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Fragrances -Chloe -Chloe (EDP)


Lovely classy scent.

Fragrances -Chloe -Roses de Chloe

on 7/19/2018 7:10:00 AM


I'm a rose lover, and enjoy talking a stroll every year in our local heritage rose garden at the height of the season each year. Real roses on a bush can vary depending on the type. Some have rich honeyed tones, some are creamy, others have hints of citrus. And then there is the damask rose, the simple traditional pink pot pourri rose. This is Roses de Chloe. Feminine pink rose, fresh and light with the lightest whisper of musk. But it feels a little old to me. Like an old fashioned rose soap found in your great grandmothers drawer. Or pot pot pourri. Or like burying your nose in a bouquet of roses picked a few days ago. Its real roses, but not quite fresh off the bush. Still, a lovely feminine fragrance. One lippie off for the poor lasting power. Its almost like a body spray, lasting around one hour on me in a mild winter.

Top Notes - Bergamot
Heart Notes - Damask rose, Magnolia
Base Notes - White musk, Amber

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Fragrances -Chloe -Chloe EDT

THIS is my signature scent. I could not possibly love it more. I finally discovered this recently after buying at least 50 other perfumes that I like but don't necessarily love. Up until now, my favorite was Dior VINTAGE poison (bottle that says Espirit). Now I finally have found something I like just as much. Although they have NOTHING in common whatsoever they do both project nicely and have a strong unique smell.

I think what I love the most is the consistent rose in the background. I don't normally go for rose perfumes. Jo Malone Rose was so awful to me. This is different bc it seems more muted. While the muted rose is going on, the notes are playing nicely thru the initial spray to drydown, which lasts 8 hours. I just cannot sing its praises enough.

Does anyone know how this compares to the Chloe in the circle bottle ? (the older Chloe)?

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Fragrances -Chloe -Nomade

on 4/23/2018 7:03:00 PM

This is a strong, sensual, musky, old fashioned floral fragrance. Very strong and very elegant, I think it can be worn during the day and night but I wouldn't wear it to the office as it's simply too strong. It's also not sickly sweet which is a bonus.

Top Notes - Freesia
Heart Notes -Mirabelle plum liquor
Base notes - Oakmoss

Beautiful but too pricey.

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Fragrances -Chloe -Love, Chloé


Love,Chloe is Lovely...
Orange Blossom
Pink Pepper
Powdery Musk
Love,Chloe is a Powdery Floral Dainty Old Fashioned Perfume...Smells like Violets,Lilacs &Powder to me...Love,Chloe is so Pretty...Ladies that like Powdery Perfumes with Flowers May love Love,Chloe...

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