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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Pro Skincare Brush [DISCONTINUED]


Spin brushes hurt really bad for me and combined with my raw african blacksoap. This left me with bumps and a raw skin.

Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Mia2

on 8/31/2018 5:56:00 AM


**TL;DR - an excellent deep cleanser that exfoliates gently and fully, provided you use a brush head that’s compatible with your skin type. I would never gum it up by not removing make up and sunscreen before using it. For me, it’s a deep treatment that I use 2-3 times per week max and my skin looks and feels amazing, flakes completely gone, dullness gone, skin smooth and boy do products go on easier. I’m even using less product. Even if you have dry skin that has a compromised barrier, I still recommend looking into this. Research the brush heads and buy from a place where you can return it if you don’t like it, because it’s expensive.**

SKIN ISSUES: I’m 39, I have mature, dry skin. No acne or other issues. I use acids, antioxidants and Tretinoin in my routine for anti aging, which makes my skin prone to dehydration, and flakes. I got tired of the flakes. Flakes under my sun screen, under my tinted moisturizer and foundation. I wanted to try something different regarding manual exfoliation. So I bought a Mia 2 with radiance head.

USAGE: I was worried about damaging my delicate barrier and further drying out my skin, so I have only used this twice per week since I got it. I typically cleanse with coconut oil, but on the days I use the Mia I remove makeup/sunscreen with oil first, then cleanse with Simple gel cleanser and plenty of water to lubricate. I don’t apply pressure, just sort of run it across my face and neck. I follow the timer.

PERFORMANCE: Even with the radiance head, this is a deep cleanser for the skin. It’s too much for me to use daily, (perhaps too much for anyone to use daily, apart from those that wear heavy, heavy products and/or have an oily skin), but it is SO worth using two-three times per week. The first time after I used it, I felt like my skin might never have actually been clean before. My skin felt so smooth, soft, so clean. It was really hard not to use again that night. I’m using less product, I’m noticing a glow and polish to my skin that wasn’t there before, despite my powerful actives. Scrubs aren’t even on the same level, even polishing ones with millions of tiny beads. Those work to a degree, but not like the Clarisonic. Now that I have one I can’t imagine letting it go. The sonic vibrations must be the key, they loosen deeper dirt, skin cells and sebum and brush just polishes them away. I’ve had expensive spa facials that I’ve never been able to duplicate at home, even with the expensive products. But now, the Clarisonic has my skin feeling just like it does post-facial. It’s not a replacement for chemical exfoliants; those dissolve the ‘glue’ that hold skin cells together, which result in flakes. Physical exfoliation removes the flakes. I still use my Retin a and P50, I just don’t use them right after using the Mia2.

CONS: The price could be considered a con, but worth it to me. Using a brush head that’s too rough for your skin can be disastrous, or so I’ve read. Potential bacteria build up, (clean properly and soak heads in alcohol).

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Cleansers -Clarisonic -Refreshing gel cleanser

on 7/12/2018 5:07:00 AM


I read a lot of people were upset that they changed the ounces to 4 from 6 for the same price but they should really change it to 0. It smells really awful. I prefer not to wash my face with cologne. It did a poor job at taking my eyeliner off. I had to go over and over. It's extremely drying. I felt like my skin was stripped and I have oily skin.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Mia Fit


Pros: good for travel cleans very well reduces acne I guess helps exfoliate the skin and helps skincare absorb Cons: I have to charge it frequently

Misc Beauty Tools -Clarisonic -Revitalizing Cleanse Brush Head

on 7/6/2018 8:18:00 AM

I have been using a Clarisonic brush for many years, most recently with the radiance brush head. When it was time to change brush heads recently, I found revitalizing brush head in my stash. I must have picked it up at a Ulta two for one sale several years ago. I have used it for four days and it is way to harsh. My face feels scratched after using it. I do use a lot of strong skin care (alternating prescription Retin A and Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial) but I never had an issue when I used the radiance brush head, so it’s back to that one.

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