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Recent Cutex Reviews

Lotions/ Creams -Cutex -Cutex All-In-One 24 Hour Hydration Hand and Cuticle Cream

on 3/26/2018 9:54:00 PM


I've tried a LOT of hand creams and this was pretty awful. It's not particularly moisturizing and has a weird texture that never really sinks in. The worst part about it is that it leaves a gross residue all around your cuticles where it never actually sinks in. I only used it a few times then tossed it. Definitely would not recommend.

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Polishes -Cutex -Blues Fest

on 1/5/2018 3:12:00 PM


Blues Fest is a beautiful crisp clear cornflower blue crème in the core line. I haven't used Cutex polish in decades probably since it simply isn't available in most stores but when I was shopping and felt like trying something new this pretty shade caught my eye and it was priced at less than $5 so I purchased one to try. The color is really pretty on but the formula wasn't very good. It has a nice enough brush it's thin but very flexible and soft. The handle was a bit long though and I didn't like that. The polish was pigmented more like a crelly and went on smoothly but the layer was sort of thick and didn't provide much opacity. I had to do three coats and could not get them thin with this formula. It didn't self level and took a little manipulation to get an even layer. The color was gorgeous in the end result and it looked fantastic on me as well. I really like the color payoff and final look, but when I can use Sinful Colors Sail La Vie for less than $2 with no hassle, this one is simply too much work and more than twice the cost. It's pretty but not worth the effort when I have a dupe already in my stash. Revlon Irresistible is another one that is nearly a dupe for this one. It's a touch darker but close enough if you have it you don't need this one. I don't think I will be trying out any other Cutex polishes as this one just didn't live up to my expectations. They make decent polish remover but not decent polish. Pass on this one and pick up either of the dupes instead.

Treatments -Cutex -Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover


Hate it. It's nothing but frustration whenever I use this. I usually only use this nowadays when I'm cleaning up my nail plate after using peel off basecoat and before my next manicure, and it still takes way more elbow grease and cotton balls than necessary if I need to wipe some excess polish off my sides. I know that it won't have the same removing power as acetone, but come on. At least acetone, dryness be damned, actually works.

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Top/Base Coats -Cutex -3 in 1 Base Coat, Top Coat and Clear Nail Polish

on 6/18/2017 12:43:00 PM

I've used this on and off for years. I first brought this because it was cheap, but it really is good. Its advertised as 3 n 1, ridge filling base coat, top coat and nail strengthener. I like it as a base coat, it dries very quickly and smooths out nails. It does seem to strengthen nails and make polish really last a day or two longer. Worn as a polish the slight blue tint cancels out yellow stains in nails and gives them a fresh clean look. Its also good as a top coat too as it stays very shiny. Other things I like is it says "Made in France" and the bottles don't thicken up over time. I had a 4 year old bottle I found at the back of my drawer that performed as good as new. Have repurchased.

Treatments -Cutex -Regular Nail Polish Remover

on 5/15/2017 7:12:00 PM


Removes all of my polish, no matter how many coats, quickly and easily (polish just dissolves and I typically don't need more than two cotton rounds for a pedicure. Sometimes I am lazy and just paint one color over another on my toes. This just dissolves everything. I don't wear fancy glitters and exotic things though. Have repurchased many times. Cheap. It smells like nail polish remover. Note: whenever I get 'gentle' or 'conditioning' I think it smells worse and is not as effective. Same process as tinytapa below: wet cotton pad, press down a few seconds and wipe off. Not too drying, but I moisturize hands and cuticles a lot.

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