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Polishes -Ciaté London -GELOLOGY Paint Pots - Reign Supreme

on 11/18/2018 3:47:00 AM


Reign Supreme is a darl purple, cream polish. It doesn't quite look black (looks warmer), but it very dark - you would have hard time distinguishing the colour from >40cm. Personally, I like dark polishes on me, but if I get a colour (not black), I want to be able to tell what colour it is. I only own a miniature bottle, so I see myself using this polish again and finishing the bottle, but I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase this polish. For me, it's just not special enough.

The formula is good, but not brilliant. I applied 2 coats, which I though gave me perfect opacity. The following day (in good lighting) I could see a couple of thinner patches. Next time I use it, I will either be a little more careful with my application (slightly thicker 2nd coat?) or apply 3 thin coats. It dried fast to a shiny finish and I had no problem with its longevity. I found the consistency to be good and I really liked the medium size, rounded brush, which made it easy to work with.

Polishes -Ciaté London -Ginger Snap

on 10/21/2018 5:49:00 AM


Ginger Snap is one of the four glitter toppers which were a part of Candy Cane House Christmas gift box. I received this box as a present some years ago, but Ginger Snap was the only topper I haven't tried - until now. It's a clear polish loaded with copper and green glitter. The whole collection is scented and unsurprisingly Ginger Snap smells of gingerbread.

I guess you could use this glitter by itself, but I prefer it as a topper (in my picture I sponged it on to make gradient glitter nail). This polish was very thick, but I think this is because I have had my bottle for a long time (something that could be sorted with a couple of drops of thinner).

I like to use glitter occasionally, but can't see myself finishing this bottle (ever! even though it's a miniature), hence why I wouldn't repurchase it.

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Polishes -Ciaté London -Raincoat

on 7/21/2018 9:52:00 AM


Raincoat is a nude polish with a yellow undertone. I am not a big fan of nude polishes, and I am aware that they would look different on everyone depending on your skin tone. The yellow undertone of this polish looks all wrong on me - it is lighter than my skin tone. Also, I applied 3 coats and I still didn't have full coverage. This is what I would describe as a crelly polish. The only reason I gave it 2 lippies is because it passes as OK with a glitter topper.

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Polishes -Ciaté London -Part Time Mermaid

on 6/1/2018 6:40:00 AM


Part Time Mermaid is a mint polish with a subtle pink iridescent shift. I have a miniature bottle from the Crate Advent Calendar 2017.
Everyone who commented on this polish said it looks 'mermaid-y', so Ciate has certainly captured the right essence. It reminds me of YSL Peace Green.

It applied slightly shear on first coat, so I applied 3 thin coats (2 thicker ones might have worked just as well). The polish is fast drying and it wears well.

The reason I marked it down is because this polish doesn't look flattering on my skin tone (red undertone) and gives me lobster hands. I had many compliments wearing it, yet I didn't like it on myself. The only time when I liked it was when viewed under a certain angle when the colour/shift had more of a misty quality to it (sorry, difficult to explain).

Anyway, this was how I felt about this polish, yet I believe most people out there will adore this polish. It is rather unusual.

Polishes -Ciaté London -Lucky 7

on 5/28/2018 3:01:00 PM


Lucky 7 is a bright coral-y pink. I have a miniature bottle from the Crate Advent Calendar 2017.

I like the bright colour of this polish, but the formula is a bit of a letdown. I applied 3 coats and on a close examination you could still see subtle streaks. It is not self levelling. I had no problem with drying or wear time.

I am sure that some of my miniature bottles from the calendar have rounded off brushes, which I like, but this one definitely doesn't. I might have liked the colour, but the formula would stop me re-purchasing this polish in the future. There are many better alternatives out there.

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