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Palettes -Cat Cosmetics -Bronze Sculpt and Hi-Lighter Kit

on 8/25/2016 3:07:00 PM


Cat's latest palette (Summer 2016) is the Bronze, Sculpt, and Hi-Lighter Kit for Lips, Eyes, and Cheeks. You get a choice of either a Pink lipstain (pictured in the photo I posted), or in Copper.

The palettes are magnetized, and most of the product contained within are available as refills! The only 2 that I have not seen refills for are the Cocoa Bronze Contour, and the Hi-Lite shade. Hopefully Cat will make them available, as I know I will run out of those two very quickly.

Here is what you get:
(top row) Catnip Bronzer, Whiskers blush, Cocoa Bronzer controur
(bottom row) Espresso e/s, Hi-Lite Face Shimmer, Pink Lip Stain

I will be reviewing each of the above products under their product pages. I will say that this is a MUST HAVE palette for anyone who loves a natural, healthy, casual to soft-glam type of look. Everything in this palette is just gorgeous. The colors blend beautifully. They are never harsh, yet look amazing whether you are fair or tanned (NC 45 I think is the deepest this palette would work for, imho). I love that I can basically put together my entire look with just this palette. The only things I need extra are eyeliner, mascara, and either a lip pencil or a lipstick, as I find the "lip stain" in this palette is more of a sheer gloss, and it does not cover my very pigmented lips. I like a much paler lip. I LUV her Rich lip gloss shade, and you do get that as part of the larger Get My Look Kit, which inclludes this Bronze, Sculpt, and Hi-Lighter palette, as well as a lot of other products!

I really cannot say that I love any one particular product in this paletter over any other. ALL are fabulous! I will say that I am IN love with the two newest product additions: her Face Hi-Lite, and the Cocoa Bronze Contour! OMG, I would buy them separately in a heartbeat! On my NC 40 faux tanned skin, they are AMAZING. I am sure they will also look beautiful when I am at my paler NC25/30 olive skin.

I travel quite a bit, and her multi purpose palettes are what I always carry with me. Her products are very high quality, and they never irritate my very sensitive eyes. And of course, her products are NOT tested on animals. :)

Btw, the Espresso eyeshadow is gorgeous! It reminds me a bit of MAC Ground Brown, one of my all time fave brown shadows. Espresso also makes for a great brow color, in addition to a gorgeous eyeshadow shade.

The only product in this palette that I was not totally in love with, is the pink "lip stain". I found this a bit toooooo sheer and glossy to be a stain. I rarely use lipgloss for this very reason. I don't like that greasy feel on my lips. However, over a matte lipstick, it is very pretty!

Aside from that one issue, I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this palette so so so much! This palette, and her older Miracle Working Kit palette are my two alll time favorite makeup kits ever! The colors in this palette can go anywhere from a very all-natural type of look, to a soft Victoria Secret soft glam type of look. Or you can really amp it up with the Espresso eyeshadow, and create a very sexy smokey eye or cut-crease type of look.

FABULOUS palette! LUV!

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Eye Shadow -Cat Cosmetics -Pussy Willow

on 8/25/2016 12:31:00 PM


Pussy Willow e/s is a pale yellow gold in the pan, but on my med olive, faux tanned skin, it appears as a very glowy (not really shimmery) pale candle-lit champagne gold. Gorgeous !

The texture is almost creme like, in that it has a very rich feel to it when you pick it up onto your brush, and when you apply it to your lid. There is no fallout at all.

This is a gorgeous color for a brow bone highlight. In the pan, it reminds me of a slightly darker MAC Nylon, but it is more glowy, whereas Nylon is more frosty, and cooler in tone. I LUV Pussy Willow. I also like this shade dusted very lightly over the top of my cheekbone, as a highlight. **I posted a pic showing Pussy Willow on my hand in both natural indoor daylight, and indoors under a spot of sunlight by window**

To prolong the wear of my shadows (regardless of brand) I always use my CatCosmetics Eyeshadow Magnet. This makes all of my powder shadows pretty budgeproof. And there is absolutely NO eye irritation with any of the CatCosmetics eye products I have purchased. I have extremely sensitive eyes, and I cannot wear many brands of shadows, other than CatCosmetics.

I also love that her products are NOT tested on animals! Thanks, Cat!!! :)

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Blush -Cat Cosmetics -Orgazzle


This new blush shade from Cat Cosmetics is gorgeous! It is bright in the pan, but on the skin it is just so pretty. I am so glad I ordered it...long wearing too!

Palettes -Cat Cosmetics -Bond Girl Eyeshadow Palette

This is a newer palette from Cat Cosmetics. It contains six eyeshadows in a refillable six well palette. The shades are so pretty! You get four shimmery shades and two matte shades. The top row has a beautiful shimmery navy blue with flecks in it..stunning in crease and also can be used wet to line the eyes. Then there is a shimmery greenish blue, also pretty. The next shade is a soft whitish/gold which has a lot of shimmer and reminds me a lot like MAC's Nylon eyeshadow (this one should be used for inner corners and under brow highlighting as it is very shimmery/frosty and highly pigmented, a little goes a long way with this shade)! The bottom row has a bronzey shimmer eyeshadow called Peace and it is a beautiful bronze, a little lighter of a bronze than her famous Tabby shadow color. Next is a matte light beige base shade called is a perfect all over base shade to neutralize the lids first before applying the other shades. The last shade is a matte brownish shade also good to use in crease mixed with the blue or green shade. All of the shadows have great pigmentation. I have several eyeshadows from this line and they rock! I took one lippie off because I don't really care for the tiny double ended brush that comes in the palette...she used to give a much better brush in her older kits which I prefer that brush better. I would purchase this palette again! Log onto her website at and add this to your shopping cart!

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Lipstick -Cat Cosmetics -Pounce

on 2/15/2014 2:21:00 PM


The most beautiful coral/nude/pink shade I've ever seen with the perfect amount of shimmer -- just a tad. This reminds me of Estee Lauder's Tiger Eye except prettier, less sparkly, old lady looking, cheaper, and longer lasting. Oh and Cat doesn't test on animals. This shade is great for casual wear, a night out, everything. So beautiful. Later today I'm going to post a picture of this gorgeous, versatile shade.

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