Deciem is a Toronto-based company founded in 2013 by a serial beauty entrepreneur named Brandon Truaxe. Source:

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Lotions/ Creams -Deciem -Hand Chemistry HA3 Triple-Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator

on 8/19/2018 5:48:00 PM

The fragrance is initially quite strong - reminds me of lemon sherbert, its strong enough that some may find off putting but I like it.
The texture is a light cream, which absorbs quickly.. The strange thing is for a while later, my hands feel drier than before using the cream. However an hour or so later, my hands do feel soft and moisturised.
I'm used to using rich fluffy creams, which leave a residue (which actually be annoying as sometimes I need to wipe off the excess) , this leaves none - which may suit some people.
I'm torn on this product, the price is fairly expensive and it doesn't have the creamy feel I like with hand creams - but it does seem to work and you only need a small amount

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5

on 8/19/2018 2:23:00 PM


Give it time. I thought I didn't love it at first because it was a bit drying to my already dry skin, a little tacky, and in no way moisturizing. But in time, I noticed a difference in my pores and overall skin barrier!!! I noticed a difference when I take it out of my routine so I need to use it regularly-- even daily. I usually notice a difference in 1-2 weeks. Worth it!!!

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Hair Treatments -Deciem -The Ordinary - Multi Peptide Serum for Hair Density

on 8/18/2018 11:45:00 AM

I am always looking for hair care products that help grow hair healthier and products that promote a healthy scalp, the nice thing is that The Ordinary's Multi Peptide Serum for Hair Density fits both these criteria. What I like most about the Multi Peptide Serum for Hair Density is that it is fragrance free and does not contain denatured alcohols. This applies pretty easily onto your scalp or where you part your hair. This doesn't leave your scalp feeling greasy or looking greasy at all. I would say that this has helped me achieve a healthier scalp and roots as well. I also love that the bottle is large and that a little goes a long way. Regardless of what your goals are with using this product (hair loss, dry scalp, or just looking for stronger hair) the ingredients used in The Ordinary's Multi Peptide Serum for Hair Density will expose your scalp and hair roots to beneficial ingredients without ever looking or feeling greasy. My video review can be seen here:

Foundations -Deciem -The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

on 8/18/2018 8:14:00 AM


The consistency is lovely, not heavy or watery. I have combination skin and it worked well, skin didn't look shiny until a few hours later and it also didn't settle in the wrinkles around my eyes. The coverage is medium but build-able. It's described as semi -matte, which I would agree, it has a slight luminescence without looking flat or shiny.
I like the bottle, its simple but effective - no top but the lock on the pump clicks easily into place
The colour match was really good for my brown complexion and the price point makes it easy to buy a foundation for winter and summer when my skin colour changes. Highly recommend

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%

on 8/18/2018 5:02:00 AM


I used this as a spot treatment in the evenings only. First few times I used it was fine, but eventually my skin started flaring up pretty badly and I wasn’t quite sure what was causing it. So I tried either leaving it to dry before applying moisturiser/oils, or applying moisturiser/oils and then apply this as a spot treatment afterwards.

Regardless of how I applied it, I ended up with what looked like chemical burns the next morning both around the area of application and also on completely random parts of my face. If I applied it on my chin, I would also get burns on my cheeks. If I applied it on my forehead, I would get burns around my eyes.

Once I stopped using it the burns went away and I haven’t had any flare ups since.

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