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Coastal Scents was founded in 2005 by Dorothy and Reto Kramer. They currently offer over 800 beauty products, from palettes to brushes.

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Makeup Brushes -Coastal Scents -22 brush peice brush set

on 1/21/2018 6:15:00 AM

Purchased this set in "Orchid" (purple) and I'm really happy with them so far. At $19.98 on sale, the entire set was the cost of 1 brush in many lines. Have washed them with no problem. Will update if they start to shed or fall apart. A few of the brushes aren't quite as dense as they could be, but since I prefer a lighter application of product, they are great for me. And the purple looks so cute.

Eye Shadow -Coastal Scents -Hot pot Brownstone

on 12/31/2017 7:50:00 PM

This is a matte medium-dark grey brown. Perfect for my protuberant eyelids and a great neutral for my hazel-green eyes. Applies smoothly, especially if I use a lighter shadow underneath. And hey, it was $1.

Makeup Brushes -Coastal Scents -Deluxe Buffer Brush

on 12/29/2017 5:58:00 AM


It's not a bad brush and does a lovely job dry or wet (spray brush with water or mac fix +, etc...) with powder foundation. I do find it a touch rough (but not as rough as their pink kabuki) and after multiple washings there is still a faint "animal" scent that others have mentioned. It was VERY strong at first (almost manure like, horrible) but now is barely noticable, but I notice it enough to not want to use it, plus I prefer duo fiber brushes or ELF's studio flat top (the black one) brush to this one. Be prepared to wash it repeatedly to get the stink out. Frankly, I'd skip it and get ELF's studio flat top brush, it's softer and no odor.

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Loose Powders -Coastal Scents -Silica Spheres Powder [DISCONTINUED]

on 12/29/2017 5:54:00 AM


So sad this is discontinued, it is excellent. I did depot it into a better sifter pot I already had. I prefer a duo-fiber brush for a lighter touch (Shop Miss A also known as AOA has some nice brushes that are inexpensive in duo fiber, the white or black handled ones the natural handled ones are denser) (ELF has some nice duo fiber brushes too). It's not quite the same, but I also like ELF (eyes lips face online) version of this (not an exact dupe, a softer feel I prefer) in their HD powder. It's what I use now that this is discontinued.

Makeup Brushes -Coastal Scents -Pink Kabuki

on 12/29/2017 5:51:00 AM


Not terrible and not as rough as some brushes. But it is a little rough for my skin. I prefer softer brushes (duo-fiber). It does a nice job with powder foundation (especially if you spray the brush with water or finishing spray like MAC fix +). But I don't use it because my insanely sensitive skin finds it too rough. I am saving it for travel though, since the size is just right for that. I think most people would not find it rough, but if you have super-sensitive skin, you might want to skip it in place of a duo-fiber brush (AOA or Shop Miss A online has wonderful brushes that are $1 each and I MUCH prefer the texture of those) (the black and white handled ones, I have them all, the ivory/natural ones look like they might be a bit rougher and not duo-fiber).

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