ChapStick lip balm is manufactured by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. It was invented in the early 1880's by a physician named Charles Browne Fleet. The rights to this product were purchased and sold throughout the years, and was acquired when the company that owned it was purchased by Pfizer in 2009. The balms come in many varieties and flavors, and are available in retail and drugstores worldwide.

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Lip Treatments -Chapstick -Cherry

on 7/15/2018 1:33:00 AM


It’s classic for a reason! This is just the perfect everyday lip balm for me, and I’ve tried them all, from high end to Walgreens brand. Cherry Chap Stick has a pleasant smell, smooth texture, stays on a long time, and tints the lips slightly pink (if your natural lip tone is very dark, you probably won’t see any color). It is waxy rather than glossy, which I prefer. I’ve gone through several sticks of this and I’m kicking myself for having flirted with more expensive lip balms in the past.

Caveat: not for severely chapped lips. I would go with A & D ointment or Blistex lip ointment if that’s your issue. But for everyday lip care, Cherry Chap Stick is a pleasure to use!

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Lip Treatments -Chapstick -3 in 1 Total Hydration

on 6/30/2018 5:39:00 PM


I have Soothing Oasis. It's unscented and leaves no tint. I like the texture and it softens my lips as well as soothes it after I remove sunblock from my lips. It also doesn't cause any irritation when I apply it normally.

Lip Treatments -Chapstick -Total Hydration Moisture & Tint: Merlot

on 4/28/2018 9:17:00 PM


Shade: Cool purplish red brown

Opacity: Sheer side of medium

Moisture: Moisturizing but not hydrating

Scent: Strong cherry and wax

Texture: This is what does this product in for me--feels light and slippery on top of the lips and is slightly gritty.

Lasts: Less than hour.

It's a decent moisturizing tinted lip balm type product but isn't super flattering on me (NC20, though I usually prefer cooler plum type shades) and doesn't last. It feels nothing like regular Chapstick on the lips. It's much thinner and never sinks in. It transfers and slips off easily.

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Lip Treatments -Chapstick -Strawberry

on 1/25/2018 5:44:00 PM


Used to love Chapstick brand lip balms. It was my favorite for many years and I've never had a problem with it. One harsh winter and my lips seemed to have gotten used to it and stopped working for me. The strawberry scent was my favorite since cherry smelled too medicine like.

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Lip Treatments -Chapstick -Cake Batter

on 1/23/2018 3:08:00 PM


i loved this chapstick. im a huge chapstick lover and the first time i saw this i knew i needed it. the packaging is very cute, and its not bulky so its perfect for having it around you. as most of the chapstick flavours i tried it's waxy, and my only problem with this is that as i said before it's quite waxy and to get some decent moisture or feel the balm on your lips you have to apply a lot. it smells truly like vanilla cake batter, which is so relaxing and soothing to me and it's not strong or overpowering. it goes on sheer in your skin. after 1 hour so so when you smell your lips the scent isnt there at all anymore. when you lick your lips you just get a sweet taste off them, but not the vanilla thing.apart from th consistency issue i would totally recomend buying

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