CeraVe is a skin care brand developed by dermatologists in 2005 in the U.S. It specializes in advanced skincare products, specifically cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, healing ointments and a dedicated baby line.* In 2017, L'Oreal purchased the company from Valeant Pharmaceuticals. *From L'Oreal-Finance.com

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Lip Treatments -CeraVe -Healing Lip Balm Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30

on 11/20/2018 3:39:00 AM


This is a stellar lip balm with a great formula that is rather rare, at least in the Western market. How many drugstore lip balms have ceramides? This has 5 ceramides (1, 3, 6-II, NS, EOS), cholesterol, glycerin, Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), and hyaluronic acid.

I would've given this 5 lippies if not for the taste. The reviews are true - it will leave a horribly bitter aftertaste in your mouth, especially at the very back of your tongue. However, I will continue to use it, because this is one of the few lip balms I've tried that goes on matte, so it's great for guys. It's also heavy on the dimethicone, which is listed as an active ingredient at 1%, and that's great for forming a seal over your lips to halt transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

If I were to pick between this and the Paula's Choice Lipscreen SPF 50, I'd go with this, because the PC SPF lip balm goes on glossy, which I don't like. Interestingly enough, both SPF lip balms have the same active ingredients, just at different percentages (PC: 3% Avobenzone, 5% Homosalate, 5% Octisalate, 2.5% Octocrylene // Cerave: 3% Avobenzone, 10% Homosalate, 5% Octisalate, 10% Octocrylene).

I find it curious that the PC lip balm has a higher SPF rating than the Cerave, despite the Cerave having 5% more Homosalate and 7.5% more Octocrylene. Either PC's rating is inflated, or Cerave's rating has been played down.

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Lotions/ Creams -CeraVe -Moisturizing Cream

on 11/17/2018 9:32:00 PM


I think that for the right skintype, this could be the perfect bland moisturizer to pair actives with. The ingredient list is great for the price, a tub will last you forever. For that reason alone it gets 2 lippies instead of 1.

For my skintype (acne/rosacea prone, oily, sensitive), this was a miss. I really don't understand how ANY of you are wearing this under foundation. I tried several different formulas over it. All of them balled up and became streaky, then would never fully dry down. So the obvious solution was apply it at night.

That also was a fail. I started noticing little tiny pimples and my skin became dehydrated. The jury's still out on if this is what upset my eyes recently. I suspect so.

I still think it's worth a try in case it works for any of you. But opt for the smallest size (got mine on Amazon for $4) first. I guess I'll use the rest of it as handcream. I won't repurchase.

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Cleansers -CeraVe -Hydrating Cleanser

on 11/9/2018 9:48:00 AM


This is another product I keep coming back to. I have rosacea. It is controlled now. I avoid any facial product with drying alcohols in it. Be aware there are moisturizing alcohols, google it.

This product cleanses my face and does not leave my skin feeling stripped. You don’t need a lot of product to get the job done. It gets my makeup off, if I do not use Waterproof eye makeup or foundation. If I use waterproof makeup and/or foundation, I have to use a makeup remover first.

I hate the packaging. I feel I can not get all the cleanser out. The pump failed on one bottle. I wish they would make this in a tube. But I keep coming back to it because of the results.

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Cleansers -CeraVe -Foaming Facial Cleanser

on 11/8/2018 4:50:00 AM


I have combination dry/oilyskin. I had been using Olay Sensitive Foaming for years and thought I'd try the Cerave out since it was rated highly as well. I've also been using Johnson's Head to Toe Baby (an all over cleanser for, well...babies) every other night or so to wash my face. I notice that my skin is drier when I use the Cerave vs. the Johnson's.

It's not a bad cleanser (I love that it's unscented), but I think it might be too strong for my skin type. I probably would not purchase this again.

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Skincare - Face -CeraVe -Hydrating Micellar Water

on 11/2/2018 11:24:00 PM


Was given this by a friend and I'm kind of glad I didn't spend anything on it. It's not a "bad" product per se, but it's not for me. I use micellar water in the am, as a gentle way to wipe off traces of night cream and dead skin. While this isn't harsh, it feels more like an astringent or solvent and leaves a slightly sticky sensation on my skin I have to rinse off. I'm a huge fan of CeraVe's foaming cleanser and their eye cream, but I'll give this one a miss.

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