CosRx (Cosmetics + RX) is an online Korean brand founded in 2014. COSRX specializes in maintaining effective products using minimal ingredients for those having skin troubles and concerns. []

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Treatments (Face) -Cosrx -Acne Pimple Master Patch

on 7/16/2018 5:50:00 AM


These are a life-saver for me. You know that time when your skin starts breaking out for no reason, you`ve done everything you should do, steam facials, used clean ingredients targeted for your skin type, regular dermatologist visits, but yet, your hormones betray you and you wake up with painful cysts and whiteheads? I bought a lot of CosRx stuff out of sheer desperation and I wasn`t expecting much from these patches, but they really work. Last night I applied 3 patches, one to a painful cyst near my mouth that every time I talked or smiled would hurt, the kind of cyst that is buried deep and won`t come to a head for a while, yet when it does, you know it will be even more painful and possibly leave an ugly mark if picked at. And who can resist picking those bastards! Overnight, most of it was flattened and less painful. The clear film turned opaque, and I could see nasty gunk inside it when I lifted it off. The other two patches I placed on cysts that had surfaced and been picked at, but became inflamed again. These looked totally drained after 12 hours, and there was less inflammation around them. I would totally repurchase and I am looking for the Japanese version of these from Nexcare to try as well.

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Cleansers -Cosrx -Salycilic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

on 7/16/2018 1:47:00 AM


Having come off more than 20 years of hormonal treatments, my skin is once again breaking out as if I was a teenager. I have bumps and uneven texture on my forehead, and white heads and painful cysts on my chin and jawline. So once again I feel like I did all those years ago, when I was searching for the HG cleanser and treatments to take care of this nasty problem. Of course, a deep facial with extractions always does the trick, but in Japan, where to find a proper facial? Here they just massage and cleanse and do a whole bunch of stuff for a whole lot of money, stuff that you could just as easily do by yourself at home. Anyway, I love this cleanser. It really is gentle and does a thorough job of cleansing without dryness or irritation. The smell of salicylic acid can easily be off putting, but a clear complexion is worth it for me.

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Cleansers -Cosrx -Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

on 7/16/2018 1:30:00 AM


Recently I’ve come off my hormone therapy, and even though I am in my early 40’s, I’ve started breaking out along my jawline and chin area like an 18 year old, once again. It is frustrating to say the least. One of the things that my dermatologist recommended was cleaning my face in the morning, something which for the last 12 years I’ve only done with cold tap or micellar water. Enter this cleanser. Although it’s a foaming cleanser, it’s gentle and my skin doesn’t feel dry or irritated. I can understand how the smell would put off some people. Fortunately, I am not bothered by it, and having clean, acne-free skin is more important for me at this point. Would definitely repurchase.

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Treatments (Face) -Cosrx -BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

on 7/11/2018 12:24:00 AM


I really wanted to like this, as a cheaper alternative to Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid and as a great fan of Asian beauty products. I read the reviews and truly thought this would be a great dupe.

Unfortunately for my wallet, after about 2 months of using this in place of the Paula's liquid, I have to admit I'm really not seeing the same results. I have very oily, blackhead prone Mediterranean skin that can take quite the exfoliator beating - and I simply do not find this strong enough for my purposes, even with daily use. I was blown away with the clarity and evenness of my skin after my first bottle of Paula's Choice BHA, which is why I sought out a cheaper BHA in CosRX. But over the last two months of using the CosRX I have gradually seen my skin condition slip back to clogged pores and uneven tone. I do like that this is quite moisturising, and you skin really does look quite plump and healthy after applying it. But no real improvement over the long term for me.

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Moisturizers -Cosrx -Advanced 96 Snail Mucin Power Essence

on 7/9/2018 3:59:00 PM


On the fence about this! I love snail skin care, but I can't quite pinpoint any significant changes this product made for my skin. I'm willing to give it another try but in no rush to repurchase after finishing it. It seems to have really worked for others. One bottle can last for months even from daily use. I like that it's lightweight and neutral to use when my skin is having problems, meaning it doesn't necessarily alleviate the flare ups but it adds a bit of moisture without aggravating my skin. It doesn't sufficiently hydrate my skin in the winter on its own, but it's a good layering product. The texture is clear liquidy mucin and can leave a slight tackiness before absorbing fully into the skin. Will update this review on my second round.

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