Deciem is a Toronto-based company founded in 2013 by a serial beauty entrepreneur named Brandon Truaxe. Source:

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Toners -Deciem -Niod Superoxice Dismutase Saccharide Mist

on 8/13/2018 2:40:00 PM

I'm into mists for adding additional layers of moisture and all the worthwhile anti-oxidants I can apply topically. So, this product counts for both - very moisturizing and according to various sources I've found that seem fairly credible on the web, a really important anti-oxidant. In my AM routine. I spritz this on either before or after Vit C, allowing the product before to set or dry before moving to the next step in my routine. My skin is nicely moisturized and glowing after use.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

I've tried this only a couple of times since buying it a few months ago, because it legit smells like a farm. Like the manure smell at a farm. Animal doo-doo. I can't comment on the benefits of this as a hair or skin treatment and I hate to leave a negative review of a product because of one single issue unrelated to its actual purpose, but if the smell is a big enough issue that I haven't been able to use it enough to assess it, then I think it's reasonable to write the review. I really like most of the other Deciem products I've tried and it's not their fault if this is the smell of proper argan oil (I don't know if it is or not), but seriously it's a problem. At least it's cheap so I don't feel salty about spending money on it.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Buffet

on 8/11/2018 5:48:00 PM


Very decent serum for the price. Its a great base for my night time moisturiser, it's helped with dry patches I have in the summer due to the sun and salt. It does leave a bit of sticky residue but I don't really mind because it's gone by morning. I think I'll buy it again.

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Primer/ Corrector -Deciem -The Ordinary High Spreadability Fluid Primer

on 8/10/2018 4:08:00 AM


My special occasion primer, a little goes a long way. Your skin looks very different after using this. I wouldn’t wear it plain. Makeup sticks and it lasts all day. Doesn’t smell. Perfect product.

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Primer/ Corrector -Deciem -The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

on 8/10/2018 4:06:00 AM


This is my third tube. Not as good as when I first started using it but I suspect that’s me, not the product. The product is great. For a while there I just wore it on its own, it’s that good. Blurs pores and makes makeup stick. Still have to blot at lunchtime though. It’s veryvery smooth, packaging is brilliant (I wish you could buy bigger but you can buy double).

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