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Liquid -Cover FX -Custom Cover Drops

on 2/18/2018 12:49:00 PM


This is a nice idea but it does change the texture of everything I mix it with, the drops leave quite a dewy finish and I’m very oily so I prefer matte. I have struggled to find matte foundation that doesn’t look caked on
My skin, the idea was to blend these with my primers for a tinted oil blotting effect. They seem to make all my matte primers more greasy ?? I have also mixed them with thicker foundations and they thin out the consistency. So the claim that they only add pigment seems untrue to me. I feel I could get the same results by just mixing a any old fluid foundation

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Foundations -Cover FX -Cover Click Concealer + Foundation

on 2/13/2018 1:24:00 PM


Let me preface this by saying I would repurchase it, but I'm not sure if I would at full price, rather opting to wait for a coupon or sale. At around $18 it's a wee bit much for something the size of a lipstick. But on sale, it's a nice portable little thing great for touchups or getting ready in a hurry, and seems like quite the deal (for my wants and needs).

I bought the N10, one of the lightest neutral options when Sephora had it half off for $9. I thought, what the hell, it's supposed to have medium to full coverage, and I have acne scars that I always want to cover without my face feeling spackled in product. This does a pretty good job, too. It's a pretty good match for my complexion (not a big deal considering I'm a neutral light-skinned white woman, so I've got a wealth of options in foundation and concealer shades). It feels like a concealer stick and has no scent. It blends pretty well on my normal-ish skin (I think it might work a bit better for me when the weather warms up a bit and my face isn't quite at peak dryness, as it tends to be come February). It does a pretty good job of evening my skin tone and minimizing old scars.

Overall, I like it a lot, yet since you only get .2 ounces/5.5 grams in the tube, I'll be mainly using this as a concealer, and be content my face looks a bit more even as I keep an eye peeled for sales.

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Liquid -Cover FX -Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation

on 2/4/2018 10:04:00 AM


I bought this foundation after a horrid experience with oil cleansing. After 3 months of trying some popular paleo and more natural remedies, I finally saw my dermatologist and he started me on retin a micro to help clear up the horrible mess of closed comedones and clogged pores I inflicted upon myself. I knew from reviews that the initial breakout on this stuff would be extremely difficult to deal with considering that I work reception in the diagnostic imaging department at an extremely busy hospital and see upwards of 100 patients+ per day.
The packaging of this product is great. Looks modern, neat and innovative. I also love that the product is more natural and does not use harsh chemicals/parabens as I suffer from occasional flare ups of perioral dermatitis and find cosmetic products to contribute significantly. This foundation has never flared up my dermatitis and has high coverage but that's about it for positives. It never ever sets fully. It looks great as soon as its applied, but is already shiny shortly after I get to work. It feels heavy on my skin and that never goes away no matter what I use to set it. It also starts to look more and more orange by the end of the day which actually seems to highlight the breakouts I am getting from retin a. I will continue to use only until my new foundation comes in the mail, and certainly will not be recommending this to any friends. If you have combination or oily skin stay far away from this stuff.

Crème -Cover FX -Total Cover Cream Foundation SPF 30

on 1/31/2018 1:14:00 PM


Bought this to use as a cream contour. Color wasn't right, but the product is nice and is dry enough that I'd prefer to use it to contour/bronze rather than as foundation.

Other -Cover FX -Illuminating Setting Spray


At first I found this product a little hard to use. It's infused with a lot of glitter, and at first I looked like a disco ball. With a bit of experimenting though, I've found that it needs A LOT of shaking up to settle the glitter but once you've done that, it goes on beautifully. The mist is so fine and I found that it really did keep my makeup on all day. Because of the glitter I'll use it more for nights out than anything else but I'm really impressed with it overall and I'd really like to try Cover FX's Mattifying Setting Spray in the future.

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