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Styling Products -Conair -Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron


Got the 1 inch version on Amazon for $29.99. Good flat iron for the price. I use it on my bangs that I'm growing out, and also straighten the bottom layers of my hair to decrease volume. I have naturally beachy waves that I like to keep wavy but I am prone to bed head and sometimes keep this straightener on the lowest temperature (362) to smooth any bad bumpy bedhead without trying to go pin straight. I personally wish the lowest setting could be 300 instead, hence only 4/5 lippies but otherwise a great flat iron that gets the job done. I use hairspray and find that it lasts all day.

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Hair Styling Tools -Conair -Infiniti Pro 1875 AC Motor Dryer

on 8/30/2018 8:45:00 AM


This hair dryer is very powerful and fast. It would probably be great for someone with a lot of thick hair. However, that is not me. I have fine, wavy/curly hair and it’s ok if I want to blow it out straight, but I can’t use it with a diffuser when my hair is curly. The low setting is like medium/high on some other hair dryers. It blows my hair around too much and makes it frizz. I wish there was an actual low speed setting.

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Hair Styling Tools -Conair -Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

on 1/17/2018 6:37:00 PM


I was lucky to find this for $42 at Kohl's (which was mostly paid for with Kohl's cash ^^). I have tried other curling tools before. In my childhood I tried different old-school metal ones and what not, and the conclusion was: my hair does what it wants - which is being straight, after 6 h. While at university, I first discovered ceramic ionic curling wands, which finally gave me the opportunity to have curls for 2-3 days. However, I burnt my hands, my face, my neck and my scalp several times. Not very often, but enough to be quite annoyed every time I knew I would need to curl my hair. Also, while 1/2 inch curling wands worked well for curling my hair, the curls were too tight. I tried a 1 1/2 inch wand, and it was difficult to wind my (waist long) hair around and get good, loose curls.

I have waist-long hair, medum corseness, medium thickness, straight, in good condition (due to good conditioners: It's a 10 mask and leave-in, and Humectress from Nexxus)

When I saw this at Kohls, I remembered that one of my flatmates at uni had one like this, and really enjoyed it. She had used it both on herself, who has shoulder-length hair, and on her friend, who has butt-long hair - it worked for both! I was never very impressed with the look and feel of the infinity pro - it's a little heavy, it feels kinda cheap and rattles... however, it performs very well :) What I'm majorly happy about is... I haven't burned myself with this yet (it's not impossible, but way more difficult than a "naked" iron).

The iron is generally quite easy to use, but you have to do it correctly. First off: there is only ONE side that is OK to turn towards the head. At first, I got a little annoyed by that as it was easy to do one side of the head, but not the other, but I figured it out eventually. The "crab claw" of the wand makes it easier to curl your hair yourself - I just put the strand in there and guide the claw along it, to my scalp, so I can achieve curls along the whole length of my hair.

Second thing is: your hair MUST be well brushed. If there are rogue hairs that are tangled or stick out in some way, they might tangle inside the curler. I have never had issues getting the hairs out again, but still: it's not pleasant, might rip out a couple of hairs and give you a weird initial curl... or rather "chewed up mess" (can be re-curled fine). So, I usually hold onto the strand og hair I feed into the curler, so that it will be wound up nicely. It's not strictly necessary, but it helps my curling process.

Don't feed too much hair into the curler, as it is likely to jam that way, but as said: it will definitely let you know. The smaller the sections you use are, the tighter the curl will be. Also: the more perpendicular the curler is to the strand of hair, the tighter the curl; if you hold the iron slightly sideways, the curl will be looser.

It is possible to burn yourself on this if you rest it on your scalp for several seconds (after feeling it's hot), or if you clamp your finger inside it, but generally, this is a much safer option than regular curling wands. The curls you get look nice - the same as with a wand. The ceramic ionic plating makes this have the least amount of damage to the hair and good curl longevity. Generally, I'm very happy about this purchase! :)

The only thing I can see as a con with this is that there are some people with curly or wavy hair that too like to curl their hair (to a different pattern), and I might not recommend this to them, as such hair is more likely to get stuck in the curler.

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Hair Styling Tools -Conair -Styler Dryer 1875


I love this dryer. It comes with three attachments and is easy to use in comparison to a brush and dryer. My hair feels good to go after use. I have fairly thick, straight and long hair. The drying capabilities is pretty decent for a cheap $20 blow dryer.

Misc Beauty Tools -Conair -Conair True Glow Cleaning Skin Beauty Treatment

on 7/5/2017 1:06:00 PM


I've tried most of the face cleansing methods with various tools and this is my favorite so far.

I never had the nerve to spend 170dlls. on the Clarisonic face brush, so when my bf and me saw the Conair one at Costco for 40 each, including 4 face+1 body brushes, we bought them immediately.

I use it daily to cleanse my face at night, using both normal and sensitive heads, preferring the latter.

When removing just makeup, I dampen the brush and add the cleanser, whether Cerave Renewing Cleanser, Clinique soap or Skin Food Rice Foam, being this last my favorite. If removing my night mask -coconut oil+turmeric- I cleanse with oil and cloth first and then use the brush for two minutes.

I've charged it twice over the 3 months I've owned it. Hope I won't experience the charging issues that have been reported as I truly love cleansing with this device.

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