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Polishes -Ciate -Part Time Mermaid

on 6/1/2018 6:40:00 AM


Part Time Mermaid is a mint polish with a subtle pink iridescent shift. I have a miniature bottle from the Crate Advent Calendar 2017.
Everyone who commented on this polish said it looks 'mermaid-y', so Ciate has certainly captured the right essence. It reminds me of YSL Peace Green.

It applied slightly shear on first coat, so I applied 3 thin coats (2 thicker ones might have worked just as well). The polish is fast drying and it wears well.

The reason I marked it down is because this polish doesn't look flattering on my skin tone (red undertone) and gives me lobster hands. I had many compliments wearing it, yet I didn't like it on myself. The only time when I liked it was when viewed under a certain angle when the colour/shift had more of a misty quality to it (sorry, difficult to explain).

Anyway, this was how I felt about this polish, yet I believe most people out there will adore this polish. It is rather unusual.

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Polishes -Ciate -Lucky 7

on 5/28/2018 3:01:00 PM


Lucky 7 is a bright coral-y pink. I have a miniature bottle from the Crate Advent Calendar 2017.

I like the bright colour of this polish, but the formula is a bit of a letdown. I applied 3 coats and on a close examination you could still see subtle streaks. It is not self levelling. I had no problem with drying or wear time.

I am sure that some of my miniature bottles from the calendar have rounded off brushes, which I like, but this one definitely doesn't. I might have liked the colour, but the formula would stop me re-purchasing this polish in the future. There are many better alternatives out there.

Bronzers -Ciate -Bronzers (all)

I am reviewing the CIATE LONDON Bamboo Bronzer, specifically the color South Beach.
I am 62 years old, have tried many, many, too many bronzers.....but this one is totally AWESOME!!!!
Goes on like a dream, doesn't feel or look at all cakey!!!! No noticeable shimmer! Just totally my face but BETTER! Smoother! And wonderful even radiant looking skin! Love this! And TOTAL BONUS! CRUELTY FREE people!!!!! Let's try to ban together in having FABULOUS product, but NOT at the expense of cruelty to our beloved animals👍🏻❤️

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Eyeliner -Ciate -Fierce Flicks

on 4/15/2018 9:42:00 AM


I received this product in an Ipsy subscription bag a few months ago.

PROS: the formulation is pretty standard. The consistency is good and not too thick or watery and also is pretty opaque black. The snap cap keeps the product sealed very well (but needs an actual two-handed tug for me to open).

CONS: I HATE the applicator! It is a felt tip that is pointed at the end but tapers into a thick end a little too quickly for my liking. It is hard for me to get a precise line, especially as the application gets closer to the inner corner of the eye. Honestly, the shape of the applicator has been enough of a turn off I have only used this twice because everytime I go to use this again, I end up fixing and completing the look with the Kat Von D.

BOTTOM LINE: I am not so regretfully passing this on. See yo never!

Polishes -Ciate -What The Shell?!

on 3/30/2018 9:02:00 AM


What The Shell? is what I call a blurple [indigo] blue/purple shade, with a creme finish. Most of the time I think it is more of a blue-with-a-purple undertone, but then in certain other lighting this shade looks like it leans more towards being purple-with-a-strong-hint-of-blue. So yeah, blurple. It is a colour that I happily wear all year round. I'd first thought that either China Glaze's Queen B or Essie's No More Film would be a dupe for this polish, but What The Shell? is different enough to justify owning.

I wanted to review this shade because the pigmentation is awesome, and the formula is really smooth and bubble/streak free to apply. This shade is very nearly a one coater; there are sometimes one or two thin spots with one coat on me, but I'm sure that someone that is better at pointing their nails can get away with just the one coat. The formula is smooth to apply and fast to dry. This polish can last me for up to four days with very minor chipping. Since I use a self-powered wheelchair and am forever banging and/or catching my hands and nails, I find this to be a very impressive wear-time for me. I must also comment on the design of the bottle and lid. The shape is very easy to grip, meaning there's less smudging and spills.

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