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Foundations -Dermablend -Cover Creme (new formula)

on 3/12/2018 2:23:00 PM


I used this product for years. Purchased the new formula and it gives me a rash around the eyes! I am so disappointed! I still have some old and am using it sensitivity issues!
It was my GO TO HG for around my eyes!
What happened? Does anybody know what changed? Ingredient deck or poor quality?

The worst of it all is that it is apparently responsible for my swollen eyes. :(
My MD could not solve my red, swollen eyes. So sad, this was the basis for EVERYTHING.

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Foundations -Dermablend -flawless creator foundation drops

on 1/25/2018 1:21:00 PM


Edit 3/16/18: I ended up going back to the 35w (Utla must hate me) because the 30n looked ashy when mixed with suncreen which is what I wanted this for. I also tried using a stronger moisturizer (a light layer of Vaseline after my moisturizing serums before Boot Protect and Perfect Intense as a moisturizing primer/serum) and the tightness was reduced and the finish became more natural than matte. Also, its getting more humid in my area so that might be helping, too. So this earned one more lippie.

Original review:
So real talk, this could have been a 5 lippie product but its been such a pain to find the right shade. I'm a MAC NC25, Nars Ceylan or Fiji depending on how tan I am. Finding a color match in this has been difficult and then you have to account for oxidation which makes it even more difficult. I started with 25n and it was too pink, so then I tried 35w that looked ok at first but got orange as it dried. Now I'm using 30n which has less pink and orange than the others I tried and it looks a little light at first but matches after oxidation. I wish it was a little more yellow.

Out of all the dropper/concentrate type foundations I've tried, I have used this the longest. CoverFX irritated my skin, and Clinique BIY gave a really mask-y finish. This one is very skin-like to matte, and thats my other issue with it, now in the winter I have to moisturize like crazy or it makes my skin feel tight but that happens with a lot of other foundations at this time of the year.I use like half a drop mixed in with either my tinted sunscreen (Elta MD Elements) or a drop mixed in with regular moisturizer (Elta PM or Vanicream if my skin is very dry) when I'm not going to be in the sun. I also mix in a small drop of luminizer/liquid highlighter to cut down the matte finish. Dermablend makes their own product like this but I use the Makeup Revolution one because its much cheaper and I like the colors more.

It can be used on the skin alone and I use a tiny bit like that on spots and it works very well. However it does not replace undereye concealer for me as I'm very dry there and need a creamier finish. I have acne-prone skin that is drier than usual because of Retin-a and because I live in a very dry climate.

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Loose Powders -Dermablend -Setting Powder


This powder is amazing for me, definitely a wow product. I have very dry and sensitive skin and I have never been able to wear powder or "bake." I also usually get tiny clogged pores on the side of my nose when I use loose powders. They also usually make my eyes look crepey and old. When I used this powder for the first time I was shocked. I used a tiny tiny amount on a Wet n Wild brush over my Sheer Glow foundation and under eyes. My pores disappeared. My under eyes lost the shininess and my mascara and liner stayed put all day since the concealer was set. I had no breakouts or clogged pores. This definitely works for my skin type which is combo/dry, clog prone and sensitive. I recommend using the Wet n Wild brushes as they are super soft and fluffy. I use the tiniest amount and swirl in the lid. Finally I can use powder! So very happy

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Powder -Dermablend -INTENSE PowderCamo

on 12/28/2017 9:14:00 PM


I’ve never been big on powder. I always felt that a setting spray was enough to set my foundation and keep it looking fresh, but lately I have decided to again - go the powder route.
I’ve tried Mac in the past, and bare minerals. Both powders did nothing for me. A friend suggested this, and since I love their foundation , I felt it was worth a try.
I have dry skin overall , but makeup has not been staying on me all day anymore.
This is a fairly light , very fine textured powder, that gives excellent coverage when I applied with a kabuki brush. I wouldn’t say it was a full fledged foundation- I have been using it as a setting powder with excellent results. No fall out. No oxidizing. No demarcation at the jawline. No fading. No settling into creases. No caking.
It’s everything that I look for. So far, this may just be my new HG!

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Concealers -Dermablend -Cover Creme - Cream

on 10/23/2017 6:42:00 PM


I read other reviews and agree. The old formula in the white opaque jar was better than the new formulation in clear jar. I still have some of the old one, and it’s nice and dry. The other I just bought, is greasy and wet looking.
I used to use this to cover my face, over sunscreen, when windsurfing all day at the beach. With this foundation and powder, the water would just bead off my face when I fell (many times). It also would last all day at the beach..10am to 9pm, and a late dinner, without reapplication. No creasing, caking, flaking, melting off...without a hat or sunglasses.
This new formulation doesn’t cover as well, even with the powder. When I bought it in the store, the sample was dry, like the old formula, so maybe I have to let it sit out for a year or so to dry up.
When I used a little for a night out at the opera, I could only apply a whisper so it wouldn’t settle into lines or look caked, over a light moisturizer. Too bad...I have to look for another.
I don’t know how it would perform at the beach, in the water, but I’m not going to even attempt it. I think it would all just melt off.

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