day. Let’s just say Yes I sweated thru the night.
When I got back to the car and looked at my face, I was shocked. Really shocked. My makeup was in place totally. I still looked fresh ! That has NEVER happened before. I’m hooked. It’s tough to use but so worth it. It really works.

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Foundations -Dermablend -flawless creator foundation drops

on 7/13/2018 12:26:00 AM


So I was really excited for this because it finally comes in my shade... 0. Light enough, seems to have lots of pigment and glides smoothly and felt nice on my hand. On my face however a different story happened. I thought it looked perfect on my face immediately after applying, but come an hour, it starts to weirdly separate right at my chin/jaw area in the most disgusting way ever looked like I had a skin disease. Tiny tiny millions of little circles broken apart all over. I was really embarassed, and thought it must of been my primer, or skin care. So I eliminated them all one by one. Same thing kept happening, then someone from the company told me I had to use it WITHOUT a primer and make sure to use the dermablend setting powder on top. So I did, and the problem still kept happening! So bad. I would rather much have the makeup wear off my chin and dissapear normally, then have it break apart into so many disgusting dots. Even a 5$ foundation can outperform that. I have no idea why that happened, nor have had that happen with any other foundation in my life. Strangely, the problem wouldn't happen if I used it in my air brush machine to apply to my face. But I usually don't have time to airbrush my face so.... yeah I am stuck with two of these bottles of unusable foundation.

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Powder -Dermablend -INTENSE PowderCamo

on 6/7/2018 12:31:00 PM


I'm about NC20 and bought this in Beige. It's a little light for me, but I use some bronzer with it. Would probably choose a different color though if I wanted it to match perfectly. I have sensitive, normal-dry skin, quite clear at the moment.

First, I used this over liquid foundation, and hated it! It had good coverage, but I got SO caky during the day - my skin just began getting weird texture the longer out in the day it got. My oil broke through sooner than with other powder and I was thinking about returning this to Ulta as it was not working for me at all. Then I tried this powder without foundation under (just sunscreen: Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50, and concealer), and that worked much better! The powder has quite good coverage; I apply it with a fluffy brush - I don't pack it on. For me, it seems like a medium coverage. Without foundation on, it stays on well during the day, no texture issues. Products applied on top blend well too. Looks natural the way I apply it - no powderiness, blends in with the skin easily, stays on well during the day

At this point, I don't regret purchasing this - I will definitely finish it - all 0.48 oz of it. I don't know whether I will repurchase after or not - t all depends on whether I prefer a powder foundation with a matte or luminous finish. This one is matte, with no glow. You can of course fix that using a highlighter, but sometimes just prefer something with a very slight sheen. If you want a powder with good coverage though, I recommend checking this out.

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Concealers -Dermablend -Quick-Fix

on 4/17/2018 9:51:00 PM


I bought this for using under the eyes because I read it was moisturizing and had high coverage. Both of these things are true, however, this creased a lot under my eyes and it doesn't dry down, which also contributed to the creasing. This concealer has a lot of slip, which makes it unsuitable for pimples because it slides right off. It's good for hyperpigmentation though, as long as you don't touch your face - or you will wipe it off. For the purpose of covering hyperpigmentation I can use a lot of other things too though... Right now I use this for under my nose, where it stays, I don't need much coverage, and my skin is slightly drier than the rest of my face. Thus: I've found a nice for it, but it can be done using other products too.

I have the color Ivory, which is a neutral-yellow color, about the dept of NC15 in MAC coloring. This doesn't break me out or clog my pores, and doesn't have any scent, but is heavy on silicones - in case you're bothered by that.

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