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Eyeliner -Clio -Waterproof Brush Liner - Kill Black

on 9/20/2018 6:21:00 PM


I have bought this three times. I dont use any other liner! I struggle using any others as this one is just too perfect. I will never buy any other. It does not budge even when my eyes water in the wind and rain. It is seriously wonderful. I have danced and drank through a festival from 3pm - 8am and did not budge! It is so so so easy to use - it is so simple and glides across the eye! It lasts for a year or so for me and I use it about 4 days a week. It is honestly the best and I have used every liner under the sun.

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Lipstick -Clio -Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lips

on 6/3/2018 4:59:00 AM

I guess I found another HG drugstore lipstick. However as this series was produced in 2015, not sure its still available now.

Anyway, I got this in Red Liar no 16 which is a bright red with slightly cool tones. Pigmentation is really smooth, doesn dry up lips which I really like. One swipe is needed to achieve the super bright lips. Brightens up my face. Leaves a nice stain after eating. Comparable to my Guerlian Kiss Kiss Love Love.

Shape of the lipstick allows really easy application.

Overall really recommend this if this series is still available.

Mascara -Clio -Salon de Cara Mascara

on 5/30/2018 2:56:00 AM

This is a review for the orange lid Finger Cara Long Lash mascara. I found this going cheap on koreadepart website and decided to give it a try.

The only reason I wouldn't repurchase this mascara again is that the regular price $23 is more than I would pay normally for a mascara.

I like that the wand head isn't too brushy and big, and the end of it is good for reaching my eyelashes at the corners.

This mascara is great for my everyday make up needs. It has no issues with smell or texture, hasn't made my eyelashes fall out, and the staying power is great. The only thing is that the synthetic fibres that are supposed to stick to your lashes to make them look longer occasionally flake off onto my cheek, although this has literally only happened about 3 or 4 times, and I've been using this mascara for 6 months or so. It isn't too difficult to wash off either, which is a plus.

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Liquid -Clio -Airwear Protexture Foundation

on 4/29/2018 12:16:00 AM

This product was actually launched in 2016 summer to give a airy and soft feeling, combining serum into the foundation as well.

The foundation is very watery just like the Moonshot foundation which I have reviewed previously. Comes with a brush as well but I didnt get it. Not suitable to use with sponge due to the watery texture. Product needs a shake before using it and it is in plastic.
Both pros and cons as it is very light, you can carry around especially for travelling unlike heavy frosted bottles. Downside of the packaging is that as it is not translucent, you can't really see how much product has left in the bottle.

As with usual Korean foundations, this comes in limited shades and mine is linen 03, I normally use N21 for Korean foundations so darker skin ladies won't be able to use this. Coverage is decent but due to its watery texture, concealer is still required as well.

Staying power is good however, settling powder and primer is still required.

If you want a product which is lightweight to carry overseas, this is a good choice.

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Foundations -Clio -Kill Cover Foundation Cushion

on 2/20/2018 5:27:00 PM

Love the idea of Korean cushion foundations - high SPF, thin skin like consistency, moisturizing, etc. Unfortunately this one was not a hit for me. Reasons I decided on the original kill cover cushion (vs. kill cover conceal or kill cover ampoule), it's supposed to last long on the skin, offer good coverage, and the price was great (on sale for $20 USD incl. refill cushion). I have NC20/25 skin tone at the moment and the shade #04 ginger matches well, but maybe a hair too light. As with all korean cushions, shade range is crap but that's their target demographic so, what can ya do.

This looks really nice when first applied. I love the thin consistency and it does offer decent coverage once built up. My issue? It completely rubs off my face in a matter of hours. Around my nose (especially the sides), my chin, and around my mouth. I've tried different primers and different setting sprays and to no avail. So odd since this usually is not an issue for me and i don't typically touch my face a lot. What's worse? This doesn't wear well. It starts to look really dry the longer the day goes on. Of course if you touch up with the portable compact, it looks a bit better but it never goes back to how it looked originally.

Too bad but will not be repurchasing. If you have oily/combo skin, you'd probably like this better.

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