Cetaphil is a line of skin care products from Galderma Laboratories, which is headquarted in Fort Worth, TX. The first Cetaphil product was created by a pharmacist in 1947 and the cleansing formula is still used today. By the 1980's the products for people with sensitive, dry and/or acne-prone skin were becoming widely popular as an alternative to harsh soap. Its line of cleansers and lotions are now available in drugstores and grocery stores worldwide.

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Moisturizers -Cetaphil -Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF15


Gave me a burning sensation and has an awful smell . Wouldn’t buy again :(?

Skincare - Face -Cetaphil -Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer

The first time I bought this product I was experiencing a lot of winter dryness on my face mostly around my nose, eyes, and forehead. The moisturizer I was currently using was more for oily skin types so it gave me a lighter moisturization. So I started looking online for something that was very moisturizing but wouldn't cause my skin to breakout or get irritated, and after some searching online I found this one. I noticed it had a lot of great ingredients [Niacinamide, licorice extract (listed as 'dipotassium glycyrrhizate), shea butter, ceramides] and it's fragrance free.

During the winter months I tend to get dry patches around my nose, eyes, and forehead. So since my skin leans slightly toward the oily side I usually don't apply this all over my face, but what I'll do is I will first apply my light moisturizer all over my face then I'll take the Cetaphil moisturizer and use it as a "spot treatment" on my dry areas. I really like the pump-style dispenser which helps keep the ingredients in stable condition, and small amount of this moisturizer goes a long way. When I applied it to my skin it felt very moisturizing but not too heavy or greasy. I was so relieved that this moisturizer didn't irritate my skin or cause me to breakout! I have since finished my first bottle of this product and have purchased another, I would definitely buy it again!

Pros: Not too heavy, Very moisturizing, Fragrance free, Good packaging, Good ingredients [Niacinamide, licorice extract (listed as 'dipotassium glycyrrhizate), shea butter, ceramides]

Cons: None that I noticed.

Please understand that my experience with this product may be different from yours.

Cleansers -Cetaphil -Gentle Skin Cleanser


I would never use this product if I wore makeup that day. It does not remove makeup, but since the product is incredibly gentle, I use it after washing my face with my other cleanser, around my eyes, to make sure there is no mascara residue left. But even then, it doesn't do a great job. So, no... It's not great for my oily and somewhat problematic skin. It doesn't break me out, though.

However, I would only advise using this in the morning, when you don't have a lot of dirt on your face to clean. Don't ever only use this before sleeping if you wore the slightest bit of face makeup (concealer, blush, powder, foundation) during the day, because I doubt this product will remove it for you. Also, I don't enjoy the creamy texture of the cleanser, since it feels as if I am rubbing foamless shampoo on my face, with barely any results. For people who have oily skin, we usually need foam cleansers to get rid of all the built-up dirt.

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Lotions/ Creams -Cetaphil -Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion For Dry Sensitive Skin

on 12/28/2017 9:54:00 PM


Mine doesn't look like the picture but a pump bottle with a green lid that reads Daily Hydrating Lotion for dry, extra dry skin. It was about 15 bucks full price.
I absolutely love it. I've been having done crazy breakouts the past few months that's must be hormonal and my spot treatment was making my skin fall off. So I finally shelled out a few extra bucks and bought something i had heard great reviews of. Its made my face so much smoother, no peeling. Still breaking out but I don't think this is to blame because its only on my chin and I use this all over my face. I'm excited to try the night cream next.

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Sunscreen -Cetaphil -Redness Relieving Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum spf20

on 12/20/2017 1:41:00 PM

It got itchy after the 1st use. Stupidly, used again, and was bright red and itchy for 3 days.

Yes, it has a nice sheer tint that isn't too pink and blends in well. It does leave a bit of shine....and when I tried using a clear silicone primer over it to cut the shine, it balled up and turned chalky. I am 46 and it is winter here, so if it made me too shiny, I can't imagine this will suit anyone except those with the very driest skin. All that for what, spf 20?

This stuff just really sucks. Dermatologist tested, maybe, by the worst one they could find.

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