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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Mia

on 1/6/2018 10:27:00 AM


Being a gadget person and hearing good things (and not so good things) about the Clarisonic, I decided to get this after I heard about the foundation brush and how good it's suppose to be, I figured I would get one and see if there are skin benefits as well. My skin is oily T-zone (dry everywhere else) in the summer, all around dry in the winter, and year round I get PMS acne (sometimes awful and other times not, depending on the month). I know it will not fix my PMS acne as this is a hormonal issue, but I don't have much to lose since the intention of this was mostly for the foundation brush.

Simple to use
Makes skin glow after the first use
Easy to charge
Easy to clean
Variety of brushes to choose from
Works with any cleanser

Replacing the brush every few months ($27-30, depending on style)
Large compared to your bare hands or washcloth
Might be a hassle if you're frequently traveling

Conclusion: Totally get this (on sale) if you want a cool foundation brush and you crave a little physical exfoliation. The Clarisonic, like all technology and tools, has a learning curve. I think if you're patient, the (subtle) rewards will come. Just don't overdo it when you first get it!


Value: Please don't buy this at full price. Ulta occasionally has this on sale and you can use a 20% prestige coupon for this. I ended up paying less than $80 USD for the Mia 1; compared to $200+ when they first came out, I would say that this is a decent value. You need to replace brush heads every few months which can add up. Knocked off a couple lippies on the Price section for that.

Functionality: This is not the Clarisonic that has all the bells and whistles like multiple speeds and timer, but it's also an entry level device. However, the actual device is very high on quality and seems solidly built. The more simple a device is, functionally, the less prone to defects, which is something I appreciate. I don't seem to be needing two speeds and I can count in my head as far as timing how long to wash (it turns off automatically after 60 seconds anyway). One button turns it on, don't need to bother with speed setting. Detaching brush heads is easy and since there's not much to the device it's easy to clean.

Charging: I like that you don't have to plug anything into the Mia and its inductive charging capabilities, it gives me a peace of mind that this is truly waterproof. Charging is a breeze, plug the included adapter in and attach the other end to the end of the Mia. An hour or two later you're all set.

Brush heads: My Mia 1 came with the Radiance Brush Head, which is super soft. I like that there are a bunch of different brush heads that you can choose from, even a foundation brush which is amazing. Go to Ulta/Sephora to pet them all before deciding on brush head replacement as some people like a softer cleansing brush head while others like a harder cleansing brush head.

01/06/18: Every other night cleansing: I have had this for three weeks, and will continue to update this review as time goes by. My normal routine is using this every other day as part two of double cleansing (oil cleansing first then Clarisonic with CeraVe Hydrating cleanser). It's nice that I can use my existing favorite cleanser with the Clarisonic, which is nice. The way my skin feels after the first time was amazing, my skin was glowing, which leads up to the next hardest part: resisting to want to use it the next morning, and the following evening, etc. Many people fail at using the Clarisonic because they over exfoliate, so as much as I want to keep using it, less seems more with the Clarisonic (at least for the first couple of weeks). After the 2nd use, I did notice a tiny broken capillary: lesson learned, you do not need much pressure, if any, when using the Clarisonic. Haven't seen any broken capillaries since. Following this method seems to be keeping my skin glowy, smoother, without purge (at least after 3 weeks). Dry patches seem to have lessened and smoothed out since using this device.

Clarisonic on acne: Acne is something that I have been battling with for ages. I have noticed less "little" zits since I started to use this, but my PMS acne on the jawline has not (and I don't expect it to) gone away. However, the Clarisonic seems to speed up the existing zits' existence without the need for spot treatment (this is a WIN for me). On average, zits seems to heal about a day to a few days quicker (depending on size). My zits aren't being scrubbed off by the Clarisonic, but I feel that it's perhaps just scrubbing out the grossness underneath is what is promoting skin regeneration (I'm not a dermatologist so I can be full of crap right now). All in all, this is a benefit I did not expect to see when using the Clarisonic.

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Makeup Brushes -Clarisonic -Sonic Foundation Brush Head

on 1/6/2018 10:27:00 AM

Amazing results, super natural
Need way less foundation than with BB
Blends beautifully
Great for contouring

There is a learning curve
Might be too much coverage when using a thick liquid foundation
Sheds a little

Conclusion: Cuts my application in half the time with flawless results, after some learning. I can be out the door in less than 10 minutes (brows + mascara + face), definitely repurchase.

Before using this, I was a die hard beauty sponge (e.g. BeautyBlender (BB)) person. However, since I started using this brush, I have stopped using all my BBs and using this exclusively. It reduces my foundation application time by more than half and the results are amazing. My face really does look airbrushed. However, it does take a little getting used to. Using light pressure is the key (very light), and making medium circles until the foundation has blended in (doesn't take long).

Color correcting and concealer: Just a tiny dot over my blemishes then blending, it blends perfectly. Green concealers used to look, well, green. This brush blends the green while keep it on the blemish, amazing.

Foundation: I normally use Estée Lauder Double Wear (ELDW) and I need about half the amount. With that said, I like to smear the foundation on my face before blending. This foundation brush doesn't allow your foundation to "travel" as far as if you pat with a BB, so I find that foundations with less viscosity may be better to start with; I find that it also helps when spraying 1 spritz MAC Fix+ on the brush prior to blending (I also did this with my BB). As far as foundations tried, I liked mixing ELDW and ELDW Nude together, or ELDW with IT Cosmetics CC cream. EDLW solo on the special occasion days.

Contouring: works great with stick contours and concealers, my contouring looks so natural now.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Luxe Facial Brush Head - Cashmere

on 12/13/2017 3:12:00 PM


I stopped using my Clarisonic for probably almost a year now because all the brushes were way too aggressive and rough for my skin. Very happy I decided to try this one out as it feels super soft but still cleans my skin nicely and pain free.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System

on 11/21/2017 3:53:00 PM


This cleansing brush has really changed my skin for the better, a huge noticeable difference. I bought mine about a year ago and the deal I got at QVC came with a year’s supply of replacement brush heads in an assortment of all different types from sensitive to regular or a classic, and deep cleansing.

I must say that my skin was a wreck when I bought it. Large pores in the T-zone and blackheads in every pore on my nose and very oily in the T-zone and dry as the dessert on my upper cheeks and under eye area. After using this brush regularly for 11-12 months now I have found that my skin is less oily, my pores on my cheeks are slowly but surely clearing up and smaller and I have fewer fine lines, wrinkles and blackheads.

My skin has never looked healthier and I would absolutely die if my Clairisonic quit working on me since I have grown so attached to it and love the fresh, polished feel it gives my skin. Yeah, it’s expensive but it’s an investment worth making. You will love the results!

Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Mia2

on 11/5/2017 1:16:00 AM


recently i buy this device because i'm so into whole skincare regime lately
at first i want to buy the cheaper one from olay, neutrogena, minisoo, and some local brush that available in my country

however, knowing how in the end i will save my money to try this, i end up buy this

honestly, i was very skeptical about the whole cleansing brush stuff

it's been a month, i think i love this device, it does a great job on my skin
i don't use it everyday, only 3x/week
sometimes i will just use it whenever i feel so lazy to clean my whole makeup (but eye area still with oil cleanser)

i use the sensitive brush one, i was wondering if the brush really does different job on each brush?
but i think it's enough for my skin with the sensitive one

got myself the white one, as for packaging i love it
it's cute

charge-able (which i really love)
water resistant

i think it's a good investment for your skin if you really want it, but not so necessary

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