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Top/Base Coats -Creative Nail Design -Stickey Base Coat


This was the second base coat I'd ever used after OPI natural basecoat. I initially purchased the pinkie 3.75ml bottle to try it out and it worked really well; no chips, cracks, lifting etc. I loved it so much I took the plunge and bought the salon size 68ml bottle. Everything was great at first and I was getting 7 days of wear out of my nail polish with no issues. When the bottle got to about 3/4 full everything changed. My manicured showed major tip wear after two days, it would be chipping within three and after four I was able to peel my polish off in sheets. Another problem was it did not prevent staining, instead the blue colour of this base coat would mix with yellow staining and my nails would turn an interesting shade of green. I don't mind staining as I whiten my nails twice a year and I'm more concerned about longevity but this just wouldn't cut it anymore. Now I'm left with a big bottle of base coat which doesn't do what it's supposed to do. In addition, if you're someone who goes for the naked nail look or French tips you won't be able to use this base coat as it does tint your nails blue and makes your hand look permanently cold. I don't know if this base coat loses effectiveness after a while and smaller bottles might be a smarter purchase but this isn't good enough. My Orly Bonder is much better and I will be using this up and then switching permanently over to Orly. Such a shame

Top/Base Coats -Creative Nail Design -Super Shiney High Gloss Top Coat

on 12/13/2017 10:31:00 PM


I tried this because an acquaintance swears by it, but for me it's a nightmare. I get that it's popular because it's nice and thick and gives a really plush glassy shine, but on the flip side, this "my fingertips look like Venetian glass" effect requires the topcoat to be thick, and that is what makes this coat so awful for me, despite that obvious benefit.

For starters, the formula is so gloopy and thick, that it takes FOREVER to dry. And I really do mean forever. When I give myself manicures, it's usually around 3 hours before bedtime. I go to bed feeling satisfied and great with the way my nails look, and three hours should be enough for the nail polish to be dry, right? But then why do I wake up time with the pillowcase fabric stamped into my nails? This never happens with any other topcoat I use, with any polish ever. The only solution is to cover the marks with more topcoat, but that's like borrowing money from a loan shark to repay a bank loan: it's a terrible idea, and it only makes the problem worse.

But then for being such a slow dryer, it manages to start setting EXTREMELY fast. Because the formula is so thick, I have to assiduously remove extra polish from the brush, which causes the brush to stick to the polish and drag on the nail when you apply, which actually sometimes results in a previously applied coat COMING OFF and dissolving into the top coat. And since it has almost NO self-leveling function I end up with not just ridges but bumps and DIMPLES in my manicure when I use this, especially on my right hand where I have trouble with application in the first place. If I try to leave just a little more polish on the nail, to prevent this, I more than not end up depositing a giant glob on the nail that not only floods my cuticles (resulting in that unsightly cuticle-ridge, assuming I manage to fix this and don't have to redo the entire nail over from scratch), but often the entire tip of the finger, dissolving the nail color and taking it into the neighboring skin. Like, I know everything about manicures takes practice, especially judging the amount of polish on the brush at any given time, but this is ridiculous, especially as I've been giving myself manicures for years and I've never had this much trouble with any nail varnish, whether color or top or base coat.

So yeah, thick topcoats suck. Like I said, this does give a lovely glassy finish if you manage to use it correctly (though the shine isn't particularly long-lasting, I've found... it gets dull SURPRISINGLY fast for something with a finish like that) and if you prefer to work with thick formulas, it may be more of a positive for you than a minus. But as for me, nuh uh. I'd rather forego topcoat entirely than use this, thank you.

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Polishes -Creative Nail Design -Vinylux - Brick Knit

on 11/29/2017 8:14:00 AM


Brick Knit is a burnt orange, cream polish. I loved wearing this polish, the colour felt perfect for this time of year.

This polish is well pigmented. I used 2 coats on my short nails, which gave me perfect opacity. The brush is very similar to Essie polishes - very thin. I have a wide nail bed, so I prefer wider brushes. I must confess that for this reason I didn't enjoy working with this polish. However, I would still repurchase Brick Knit as I loved the colour.

Treatments -Creative Nail Design -Solar Oil

on 11/28/2017 8:56:00 AM


I'm not sure that it does anything to moisturize my cuticles (way worse than Burt's Bee and Badger Cuticle balm), but it seems that it slowed down its growth.
I must say I never met an oil that did anything good for my skin, body/face/cuticles - none.

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Nails -Creative Nail Design -CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

on 11/20/2017 5:13:00 PM


Weekly nail polish that chips within 48 hours. Maybe it should be called 'weekend polish' instead?

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