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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Mia Smart 3-in-1 Connected Sonic Beauty Device

on 1/21/2019 8:42:00 PM


TL;DR I like it, but the app & smart features are gimmicky.

I purchased the mint green Mia Smart bundle that includes the facial cleaning device, a Radiance brush head, a Firming Massage head, an Eye Massager, the charging stand and an AC adapter. Oddly enough, when I went to register in the app, I believe the color was listed as sea foam (or something similar). I purchased mine on QVC and the bundle included the two additional brush heads for the same price – I would not have considered the Massage head or Eye Massager otherwise, and I haven’t yet used either of those.

I hadn't used my old Clarisonic in quite some time, so after getting a new brush head and attempting to charge it up, I realized it had died. For the first two weeks of use, the Mia Smart incorporates a feature called Soft Start. From the website: “Soft Start gently transitions your skin to sonic cleansing over the first 2 weeks of use.” It starts at 80% power and increases over two weeks. You do have the ability to override this feature in the app.

I like my car’s apps, our Nest thermostat, etc. but I generally find smart devices to be unnecessary. I have three new in box Clarisonic brush heads – *not* smart heads – and I will be using them when this current one needs to be replaced. The app mostly seems to be Clarisonic’s way of getting you to purchase additional Clarisonic products by recommending new ones (I do have notifications turned off). You take a quiz by responding with your age range, skincare goals, and experience using a Clarisonic brush. You also register your device via the app to activate the Mia Smart’s two year warranty. The app encourages you to take selfies every seven days to monitor skin progress. It has articles and videos, which appear to be from the blog on Clarisonic’s website. The device is also supposed to remind you when it’s time to replace brush heads; the strip on the head changes color from white to red. My favorite feature of the app is the battery life indicator, which tells you what percentage of battery life you have remaining; this is useful since I keep my Clarisonic in my bathroom, but the charger in my dressing room. EDIT: Daily routines do *not* have to be manually logged (I was incorrect); the app automatically syncs with the device. This is one of the actually useful features of the app; I believe your device has to be in close proximity for the Bluetooth to communicate with your phone/tablet, because I keep mine in our master bathroom and find that my phone syncs with it in the evenings when both are on the same floor of the house.

I like the size of the Mia Smart; it’s quite comfortable to hold in the hand. I like the stand up charger much better than the old Mia. I use the Mia Smart no more than once a day as my skin care routine includes hydroxy acids in the evening and while my skin is tolerant, I don’t want to be too harsh to it; I use a gentle cleanser once a day and a foaming cleanser once a day. The Radiance brush head has bristles in the middle portion of the brush and bristles and silicone tips along the outer portion of the brush. There are various programs you can use as a default setting on the Mia Smart; the option I chose is a 60 second cleansing program, but there are other options - 30 seconds and 80 seconds as well.

I have over 40 combination skin. I have some larger pores between my eyebrows and on my cheeks and the occasionally blemish, especially when I’ve neglected my skin due to prolonged travel, work stresses, and hormones. I’ve used it a week thus far and haven't experienced any issues... Will continue to update.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Mia

on 1/9/2019 9:58:00 AM


I have used this product for over a year and while it's not life-changing, it's a very nice gadget to have if you have clog-prone such as I do. I like to wear Japanese sunscreens and long wearing foundations such as Estee Lauder Double Wear, so this brush is a great guarantee of removing every bit of dirt from my pores at the end of the day. I use this once or twice a week and what I usually do is use an oil cleanser first, hop into the shower to rinse it off, massage a lighter cleanser, and then use the Clarisonic on the second setting with the Radiance (pink) brush.

I live in Vietnam, where the weather is humid and tropical. I sweat... a lot. After a day of teaching at public school, if I bothered to tone my face with a cotton pad, it would turn dark gray. There's a lot of dirt and pollution on my skin.

Using this product makes my skin amazingly smooth and glowy. There's just no other way to describe it; the ads claim that it cleanses 5x better than just hands and honestly? I agree with them. I'm a proponent of the double cleansing method but even that can fall short if I don't really take enough time to thoroughly massage off my makeup. For a truly deep clean, this is the best method IMHO. I have worn Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and in the evening, cleansed with a light cleanser & this device - the next day my skin was as fresh as a daisy.

A few professional estheticians have told me that the Deep Pore brush is too harsh, and in my personal opinion I agree. I think the Radiance Cleansing brush head is sufficient for all of my needs. I can't comment on the other brush heads as those two were the ones I received in my set.

So, is it worth it?

First, this isn't cheap. But many retailers usually offer a discount such as ULTA and the Clarisonic website itself. If you are thinking about purchasing the Mia Clarisonic, I highly suggest waiting for Black Friday for a 20% off coupon which will reduce the price by a considerable amount. I bought this for ~$120 and I do think it's worth it.

Secondly, if you are hoping that it will cure your acne... It won't. It took me a really long time for me to understand how my skin worked. I don't think the Clarisonic Mia would work well for those suffering from cystic or hormonal acne. What it provides is a deep clean - nothing more, nothing less. It will help your serums and skincare sink in more deeply because your skin is cleaner (and therefore amplify the results) but this isn't a miracle machine. What's worked for me is glycolic acid... the Mia just helps boost the effects. :)

Finally, consider that the Clarisonic is a patented machine. It is often imitated, but never quite perfectly duplicated.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Luxe Facial Brush Head - Cashmere

on 12/4/2018 8:49:00 PM


It’s been a long while since I’ve used my clarisonic partly because every time I’ve tried to replace my brush head they didn’t have the sensitive one in store. Recently I decided to give the Cashmere brush a try and it is softer and longer and definitely more luxe than the sensitive brush head and I’m not missing it at all. The Cashmere brush is both gentle and still effective on my skin and I really enjoy using my clarisonic again. My skin has been looking better too (no surprise). For reference, I am over 50 and have dry skin with dark spots from sun damage and some redness but funny enough, minimal “barely there” wrinkles on my forehead only. It’s been a solid month of using this at night during my second cleanse (after removing makeup with a cleansing balm) and my skin feels so clean and soft. This has also made the rest of my skin care products apply beautifully and probably accounts for improved skin appearance. I know I might get lazy again and forget to use this nightly but for now I am enjoying the results.

Makeup Brushes -Clarisonic -Sonic Foundation Brush Head

on 9/21/2018 6:45:00 AM

This can work really well, or pretty badly. I’ve tried it with several foundations and come to the conclusion that the thinner the foundation, the better. Using a full coverage foundation can have a slightly cakey result in my experience. Also, having dry skin and using this brush can be a hassle since it tends to grab onto those areas and create a very textured look. I do not necessarily agree that this brush makes makeup application quicker than e.g. BB, however if you put in the time and learn what works and what doesn’t, the result is flawless; no visible pores, a lightweight feel and a natural finish. Great for applying liquid blush, bronzer and more. Also, it is fun to use. However, I still have some questions regarding whether or not this is irritating for the skin. The device is obviously supposed to be used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Though I’m yet to have a bad reaction.

Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Pro Skincare Brush [DISCONTINUED]


Spin brushes hurt really bad for me and combined with my raw african blacksoap. This left me with bumps and a raw skin.

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