CeraVe is a skin care brand developed by dermatologists in 2005 in the U.S. It specializes in advanced skincare products, specifically cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, healing ointments and a dedicated baby line.* In 2017, L'Oreal purchased the company from Valeant Pharmaceuticals. *From L'Oreal-Finance.com

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Cleansers -CeraVe -Foaming Facial Cleanser

on 8/16/2018 2:57:00 PM


I've tried so many cleansers from high-end to low-end and I've finally found my holy grail cleanser. I have acne prone skin that is combination in texture and appearance. This stuff cleans off stubborn make-up, doesn't dry out my skin, and just makes my skin so supple. I love that the bottle lasts forever and the cost is very reasonable in comparison to high-end products. I can find this stuff anywhere which is a relief. I will never go without this stuff. I used to think I needed a salicylic acid facial cleanser but I really needed something gentle. Besides, why wash the salicylic down the drain...It is the right ph balance for my skin as it doesn't strip my skin but it still cleans it. I like it so much better than Cetaphil which didn't clean as well.

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Lotions/ Creams -CeraVe -Moisturizing Cream

on 8/12/2018 3:01:00 PM


This product is a moisture-locking champion. I put a thin layer of this product on and unless I make sure I'm in a cool place, my skin starts sweating until it is absorbed/dry. Reading that sentence may make my you acne-prone girls quiver in fear, but somehow this cream is not so suffocating that my acne has gotten anything but better since using it.

It is a thick cream with a not strong, but neither a pleasant odour. However, it truly is a miracle cream and is very cheap for how good it is!

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Treatments (Eye) -CeraVe -Eye Repair Cream

on 8/11/2018 9:39:00 AM


Bought this at Target based on its rating here, which has gone down quite a bit. This a good basic eye moisturizer. I love the tube for sanitary reasons. It's a white medium weight, cream and contains no fragrances nor non-comedogenic ingredients. I think its a great starter eye cream for someone in their late teens whose on a budget (you can't beat $10). It was a bit hydrating but I didn't see any reduction in my fine lines. I wasn't using concealer at the time nut I think it would act as a great base. I wouldn't repurchase as I'm on the lookout for something more hydrating.

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Moisturizers -CeraVe -Facial Moisturizing Lotion - PM

on 8/8/2018 6:43:00 PM


I think the Niacinimide was initially causing some irritation when I started using it. I would have small red bumps and my skin would itch. After a few weeks that subsided and am now enjoying the product. I do get some break outs still but I believe they are hormonal and not related to the lotion. I began putting the lotion on wet skin which it has been helping to lock in water/moisture. I don't find it super hydrating so come winter I will need a heavier cream to layer on top. I love that it is fragrance free as most scents cause my skin to freak out.

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Moisturizers -CeraVe -Skin Renewing Cream Serum


I really love the way this product worked. It left my skin more refined and radiant. It definitely brightened skin and minimized fine lines. The texture is thick and a bit heavy on the skin but settles in nicely after some time. Wish it was cruelty free.

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