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Shampoo -Chagrin Valley -Shampoo Bar

This product stripped my hair, dried my scalp and ruined a salon shine treatment after one use. If you like squeaky clean hair, itchy scalp and a haystack on your head, this is for you. If not, plan on conditioning, Olaplex treatments and prayer to relieve you of the havoc this product creates. Or simply skip the step of ordering and pour a floor cleaner on your head to shampoo. The effect will be the same.

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Gels/Soaps -Chagrin Valley -All Products

on 3/21/2018 3:35:00 PM


I don't know guys.

I was super excited to use real soap after I got a water softener for my shower. (real soap + hard water = disgusting nightmare)

I used the ayurvedic herb and coconut milk shampoo bars. Went through somewhat of a transition phase despite the softener. Probably because of residual conditioning ingredients left in my hair from previous shampoos and conditioners.

At first (post-transition) my hair was so thick looking and much wavier than before, which I loved. I am accustomed to washing my hair every day. Many people think this is a bad idea, but my scalp becomes itchy and flaky if I don't. Washing with a shampoo bar every day dried the living hell out of the length of my hair and made my scalp red and quite irritated.

The unfortunate part about dryness and shampoo bars is that you have to be very careful about which conditioning agents you use, since soap can't remove many of them the way detergents can. I tried argan oil on my ends and went to shampooing every other day. This seemed like my solution. My hair was shinier and my scalp wasn't so irritated.

Keeping this routine for maybe a week and a half, I started noticing that anywhere the soap touched burned and itched. It felt almost like the beginnings of a chemical burn any time I shampooed my hair or used the soap on the rest of my body.

I was stubborn at first and read all of Ida's blog posts. She seems like a knowledgeable person who is invested in her work and her customers. She believes in what she makes and runs a great company.

But you know what? There is a reason pH balanced skincare is a thing. Yes, soap alters the pH of your skin only temporarily and the acid mantle of healthy skin replenishes itself shortly after getting out of the shower. That doesn't change the simple fact that disrupting that pH of your skin consistently and drastically with real soap can be quite irritating. This is the reason soap burns on private areas. It's not good for the health of your skin. This is an objective fact. I know. I was very stubborn about admitting this to myself too.

Ida's main reason for believing natural soap is worth the pH risk is that it's free of synthetic detergents. The thing is, there are SO MANY different kinds of detergents. Some are irritating. Some aren't.

Natural soap isn't inherently gentler than detergents just because it's not as good at removing oil. Imagine lathering one arm with a liquid body wash and the other arm with a natural soap bar. In your honest experience, which one would start burning or itching first?

I love reading Ida's stuff and I love that she uses outstandingly great ingredients, but what turned me away from using her soap was the experience of using them. I didn't want to admit it, but they were incredibly irritating. This is not because of her recipes. It's because that's the nature of genuine natural soap.

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Treatments (Face) -Chagrin Valley -Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Mousse

on 2/19/2018 7:45:00 AM


This a great moisturizer for eyes with simple, clean, very moisturizing ingredients.
I found it wasn't for me as I don't have dry skin, and was too rich.
It is a great product for those with drier skin, please do try it.

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Shampoo -Chagrin Valley -Ayurvedic Herb Shampoo Bar

on 1/14/2018 10:12:00 AM

The smell of this shampoo bar is very similar to other shampoo bars that I have bought from CV, the strongest smelling one I have encountered thus far is the Neem & Tea Tree one. The Aurveduc Herb shampoo bar lathers up very well and it also provides a tingling action to my scalp, probably due to all if the different herbs in it. Now, I so have naturally curly, fine texture, very dry hair. Also, I do suffer with seborrheic dermatitis on my face and severe scalp eczema. The bar doesn't irritate my skin, it providrs a level of temporary relief to my scalp, but for long-lasting relief I would definitely have to use it over a very long period of time.

I do find this shampoo bar to be more drying to my hair then the Neem & Tea Tree bar, after finding it out of my hair. However, the dryness is quickly remedied through use of the moisturizing styling cream that I use to style my hair with. Overall, my hair is left shiny, frizz free, and my hair's natural dark color looks richer in tone as well. I have not noticed an increase in body with any of the CV shampoo bars that I have tried thus far, however, if it ends up happening then that would be really cool, if not, then I will be totally okay with such.

I must say that I don't use an ACV rinse on my hair after using shampoo bars, and with the CV bars, I don't use any conditioner afterwards either. I don't feel the need yo use any of these things in my hair at all. So, I just go by, what I find works best for me. Oh, and yes, I do live where the water is considered to be moderate-hard, however, I have not experienced any major issues with using shampoo bars in my hair at all.

I happen to really like this shsmpoo bar, and I definitely will continue to buy it from CV for sure!

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Gels/Soaps -Chagrin Valley -Neem & Tea Tree

on 1/9/2018 6:27:00 PM


I bought this bar to help with my severe scalp eczema. It was advised for me to try by a wonderful member of the CV staff. Now, this bar has a very noticeable smell to it, stronger than any other CV bar that I have bought thus far. It smells of bengay+menthol. It is bearable to me, so I definitely will keep using it. It foams up very well, it provides a very cooling, and tingling sensation to my scalp, while really soothing it at the same time, which I really like. After thoroughly rinsing it out, the tingling sensation eventually fades, I see some redness to my scalp (nothing severe), and I don't notice any flaking, however, my hair is left somewhat dry, but that is remedied by the moisturizing styling cream that I currently use. Now, my hair is left feeling shiny and darker in tone, and my scalp is left feeling good for about 36 hours or so, however, afterwards, unfortunately, the itchiness comes back in full force. And, I find myself scratching my scalp all over again, and my scalp becomes sore. I realize that I am going to have to use this bar on a frequent basis in order to get the best results from it. Because only using it once a week is not going to suffice at this time. Nonetheless, I definitely do plan to continue purchasing this shampoo bar for sure.

I do have other shampoo bars that I have ordered coming my way that I do plan on trying, so I definitely look forward to seeing how they work for me as well.

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