Chanel S.A. is a French, privately held company owned by Alain and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturière Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. Chanel S.A. is a high fashion house that specializes in haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods and fashion accessories. Cosmetics are the most accessible Chanel product, with counters in upmarket department stores across the world, including Harrods, Galeries Lafayette, Bergdorf Goodman, Hudson's Bay, and David Jones, Wojooh, as well as its own beauty boutiques (

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Recent Chanel Reviews

Lipstick -Chanel -Rouge Coco Shine - Boy

on 2/21/2018 6:00:00 PM


A tale of woe. I heard so much about this “golden pinky nude with champagne sparkle” and I really wanted It to work in a bad way. Sadly the experience for me it was “all sizzle, no steak”. No colour payoff whatsoever when I looked in the mirror and I applied it rather thick. However, the trip was not a waste as I discovered and purchased Bonheur.

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Bronzers -Chanel -Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

on 2/21/2018 9:07:00 AM


This is by far my favourite Chanel beauty product. I decided to invest in a cream contour/ bronzing product.
This tub has lasted me so long and always applys so smoothly. It is easy and natural to blend into a variety of foundations.

I found that it works best with the prolongwear foundation. I would really highly recommend & look forward to purchasing again in the future.

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Fragrances -Chanel -Coco

on 2/21/2018 6:33:00 AM


Old Chanel rocks! Always. Far more than most recent creations like Gabrielle trying to talk to everyone and nobody simultaneously.

Fragrances -Chanel -Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Intense

on 2/20/2018 5:46:00 PM


This is a beautiful perfume that is quite different from my usual taste. I wore the original Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Partum Spray years ago but never replaced my bottle after moving. I decided that this new inclination was the perfect opportunity to bring it back to my collection. says, "A new facet of the COCO MADEMOISELLE personality, amplified by an extreme dose of Patchouli and an Amber accord that combines Tonka Bean and Vanilla from Madagascar.A powerful, deep, irresistible composition." I love All of these notes, especially Tonka Bean and Vanilla. So I decided to blind buy it as it's (at this time anyways) a exclusive that I wouldn't be able to test in store.

It arrived in a beautiful box with beautiful packaging from Chanel. Testing it reminded me of why I used to love the Original so much. But to my untrained nose, I couldn't smell much of a difference. Several others have tried it and said that they can definitely tell the Intense from the Original. But it's fine by me that it does as I don't currently own the Original. This perfume is a sillage monster and wears like iron. I can often still smell the 2 sprays I used the day before when I wake up in the morning. One of the few new perfume releases I can say that about it seems.

Do I think it's worth the price? Absolutely! It's a very well crafted Oriental that is in a beautiful classic Chanel bottle. Will I repurchase? Likely. But with it's amazing longevity, I shouldn't need to anytime soon.

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Samples -Chanel -Precision Ultra Correction Serum

on 2/17/2018 12:12:00 PM

i have used chanels skincare before i found it to be gorgeous it made my skin feel soft like silk and it just glowed i really loved it on my skin i found to be very expensive but i think it was definitely worth every penny there skincare range is absolutely beautiful right down to the packaging i would recomend chanel products to all woman,they smell lovely and feel beautiful when applying them on to your skin it made my skin glow

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