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CoverFX is a cosmetics company founded by Victor Casale and Lee Graff in 2000. Originally created to formulate makeup for patients with skin conditions at CosMetic clinic in Toronto, Canada. Many of the products are multipurpose. "Cover FX prides itself on steering clear of the "inflammatory five": parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc."* *Source: Byrdie

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Highlighters -Cover FX -Custom Enhancer Drops - Moonlight

on 7/22/2018 12:57:00 PM


I received a mini bottle of this from Ulta. When I first tried this, I though: "That is dark....", but the color is not as dark as i looks int he bottles. then: "Too glittery". I still agree with myself on that the shimmer in this isn't very fine, BUT: if you want to be very glowy (not glittery)... this somehow just works...! Right now I'm an NC25, and the Moonlight drops are a great choice for my skin tone. I have sensitive skin, but haven't reacted to these illuminating drops; I really like that they have no fragrance.

I use this by mixing it into my foundation. My favorite foundation to mix this into has been the Algenist Reveal Foundation. It takes the finish form a satin-matte to a glowy finish. Strangely enough, while I can see the shimmer particles very well when I swatch the Custom Drops on my hand, when they are blended into a foundation, I can't see that it's shimmery, and even in natural light, with a mirror close to me, my face doesn't look shimmery. This is very different from when I use a shimmery powder or highlighter, where the shimmer sits on top of my skin. The glow I get from mixing these drops into my foundation looks like just very well moisturized skin, without having the oily or wet feeling that usually comes with this. If you are a person who tends to get oily throughout the day, the glow might become a little too much after some times though, but I imagine this being a really fun product for those who have dry skin and are never able to look like they have just come back from a tropical island :)

When I first received the little bottle of the custom enhancer drops I was thinking that I would never use them - maybe only as highlight on my eyes or something, but damn it - I want a full bottle now...! I wish these weren't so expensive: $42 for 0.5 fl.oz :( If someone finds something super similar to these for a better price, feel free to message me ;)

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Loose Powders -Cover FX -Matte Setting Powder

on 7/20/2018 11:57:00 PM


I have combination skin with a very oily t-zone. This setting powder works amazingly, I use it over primer only, or when I'm doing a full face of makeup. Sets the makeup for long lasting results, mattefies, and blurs pores.

For those complaining about coverage, this is not a product for coverage. This is for setting makeup, thus why it is somewhat translucent. If you're looking for coverage try their pressed powders.

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Foundations -Cover FX -Power Play Liquid Foundation

on 6/27/2018 2:24:00 PM


I’m unsure if I like this product or not! Applying is pretty difficult and I’ve tried numerous ways ie. brush, blender and fingers. Using the brush is by far the harderst! It goes on streaky and blotchy, and it just soaks into the blender. Today I have the old way of applying it with my fingers and the application was better! Unfortunately the product drys really fast so it’s a must not to apply all in one application, but splitting it. Doing one side at a time helps immensely! Also using a silicone based primer helps gives the foundation s more applicable effect! I also apply my primer on top and finish off with a finishing powder. 2 hours in and I’m still looking pretty good! So yeah it’s a decent product AFTER you find a way to apply that works in a way good for you! Still not worth $46 dollars, and definitely not as good as Lancôme or Estée!

Colorfx pp....N110
Estée DW....N7 or C7 depending on winter or summer skin change

Primer/ Corrector -Cover FX -Correct Click Color Corrector Peach

on 6/24/2018 11:09:00 AM

Great product! One of the only colour correctors that actually help corrector my dark under eye circle! Would definitely repurchase and recommend.

Powder -Cover FX -Pressed Mineral Foundation

on 6/22/2018 7:05:00 PM


I’ve been using this for a year years. I have acne prone sensitive skin. This is one of the only powders I can use on my face. The other is nude by nature.

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