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Cleansers -Caudalie -Instant Foaming Cleanser

on 11/16/2018 3:59:00 PM


I've been on a search for what seems like a lifetime (/lifetime of savings) but I can stop looking. This is my perfect cleanser. So, let alone the cost working out to be souch cheaper than I thought as you don't need heaps for it already fluffs up (mousse) and I used the travel size over about three plus months!!!!!!!!!!
Doesn't dry my skin out but gets every bit of make-up off of my grill.

Moisturizers -Caudalie -Vinopure Skin Perfecting Mattifying Fluid

on 11/7/2018 5:53:00 AM


This is a great moisturizer for oily dehydrated / combination skin with redness and enlarged pores! I am amazed! I have been only using it for a week, but I am happy for being talked into buying it.

Prior to using this I have been using:
1) MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel - I remember liking it a lot so I repurchased it. Now I feel like my skin needs more moisture but is also overproducing sebum so my skin ends up being pretty shiny after only few hours, no matter if I have foundation or not. I like it as a gel; it is non-sticky and absorbs well. I believe the main culprit for my over-shininess is the wash gel which I threw away when I bought the Caudalie.
2) Natrue Republic Bee Venom Emulsion - I ended using it at night because it didn't control sebum, i.e. I got shiny pretty fast. I wouldn't repurchase it because I haven't noticed any benefits from using it for a month. It may be a short period, but I couldn't make myself use it on a daily basis. It feels like a regular light moisturizer.
3) La Roche Posay Effeclar Wash gel - this is horrible. I have mixed it with Bioderma Sebium wash gel to dilute it but the combination was horrible whatsoever. It was drying my skin out - I only know now after a week of not using it. It just makes your skin overproducing sebum, pimples come and go as before using it.
4) thisworks In Transit Camera Close Up - it's too heavy. I like it but after few hours I became oily. I like how it feels once I apply it. I may return to it in colder months now that I no longer use LRP wash gel.

I am happy with my current routine:
1) remove makeup with Bioderma Sebium H2O micellar water (got it as a free product with their pore-moisturizer which is not worth mentioning) - I actually don't like it as it feels drying but don't want to throw it out.
2) apply Weleda sanfte Reinigung Milch (cleansing milk) - I apply it with my fingers all over my face, masage it for a bit and wash it with water or remove it with wet cotton pad, depends on the moment.
3) on a cotton pad few spritzes of Cosmel New-Cell toner
4) DAY: apply this Caudalie fluid
4) NIGHT: mix thisworks In Transit Camera Close Up moisturizer + Emu Oil + Tea Tree Oil (from pharmacy, cold-pressed) ---> I feel like my skin is better due to the Emu Oil + Tea Tree Oil combo. I apply thisworks to use it up; no real benefit --> maybe a slightly better skin absorption of the oils

About this moisturizer:
- gives me enough moisture. I am thinking about buying the serum for colder months, or to use up either my Vichy 89 serum or MAC serum, but for now this is good enough (November/Mediterranean-to-west EU region)
- it takes much much longer for me to get oily now. It's been 5 hours since initial application and I am still "dry"
- skin feels so soft. I just want to touch my skin
- it works well with foundations. For now I tried Guerlain Aqua and Chanel Velvet. They stay put for whole day
- currently my skin is good, only 3 red pimple marks and slight redness. I feel like my pores are not as prominent, and was kinda lazy, so I have skipped 2 days with foundation. Honestly, I like touching my skin now while working on the desk. The skin feels supple and nice.
- for night regimen it feels too light but for day it gives the perfect skin comfort

A mattifying yet hydrating moisturizer that traps oil and blackheads while addressing existing blemishes.
- I agree

this mattifying yet hydrating moisturizer absorbs excess sebum, helps to reduce imperfections and refines skin texture
- mattifying: yes; everything else: could be, have to give it more time. feels like it is going in good direction

The complex of noncomedogenic essential oils provide antiseptic benefits to calm the skin and keep it clear, while cleansing pores of oil, blackheads, and bacteria
- feels true. my redness is not as prominent as it usually was, skinfeels really good and taken care of

Rosewater enhances your overall glow, while providing long term hydration, without shine.
- would agree

The skin is immediately mattified with dead skin cells removed, leaving the complexion clear and fresh with an overall smoothed texture.
*Patent pending n°PCT/EP2018/050482.
- would agree

The 100% natural scent derived from the essential oils complex that delivers a light and surprising breath of freshness with each application.
- would agree with freshness

Reduces blemishes ---> certainly didn't increase :P
Reduces excess of sebum ---> true
Instantly mattifies ---> true
Moisturizes ---> true; but for night I'm using a "stronger" moisturizer-oil combo
Activates glow ---> more lit-within

I may be over-amazed with this product but the combination Weleda+Caudalie without the LRP wash gel proved to be the perfect combo for my combo acne and redness prone skin.

Highly recommend if you used to use:
LRP line for problematic skin
Eucerin line for problematic skin
Bioderma line for problematic skin
Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel
Nature Republic Bee Venom Emulsion
Caudalie all light pink and fuchsia pink moistruizer
thisworks in transit close up
Yves Rocher for problematic skin
Lush moistruizers

I really love it and would recommend it to a friend! I have tried Caudalie in the past an I was OK with them, but this is defiantly better suited for my skin type (if helps: Caucasian, fair-to-light, fine skin). If I change my opinion I will definitely edit my review.

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Moisturizers -Caudalie -VineActiv 3-in-1 Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer

on 10/29/2018 5:44:00 PM


Very light lotion that rubs in quickly and leaves a matt finish. Didn't give any moisture to my normal sensitive skin and it irritated my skin slightly. I'm guessing this is targeted more towards oily combo skin. It claims to brighten skin and boost the benefits of the serum if you use them together. I didn't see any change in my skin. The scent I never got used to. Its like sickly sweet cheap lemon detergent. Would not repurchase.

Moisturizers -Caudalie -Vinopure Matte Moisturizing Fluid


I use it every day, it feels like. Since my skin is a bit oily, it is suitable. Caudalie has a very high price-point, so I am trying other organic brands which are cheaper.

Treatments (Face) -Caudalie -Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum

on 10/21/2018 6:59:00 PM


Caudalie's Vinoperfect Radiance serum is an incredible product to help improve the radiance of your skin over time. Like other serums, it takes time and dedication before seeing any results.

I used the serum for about four weeks immediately after cleansing and drying my skin both morning and evening before I really began to notice a difference in my skin. Over time it was becoming much more radiant, and I felt like I didn't have to use the radiance primer that I usually have underneath my foundation to provide that healthy glow.

I only used several drops and warmed it in my hands before patting it into my skin, concentrating on the areas where I wanted the most improvement, namely my cheeks. It has helped decrease the amount of redness in my skin as well.

The serum is a good size for the price and doesn't leave a tacky texture to the skin or feel too heavy either. I like that it brightens using more natural ingredients instead of anything chemically based, and it doesn't have much of a smell so it likely wouldn't bother anyone with sensitivities to fragrances in their skincare.

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