Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, usually sold in high end department stores. It is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies.

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Recent Clinique Reviews

Eye Shadow -Clinique -Color Surge in Blue Lagoon (Super Shimmer)


My all time forever since I was a teen definition of 80’s blue eyeshadow favorite shade of eyeshadow eva.
As of the time of my review, Clinique calls this just “Lagoon” and it is a soft shimmer. Other than the obvious shrinking of the packaging and size of the pan, it still seems to be the same stuff. I guess... one pan of this literally lasts me a decade and I just recently obtained what is my 4th pan. My signature look is swiping Clinique’s french vanilla from lash to brow and then I use this only to line my eyes (with a flat brush) because I have blue eyes and any more than just a little looks all kinds of wrong. I never have any issues with it fading or shifting unless I rub my eyes. It’s pricey for an eyeshadow but I’ve yet to find the same shade that wears as well.

Concealers -Clinique -Airbrush Concealer

on 6/18/2018 11:40:00 PM


I got recommended this by a friend. It worked well for her. But to me it is kinda mediocre. I like its consistency, it's the right amount of fluid and cream. Easy to blend. Nice shades of colors, easy to match. However doesnt brighten up the undereye, leaves creases below the eyes and does not conceal well.

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Moisturizers -Clinique -Moisture Surge Face Spray

on 6/18/2018 3:43:00 PM


I enjoy this spray quite a lot. Ive never used a moisturizing spray, and I'm glad i tried this one. I have a feeling it will last for ages. It's very light and refreshing and is nice to set a full face of makeup and make it look a bit softer. The only thing I would change is the pump and heaviness of the mist. Since my late twenties I have early moderate RA and I find it a bit hard to depress the sprayer. The mist comes out a touch heavy at times and I wish the particles were smaller. Maybe I'd suggest a non aerosol air pump sprayer, those produce a very fine mist and are used in a lot of organic room sprays and cooking sprays as an alternative to aerosol cans. But I assume this would up product costs.

Lip Treatments -Clinique -Superbalm Lip Treatment

on 6/16/2018 2:18:00 PM


I wasn't particularly fond of this lip balm Bc I found it a bit too gooey & sticky & it was expensive & I bought this along with something else just to get the free bonus gift only! It's fragrance free which I appreciate but it was a bit too tacky for me! It does moisturize well for the coldest of winters!

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Eyeliner -Clinique -High Impact Custom Black Kajal

on 6/16/2018 10:54:00 AM

This is the only eyeliner I can use on my very sensitive eyes for tightlining. It is soft enough to go on easily but does not run or smudge.

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