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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

on 3/18/2019 4:43:00 PM


This stuff was SUPER OILY and just doesn't seem to sink into my skin - regardless if it was layered first or last. I've got oily skin and this was definitely not the product for such skin types. Also, I live in the tropics where humidity is like 99% during the day and 85% during the night. I think this could be really moisturizing in lower humidity climates (because of the squalane), but the closer you get to the equator, the more you'll look like an oil rig - unless you've got air conditioning on all day.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

on 3/18/2019 11:46:00 AM


Can I give a minus?
This product and also “buffet” is totally ruined my life. I have a combination skin. I use this product for a week.
It cause white small pimple all over my cheek. My skin start to breakout the white head pimple root is very long than usual. I bought this product from priceline in Sydney. It’s cheap but after using this product it cost a lot to repair my face. My it leave me a lot of acne spot

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

on 3/17/2019 10:30:00 PM


This may not be the GOAT, but it sure smells like a goat lol. This is my second foray into argan oil; my first being a bottle from SheaMoisture. The SheaMoisture argan oil was similarly affordable but had absolutely no scent. In researching argan oil, it seems that you actually don't want to see an odorless product because it indicates the oil has been over processed. I had read reviews of The Ordinary's argan oil prior to purchasing, so I knew to expect an earthy smell. "How bad could it possibly be?" I asked myself. Well, every morning when I apply it I pray the scent dissipates before I get to work and my coworkers wonder if I just walked in from the farm lol.

This is the second oil I've purchased from The Ordinary and I just love their packaging. I keep both oils stored away from sunlight. I add a couple of drops to my palm, rub both palms together, and pat into my face and neck. Argan oil is a drier oil, but I do find I need to still allow 5-10 minutes for absorption prior to applying my makeup. My skin has been fairly dry lately, so I don't really experience excessive shine/dewiness from the oil as my base layer under my foundation, but that could change as we get closer to summer. I do experience the slightest of separation if I touch my face throughout the day.

I personally haven't tried this in my hair yet. I have dry hair, but it's pretty fine, so adding oil is a delicate balance of trying to add shine, but not weigh down my hair. I crossed that line for sure pretty much every time I tried using the SheaMoisture argan oil.

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Moisturizers -Deciem -The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

on 3/17/2019 7:50:00 PM


This was my first purchase from The Ordinary. I had researched facial oils that could possibly help with dryness and eczema and decided this was an affordable, highly rated option. This is a rich oil, so I only use it at night as my moisturizer. For awhile, I was applying quite a lot: a drop on my chin (where I had irritation), a drop for my nose (prone to dryness), and 2-3 drops patted onto the rest of my face and neck. In its critically dry state, my face drank this up. No breakouts and, if anything, this oil seemed to add somewhat of a glow the next morning.

After a few weeks of use, my face has begun to stabilize. I suspect I may have developed an allergy to my Smashbox foundation. After discontinuing that foundation, and continuing using The Ordinary's rose hip oil at night and their argan oil during the day, I can now scale back my usage to just 2 drops total patted into my face. An added benefit that I wasn't necessarily looking for is that it does help lighten acne scars. This isn't something I really struggle with, but I did see where one spot nearly disappeared.

So far I'm very impressed with the quality of this oil. I love the dropper bottle and subtle natural fragrance. If you're not someone who likes or wants to put straight rose hip oil on your face, one last tip is it is also lovely if you mix a drop or two with your normal moisturizer. I have great results mixing with a little Cerave moisturizing cream.

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Moisturizers -Deciem -The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5

on 3/17/2019 10:18:00 AM


3 days in aaaaand it's breaking me out in tiny pustules all over my face. I know this is the culprit since it's the only new product I've introduced to my routine recently. I have a feeling it might be the propanediol that's doing it, since The Ordinary seems to be fond of that ingredient and I always break out from their formulas that include it. Shame. I can't say it was particularly moisturising either; it just left my skin feeling a bit sticky.

Update!: For some reason this doesn't break me out and actually helps to moisturise my skin, as advertised, *if* I mix it with my usual serum. For that reason I've bumped it up to a 4.

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