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Shampoo -DermOrganic -Sulfate-Free Conditioning Shampoo

on 12/3/2017 10:36:00 PM


Conditioning? After washing with this shampoo my hair feels like a birds nest. If I apply a heavy conditioner I can make it brushable, but I can't apply that conditioner onto my roots, so brushing is a nightmare. Sometimes I have to cut off knots because I simply can't brush them out, other times I try harder and my hair bends and splits.
I've been using it for three weeks every other day and I don't think I will continue.
It smells like something that hairdressers were using in 90's. It states 70% organic on the side of the bottle. I do care that 70% of ingredients are good, what about the other 30%? Also 'made with facial cleansers' in my experience with this shampoo doesn't appear to be something positive. Apart from knotting my hair, It messed up my scalp, it made it flaky.
For the reference: my hair strands are thin and wavy, but I do have a generous amount of it. I think that people with straight hair that aren't prone to knotting and freezing might enjoy better this shampoo. For me is a total miss.

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Conditioner -DermOrganic -Intensive Hair Repair Masque


I used this product a couple years ago (My salon carried this brand) and then honestly sort of forgot all about it. I was on the search for a new conditioner and thought I would give it a try again. Not really expecting much I washed my hair like usual and then conditioned using this masque. I left it on about 4-5 min. The CRAZY part is when I went to blow dry my hair I could already tell my hair was softer. Even shinier. It was the only thing different in my usual routine. I actually felt like, "Wow, my hair is so pretty!." I have a few highlights in my light brown hair and so the moisture from this product is just perfect. And it's so nice to find a natural hair product that WORKS. =)

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Conditioner -DermOrganic -Daily Hydrating Conditioner

on 8/23/2016 2:11:00 PM


I bought this because I needed a vegan & cruelty-free conditioner and this was on sale at Marshall's. This is not a good conditioner for dry or frizzy, curly hair. I could use loads of this stuff in my hair and it still never felt fully moisturized. I could see this being a good conditioner for straight, fine hair, though. But unless you find it on sale, I still wouldn't say it was worth it for the price. It doesn't do anything that a much cheaper conditioner couldn't do!

Styling Products -DermOrganic -Firm Hold Volume Foam

Provided a bit of hold, and plenty of volume. Left my hair (3a/b curls) too frizzy.

Hair Treatments -DermOrganic -Leave In Treatment with Argan Oil

on 2/22/2016 12:33:00 AM


This is your typical silicone-based argan oil hair serum. It has a sweet, almost nutty smell and a slippery, oily feel. Used in a small amount, it left my hair with some extra shine, helped moderately with frizz, and made my hair feel silkier. Used in too large of an amount, it made my hair feel greasy and look a little stringy. The same is true of pretty much every other serum of this type that I've used.

I found this was most useful for days when I blow-dried my hair - it felt like it added a little extra smoothness and softness. My hair is wavy/curly and I usually air-dry it, and this didn't do anything special for my hair on air-drying days. Like most serums of this type, I recommend concentrating on the ends of the hair and avoiding the roots.

It performed well enough, but I can't say it overwhelmed me. I suppose I would buy it again if I needed this type of serum, but for daily use, I would prefer something that had a little more frizz control and could improve the look of my hair when I air-dry it.

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