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Fragrances -Chopard -Casmir

on 10/14/2018 12:14:00 PM


I'm surprised i haven't yet purchased this beauty! I remember it distinctly in the 90's but back then i was all about wearing LB Veneza and C'est La Vie...along with other strong scents from the 90's. I think instead of this scent, i wore Vanilla Fields which smelled very similar i felt and quite inexpensive relatively.

Fast forward to 2018 and was in WM and decided to spray on Vanilla Fields for a memory trigger. To my horror it was terribly reformulated with screetching notes and not the lovely vanilla amber scent i recalled.

Decided to purchase Casmir from and glad i did! There was the scent vanilla fields was but longer lasting. Gorgeous vanilla reminescent of Shalimar type vanilla. I thought it would be longer lasting and the sillage was stronger in the 90's than it is today.....wonder if it was reformulated, but still smells great! unlike VF which is so different.

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Fragrances -Chopard -Wish

on 8/31/2014 8:18:00 AM


I am a big gourmand lover and I bought this blind, quite certain it would hit the spot. Unfortunately it was a disappointment, just straight up vanilla and not complex at all. Boring. Generic gourmand if there could be such a thing. Nothing at all like the masterpiece it is sometimes compared to. One could wear this to work and not offend, but why bother? Smells like a 13 year old girl's first perfume. Not bad, but no where near enough.

Fragrances -Chopard -Madness

on 3/5/2014 10:36:00 AM


I love this rose based scent. The note that hits me first though is the pepper. Who would have thought that rose and pepper would be such an inspired combination. I'm always wary of rose based scents as they can be a sickly or old fashioned. This is fab. It lasts for hours and hours. The sillage is about average. It is so spicy yet still sweetish. I think it makes for a unique scent as its not that easy to put it in a particular category of scent. It could be an oriental but then there is the touch of gourmand. Anyways, I love the combination of notes and I think it will become my signature scent. Its definitely not for any shy flowers. This is for an independent and confident woman who knows what she wants.

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Fragrances -Chopard -Infiniment

on 9/8/2011 4:44:00 AM

First - let me tell you I don't know much about perfumes eg their top notes etc but when I read other reviews about this perfume having sandalwood, bergamot and pepper these are some *notes* I like - also there's a perfume by Givenchy (forget name but has pastel letters and is *peppery*) which I love and has been d/c so that's a reason I like this.

Anyway - bought in a shop in Ibiza when on vacation about 3 or 4 years ago, loved it from the get go. Since then, men and women but especially women, seem to love it. Maybe it's just the way it smells on me. anyway I find it smells very sophisticated and feminine but unique too. Not many people know about it, it's not a well known brand so that makes it a bit more special to me. However, the cap on the bottle is *awful* breaks easily and makes the perfume prone to leaks. Maybe i had a faulty bottle but having said that would buy again and in my top 3 all time favourite perfumes.

Fragrances -Chopard -Happy Spirit

on 12/10/2010 1:56:00 PM

In my opinion, this is a very underrated perfume. Perhaps that's because not many people know about it. Anyway, it's one of my favorite "everyday" perfumes. I wouldn't wear it out, but I would wear it ona casual date. It's just a very "pretty" fragrance. Starts off too floral in my opinion, but mellows out quickly. It remains slightly floral and there is just something in it that smells classy. I wish I could describe it better. It smells sophisticated and feminine and just lovely. I will be wearing this a lot to class and just out and about. It makes me feel pretty. I don't often buy backups of perfume, but I am buying at least one, maybe 2 backups of this stuff. I think it may be my signature everyday perfume.

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