CeraVe is a skin care brand developed by dermatologists in 2005 in the U.S. It specializes in advanced skincare products, specifically cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, healing ointments and a dedicated baby line.* In 2017, L'Oreal purchased the company from Valeant Pharmaceuticals. *From L'Oreal-Finance.com

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Lotions/ Creams -CeraVe -Moisturizing Cream

on 9/25/2018 2:08:00 AM


Love this all over cream! Its simple, fuss-free ingredients are amazing for my acne prone skin(face) as well! It miraculously , slowly got rid of the occasional pimple on my face & my skin looks very smooth & hydrated in the morning! MAGICAL! The 19 ounce tub is gigantic, cheap (SGD20.72 on Amazon Prime) & lasts me a lifetime! I live in Singapore & was only able to get Cerave products online(iHerb & Amazon Prime)
Would CERTAINLY repurchase!

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Cleansers -CeraVe -Hydrating Cleanser

on 9/17/2018 3:38:00 AM


I have acne rosacea and the only thing that treats my inflammations and clears up my skin is Hydrating Cleanser. I am using this cleanser for years and without it my skin is bumby, red, itchy and dry. However, when my last bottle finished, I bought another one with the NEW FORMULA. I am really disappointed, my skin got red and broke out after using it for a week. At first I didn't think that it was from the cleanser but I tried the old bottle again, my skin got healthy. CERAVE pleasee go back to old formula, I dont know how my skin will survive without this magic cleanser :((

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Cleansers -CeraVe -Foaming Facial Cleanser


This is a first impression review- if I don't update this it means I agree with what I have written here.

I have combo skin and it is currently a bit dehydrated from my own foolishness. I've been using this to give my skin a break and my skin has been much happier. This is perfectly PH balanced which is super important!! Foams well- could likely be used with a spin brush if you have one. I will try it with mine once I let my face chill.

I know there a few questionable ingredients to pay attention to, but I do like that it includes Hyaluronic acid. For those that may not know, this ingredient is a really strong humectant that encourages your skin to draw in and hold more moisture. Great for dehydrated ( not the same as dry) skin. I also like that by using this, at least my cleanser is gentle and I can always add spot treatments etc to treat problem areas. Thus far, I haven't had any issues. I know Cerave is a dermatologist's favourite and a lot of aestheticians have mentioned it as well.

I don't really think it's fair to rate this a 1/5 just because it didn't remove all of your makeup. Makeup removing products exist for a reason. I remove mine with micellar water and this easily removed the excess- my cotton pad I toned with came clean. Just my opinion.

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Moisturizers -CeraVe -Skin Renewing Night Cream


I love love Cerave, have three HG's by them and really wanted to love this one. Woke up the morning after my first try and it was a no go. Lots of bumps, redness and small bumps on my neck, so it seems the heaviness just isn't for my skin.

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Moisturizers -CeraVe -Healing Ointment

on 9/8/2018 7:24:00 PM


Cerave's version of Aquaphor was a disappointment for me. Now I love me some Aquaphor, and Cerave cream is my HG moisturizer, so when I got a sample of this stuff I was expecting to love it. Petroleum jelly is a miracle ingredient for my face and I think it's always a winning combination with other moisturizing ingredients. Unfortunately, this ointment is a lot thinner and greasier than Aquaphor is and it doesn't deliver better results -- plus it broke me out.

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