Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, usually sold in high end department stores. It is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies.

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Cleansers -Clinique -Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

on 6/23/2018 6:29:00 PM


I really like this exfoliator, it cleans nicely without stripping or causing irritation, it’s a foaming exfoliating scrub and the beads are very gentle yet effective for getting rid of dead skin cells and impurities/makeup.
This smoothes my skin and I feel it works really well for my acne prone sensitive skin that’s very oily.

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Mascara -Clinique -Lash Power Mascara

on 6/23/2018 1:58:00 PM


So, I have very, very, oily eyelids and under eyes. Becuase of this I can't wear conventional or even waterproof mascaras because they just end up in a puddle under my eyes about an hour or so after I apply them. And then I found TUBING MASCARAS! There really isn't special about Clinique Lash Power if you don't have the kind of panda-eye issues that I have. However, it's the best, readily available tubing mascara that I have found.

Tubing mascaras are really just mascaras that dry into a solid on your lashes and only come off when you pull them off with a warm washcloth. If your eye area pretty much manufactures its own eye-makeup remover these are a godsend.

There are a few different tubing mascaras on the market but they are rarely marketed that way. Blinc was the first and most obvious one that I started out with. I liked it but I found it didn't really lengthen or thicken at all and the tube would dry out and get chunky within a month. Then, I found Imju Fiberwig and I fell absolutely, head-over-heels in love with it. I won't get into why it was so great since you can't find it in Canada anymore (which I suspect is because it contains some chemicals which have been banned here).

I hadn't realized that Lash Power was a tubing mascara until I started casually chatting with a Clinique rep at Nordstrom one day. (Btw, I had directly asked a couple of reps at Sephora about this and they had absolutely no idea). This mascara definitely stays alllll day long until you pull it off with a warm washcloth. I have even taken a dip in a pool and it stayed on for the most part. When it has come off (usually due to me rubbing my eyes too much during allergy season) it just balls up and falls right off.

I wouldn't say this offers a lot of length or thickness but it does more than Blinc did in that department I have also found there are some tricks to making this mascara work well. Basically, most tubing mascaras dry out fast, get chunky and become unusable. Most are not cheap so I have found the following tricks helpful:

-You have to really screw the tube top back on tightly so no air gets in. It's even better if you store this in a small ziplock bag.
-It's best to wipe this mascara wand off every time you use this and before you put it back in the tube.
-I also usually use a lash separator to take care of any chunks that end up on my lashes.

Overall, if you can easily wear conventional mascaras without much trouble I probably wouldn't bother much with this one. It's a bit of work to get it to perform well and even with the tips above the tube dries out and you have to replace it often. But, if you have oily eyelids or need something that will wear a really long time (eg. for a wedding) I would definitely check this out. I find that it performs better than any tubing mascara that I can still get in North America!

-very long wearing
-no smudging or smearing at all
-totally waterproof

-not much length or thickness
-tube dries out quickly
-some work to make it perform well

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Cleansers -Clinique -Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

on 6/23/2018 4:42:00 AM


Decent non-fragrant cleansing balm that effortlessly removes my waterproof sunblock. I find that warm water isn't sufficient to remove the slight film it leaves behind on my skin, but a quick wipe down with a wet washcloth does the trick. Wouldn't repurchase since it breaks me out even after double cleansing. I guess my skin just doesn't agree with safflower oil.

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Moisturizers -Clinique -Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+


I’ve used Clinique on & off over the last 30+ years... Although I loved the feel and smell of the DDML, I never stuck with it because Clinique wasn’t keeping up with the advances in skin care and I thought it foolish to have to layer products to get the moisturization I needed. Over the years I have learned otherwise, there is absolutely nothing out there that I can use on its own.
Decided to give this recent reformulation a try - sprung for the tiny travel size - and I have to admit it’s a lot better than the old version which didn’t do anything for me. Sure, it’s still got mineral oil and petroleum in it, but I’ve found all these years petroleum is an excellent moisturizer. I still like the way it feels and smells (you gotta admit it has a distinct smell but a very faint one), so I got a big bottle and have been using it for about a month now. I still need to layer something over it, but it sinks into my skin and hasn’t meshed poorly with my choices in a second layering product. As I’m currently on the Clinique bandwagon and it will most possibly be another short lived ride, I will continue to use it throughout the summer. I do like how it feels on my skin, especially after a day of being outside in the heat or on skin that has seen a little too much sun. My opinion will probably change once winter gets here, but there’s a cream version of this now...

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Moisturizers -Clinique -Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment

on 6/22/2018 3:47:00 PM

After seeing quite a few rave reviews about it I bought it and was really excited to use it for my acne but unfortunately it didn't do anything for it. The moisturizer is light weight and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving my skin greasy. I found that it gave me the right amount of hydration but if your skin is dry you might need to use something else on top of it. It didn't break me out more than I would have without it but it didn't lessen my acne nor did it make any pimples disappear more quickly. Overall I would consider it okay as a moisturizer but not a great acne treatment for me.

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