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Masks -DAISO -Charcoal Mask

on 10/30/2018 12:57:00 PM


I don’t know if they changed the formula, because a couple of years back this mask was great, but I bought some again and it left my skin extremely irritated red and burning. I don’t have overly sensitive skin or any skin conditions. I would share photo if I could on here. Never again. I was about to film some videos today but now I won’t be.

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Misc Beauty Tools -DAISO -Detergent for Puff and Sponge


Amazing stuff here, I picked it up at Daiso simply bcuz I was curious how good can something from a one price shop can be, but this is seriously good.

It cleans foundation sponges and oval brushes well, once I even used this to clean a cushion sponge (not the puff used to apply the foundation, the actual cushion manufacturers soak the foundation into) and it got the job done!

As for the price, this is from Daiso,,,so super affordable!! Great value too, I clean my foundation applicators every two week or so (I'm not proud) and this lasts for months!! (I don't use this detergent for brushes that are used with powder products, have a feeling this might be too harsh on them)

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Misc Beauty Tools -DAISO -Soft Facial Brush

on 12/18/2017 9:16:00 PM


Since like everything at Daiso "the price is right" ($4), I picked this up even though I was skeptical that it would be soft enough for my sensitive skin. But, it's stellar! The bristles (obviously synthetic) are so soft that you can use this to "dry brush" if you like (don't overdo it, it's so soft you might be tempted!). And although I must be very careful exfoliating due to very sensitive skin, I can use this for washing as well. Oh, and the handle is wood, very nice! Just rinse well and make sure to put it somewhere it can dry out between uses.

Misc Beauty Tools -DAISO -Brush Cleaner

on 11/21/2017 1:12:00 AM


It's a decent product for the price and it gets the job done. It's not as good as the Daiso sponge cleaner in my experience. It doesn't foam as much, and I find myself having to use more of this cleaner vs the sponge cleaner. I've used both for my brushes and sponges (the brushes are both natural and synthetic fibres).

But I'm going back to the sponge cleaner after this bottle runs out.

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Powder -DAISO -Powder Foundation


My review is for the $3.50 powder that is in the black compact with a rose patterned on it. It comes attached to pink and black cardboard when you buy it. This review does not reflect the other powders Daiso sell with different packaging .

This is a 3.75 out of 5 if you view it as a full coverage natural-finish powder foundation, and already own setting spray, mattifying powder, and blush/bronzer. If you do not have those things then this will probably be a 1/5 for you because full coverage powder foundations look cakey and bad when used alone, and are often mistaken for being good at oil control when they aren't.

If you read my other reviews you'll see I'm harsh towards cheap products because I hate hate hate reviews that mark up cheap crap just because it's cheap, because that results in people wasting money on poor quality products that are deceptively marked higher than better quality products. I love a good bargain and saving money but that just results in money being thrown away. This product is very good in terms of coverage, not just "good for the price". But yeah, it really does depend on how you use it with other products. This will probs be a total disappointment to many.

My HG powder is the $63 Tarte Airbushed Powder Foundation in Light Sand which is full coverage and extremely yellow (I'm Chinese and have a very yellow neck/body but a neutral face, so I go for very yellow foundations to hide the mismatching tone or it never suits). The Daiso in the shade Eccru is just as full coverage, but not as warm (although it is still fairly yellow and will match most NC15 - NC20). It also doesn't have as smooth a finish as the Tarte does - I had no issues going outside without using setting spray with the Tarte because it was such a great finely milled powder that didn't look flat.

The Daiso comes with a small sponge that can be stored in the container and it's okay. I apply with my Zoeva buffing brush and the powder is thick enough to drag the bristles a bit out of place, which is worrying. It also has that really strong powdery smell that cheap foundation powders have.

It does have some glitter particles in it, which are quite big. Thankfully there's not many of them. I only end up with one or two per application. This powder photographs BEAUTIFULLY if you're using a front facing camera in artificial lighting. I imagine it'll look far less pleasant in natural light with a proper camera, but I can just use a different foundation for that. I have legit never ever loved the look of my skin as much in a photo as I have using this powder, it's so healthy and radiant looking.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't always use blush/bronzer with medium coverage foundations because I quite like the "flat" one tone look and I have high cheekbones anyway, but this powder is so full coverage that you absolutely need it. It does a phenomenal job of covering skin redness. You could use it as a concealer.

This powder is basically a less shimmery, full coverage version of Revlon Photoready powder foundations. I really didn't like the Revlon because it was very overpriced ($40) and caked up in shimmery patches despite having poor coverage.

I have not had any issues with this settling into lines and pores, which is usually an issue I face with most liquid foundations.

I hate buying products that are mediocre, no matter how cheap they are but I will repurchase this because the coverage is nuts and I can make the product work for me because a) screw Tarte for charging $63 for a damn powder that only lasts three months and b) I already own all the things that can make this work. This won't be my daily driver but I will use it for non-special occasions, when I'm not as tan, or if I'm planning on taking photos in artificial lighting.

I recommend this (in the shade Eccru) ONLY to people who:
Want full coverage
Already own setting spray, blush/bronzer and setting powder
Are in between NC15 and NC20
Have realistic expectations of what full coverage powders look like
Take photos in indoor lighting

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