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Coloured Raine is a cruelty-free cosmetics company founded in 2013 by Loraine Roberts Dowdy. The line includes a large collection of the "boldest and brightest lipsticks"*. Products are available online and in boutique retail stores in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. *Source: Byrdie

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Eye Shadow -Coloured Raine -LOVELIES Eyeshadow Palette


The Coloured Raine mini palettes were supposed to be limited edition and discontinued long ago, but they have stuck around for a long time on sale. Lovelies seems to be one of the less popular options, with Beauty Rust and Berry Cute getting most of the attention. When I looked at the mini palettes range, I felt that I had more than enough warm-toned eyeshadows similar to Beauty Rust and Berry Cute (and I think most of us with big eyeshadow collections do!). Smoke Show didn't call to me at all. But Lovelies caught my eye as one of the more unique and refreshing colour stories available on the market at the time. I knew it would be unique to my collection as well. Warm-toned palettes are still more popular, but some of us are starting to crave more cool tones in our collections.

All the shades are very cool-toned. Here's a shade breakdown: Pure (a very bright, stark, matte white, more pigmented than most whites), Hi Cute (a shimmering, reflective, foiled light pink with a creamy texture), Daydreaming (a matte, medium-toned pink, very pigmented), Misty Nights (a matte medium grey, very pigmented), LoveLove (a shimmery red-pink, less reflective than Hi Cutie. While this looks red in the pan, on me it pulls more pink), and Romance (a dark, matte, highly pigmented navy blue).

There are two criticisms of this palette that I am sick of hearing from people who either have not tried this palette or have barely used it: 1) "These colours don't go together," and 2) "You can't do a full look with this palette." In response to #1, pink, red, and blue are actually very complementary colours. Grey goes excellent with each of those colours as well, especially blue and pink. If you prefer your looks to be pretty monochromatic, or you prefer to use similar colours in a look instead of "opposite" or complementary colours, then you will struggle to come up with ideas for looks. In this case, Beauty Rust is probably more up your alley. But, if you appreciate complementary colours and like to experiment with opposites, this palette should get your creative juices flowing.

In response to #2, while it doesn't bother me to pull in shades from other palettes to create a full look, I also have no problem creating a full look with this palette alone. Here's how to do a full look using all the colours: Daydreaming as a transition shade, Misty Nights blended down lower as a second transition, Romance deep in the crease and outer corner, Hi Cutie on the inner half of the lid, LoveLove on the outer half, and Pure on the browbone and inner corner. You can use Romance as a liner, or another liner of your choice. That's a full look and it's gorgeous. I've also used Daydreaming and Hi Cutie to do a very soft, pink look, with Misty Nights in the crease to add soft and smoky dimension. If you bring in one lighter blue single eyeshadow, you can make a super cute "Cotton Candy" look with the pink and blue shades. It's a six-pan palette, so of course there is a limit to the looks you can do, but I do feel you have lots of options and it's not fair to say this palette can't stand alone.

I have some criticisms of this palette. If you have tried the Queen of Hearts palette, you should be warned that the mattes in the Lovelies palette are not as creamy and bendable as the mattes in Queen of Hearts. In particular, Misty Nights and Romance can be pretty tricky to blend. Romance in particular has a very dry texture, and it's so pigmented that you want to be careful and build it up slowly. You may need to experiment to find the right brushes in your collection to blend out these shades. However, the colours in the palette work well to blend each other out: I like to use Daydreaming or Pure to blend out the edges of Misty Nights, and Misty Nights to blend out the edges of Romance. I recommend always laying down the lighter shades first to give you something to blend the darker shades into. On the other hand, Daydreaming and Pure are truly incredible mattes that are pigmented and easily blendable. I don't have anything else quite like Daydreaming. We all probably have a lot of white eyeshadows, but Pure is still a very excellent one, highlighting brilliantly without shimmer. Hi Cutie is such a gorgeous foiled shade. LoveLove is also very nice, but I reach for it a lot less than the other colours.

Ultimately, if you're a ride-or-die warm-toned kind of person, you won't like Lovelies. But if you like cool tones, don't let the colour combo in this palette throw you off. It's really very nice. I reach for it a lot, and I often take it with me if I'm going somewhere overnight. I think the mini palettes were originally overpriced, but the new discounted price is pretty good. I hope more people will give this palette a try.

Eye Shadow -Coloured Raine -Single Eyeshadows

It seems silly to post a review after only trying one product from the line, but I thought I might as well since no review page exists yet. People with large collections seem to rate this highly so I may have a poor performing colour, but they also always talk highly about the low price so for all I know this is one of those "good for the price" products, meaning it's actually rather average.

I've only bought one - Birthday Suit. It's a warm yellowish peach with a shimmer finish. I'm between an NC15 - NC20 with strong yellow tones and this matches my skin tone well, although it's very slightly too light in summer and very slightly too peachy in winter. When I wear it, I have it as a lid shade with a colour on the outer V. I don't normally suit pink eyeshadow due to my yellow tone, but Birthday Suit looks stunning with Coastal Scents Panama Rose on the outer V and a dark matte brown smudged against my lash line in place of eyeliner. I'm wanting to stick to 3 shadow or less looks (excluding a matte base colour to help with blending) because I dislike how Youtube tells people they need 5+ shadows for dimension... nah, just invest in good brushes (I use Hakuhodo) and your blending will make it look like you used more colours than you actually did.

Speaking of blending, I think this blends well? I've certainly never had issues but I honestly can't tell because my brushes can blend anything (it already looks blended when I pat down colour) and this is so close to my skin tone. It's always beautifully blended where it meets the outer V colour though, almost like I had an extra transition shade there.

Pigmentation is nice, I'd guess at medium. I have discoloured eyelids and this does a good job at minimising it while looking fairly natural. It applies very smooth without patches.

Unfortunately, this shade creases on me within five hours. I have oily lids so eyeshadow always creases on me, but most eye primers will prevent that. Even when I use Urban Decay Primer Potion this will crease. I'm looking at trying Milani's primer next since I've heard that's the best of the best, and I'll update if that fixes it. I've tried different methods as well as using/not using a base shade and the shadow just doesn't seem to "grip" sadly. Except for when I run the pad of my finger along my crease to smudge the line, then it seems to want to stay -_-

This comes in a 26mm pan which is standard eyeshadow size.

I would recommend this to anyone with my skin tone who wants a basic look that still has dimension, owns a custom palette (this has no casing other than the clear plastic it's shipped in), and isn't prone to creasing.

Eye Shadow -Coloured Raine -Cheers to the Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

on 8/20/2018 7:49:00 PM


I am a huge fan of the Coloured Raine eyeshadows. I believe the Cheers to the Beauty palette is limited edition and I was able to purchase it on sale for half price (regularly $50). There are twelve eyeshadows and one highlighter. Five of the shadows are matte and seven of the shadows are shimmer/foil. The highlighter shows as a golden-peachy iridescence on my light tan skin. The palette is cardboard and includes a mirror. This is definitely a palette I will pull out for special occasions, holidays or when I just want to do a fun makeup look.

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Eye Shadow -Coloured Raine -Queen of Hearts Palette

on 8/20/2018 7:41:00 PM


I love this palette. The color story is beautiful and coordinates nicely with a variety of skin/hair/eye colors. The quality of the eyeshadow is phenomenal - both mattes and shimmers/foils. Of all the eyeshadow palettes I own, there are two that I would repurchase if something happened to them. The Queen of Hearts is one of them. I always use an eyeshadow base and find these shadows last all day on my eyes. This palette does go on sale periodically and if you can catch a deal, I say grab it without hesitation!

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Lipstick -Coloured Raine -Matte Lip Paint

on 2/1/2018 5:52:00 PM


Sigh. I really wanted to love these but I just can't. I have the shades Mars, Cherry Blossom, and 24Seven. The formula is very much like CP's Ultra Matte, which I do not like at all. These perform just about the same. They are drying as all get out with Cherry Blossom being the absolute worst of the bunch in terms of performance. Not only is it drying, they crack, crumble, and don't even think about touch ups. You'd have to completely remove the product before reapplying, otherwise it's just a train wreck. I am so bummed because Cherry Blossom is the most beautiful cool red shade I've ever worn. The shade Mars is almost exactly like CP's Stingraye. It dries down to a dark, brownish-grey shade, which just doesn't look good on me at all. I was hoping it would dry down to the shade shown on their website. Negative. 24Seven and Cherry Blossom stayed true to the swatch but again, the performance of this liquid l/s sub-par at best and for $18, I expected much more. I will say I do like the applicator - it's a bit on the flat side, like that of the NYX lip suede applicator - so application is easy. That said, it's just not good at all and I will not repurchase nor do I recommend. There are far better options out there.

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