Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, usually sold in high end department stores. It is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies.

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Recent Clinique Reviews

Skincare - Face -Clinique - Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion

on 10/19/2017 12:54:00 PM


May work well on oily skin but it irritated my very sensitive skin.

Mascara -Clinique - Naturally Glossy Mascara

on 10/19/2017 1:21:00 AM


I already used and liked it, follow video tutorial

Moisturizers -Clinique - Dramatically Different Moisturizing "Cream"

on 10/18/2017 4:24:00 PM


I want to like this but I just can’t. It feels very rich and nice when I first apply it but as I rub it in it pills up. It doesn’t absorb and sits like a greasy film on top of my skin that I then have to remove. Yuck.

Cleansers -Clinique - Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

on 10/18/2017 11:42:00 AM


I'm a difficult person to wow, but this stuff is truly amazing! It's actually the first ever thing that YouTube made me buy.
Recently I've watched Desi Perkins video where she was removing a very heavy black eye makeup using this balm. Definitely, the video wasn't showing everything from beginning till the end without cuts, but it made me wonder if this thing will be able to remove my mascara and eyeliner without leaving the traces of makeup. I went to Ulta and bought a travel size (6.50$ with taxes 0.5oz / 15ml).
OMG this stuff is HG! All my life I struggled with raccoon eyes in the mornings. Not fully raccoon, but some traces were always left, no matter how many products I've used to remove my eye makeup. My lashes were falling out from rubbing, but my makeup was staying on....
This balm:
- it removes my mascara and eyeliner trace free in 30 seconds;
- I don't need to rub it strong into my eyes, very gentle circular motion work perfectly;
- it doesn't leave a residue;
- doesn't dry out my skin;
- I don't need to use any other product to fully remove my makeup. I still go with my regular face wash all over the face afterward, and I use Clinique balm on my eyes only, since my face makeup is minimal.
- my eyes are very sensitive and I can use.

This stuff is amazing! try it you won't regret!
If you're planning to use it on your eyes only travel size is should be enough for 6 months before it will expire.

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Moisturizers -Clinique - Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

on 10/17/2017 3:01:00 AM


This really doesn't deliver a surge of moisture as the name suggests. If you like silicones or have oily skin, it might work for you. However, my combination-dry skin has never looked more dull. It doesn't make my face feel properly moisturised at all, even if I put a lot on. I wanted to like this - the feel of it is soothing and the pink gel is lovely - but it just doesn't relieve skin thirst at all.

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