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BB Cream -Canmake -Perfect Serum BB cream

on 2/13/2018 3:29:00 AM


It is very thick, the coverage is pretty good and it lasts. My skin is oily/combination so anyway I need to use the blotting paper after 2/3 hours. The colour is slightly yellow (I got #2), but is quite ok for me. I think you can get some quality at cheap price. The ingredients are also ok, besides some not really welcome ones which are anyway the ones granting the sun protection.

Blush -Canmake -Cream Cheek

on 2/2/2018 12:50:00 AM


Ditched my MAC blush ever since I discovered this! I snagged 05 (a peachy shade) and CL05 (a coral shade) when I was in Tokyo. I found these to be the most natural-looking of the colors available for my skin tone. While it's difficult to blend most cream blushes, not so with these -- they go on quite smoothly and are easy to blend out with either your fingers or a brush. 05 is more pigmented but has a bit of shimmer to it, though it isn't noticeable from afar or if you aren't applying too much product. CL05 has no shimmer but I find that it's not as pigmented so you need to apply a bit more product. These blushes are so cheap in Tokyo and the mark-up is quite high when purchasing from most re-sellers abroad, so if you're flying to Japan or know someone who is, much better to purchase there!

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Blush -Canmake -Glow Fleur Cheeks

on 1/25/2018 7:30:00 AM


Easily one of the best blushes you can get regardless of price. Powder is finely milled, making it soft and don't contain chunky glitter. It has more of a pearly sheen that doesn't accentuate texture. Pigmentation is such that when applied with my RT blush brush I get payoff for a natural flush (swirl 2-3 times as per instructions) and it is buildable to achieve a high-payoff/ gradient look. Shades in this range are typically light and natural as per Japanese preferences. I got this in the Limited Edition shade no. 8 (cool fuschia pink, a more intense shade that complements fair skintones). Highlight is very very subtle (top left corner)

It has great lasting power even with combination of oily skin + tropical weather, easily 4-6 hours on bare skin and lasting whole day when I do set/prime properly. There's virtually no fallout.

Packaging is compact and highly portable, with a decent brush included to apply. I love the floral pattern of the pressed powder, which also doesn't dissappear after a few uses (powder is packed firm enough).

The price is highly affordable. Would purchase again!

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Lip Gloss -Canmake -your lip only gloss


Hmm.... I was so prepared to love this but I didn't :( I got this as a gift and used it the very next day, I liked the fact that it changed colour (I have the colourless one) and looked very pretty and shiny. Unfortunately after a few hours of wear,u lips started to tingle. I wanted to give it another chance but it would happen every time I used it. And worst of all, it opened in my MU pouch... gahhhh

Brows -Canmake -Liquid Eyebrow

on 1/10/2018 12:50:00 AM


When I saw that this had twelve 5 lippie reviews, I thought, why not blow another $8 on an eyebrow product? I mean, I've already probably blown $200 on my eyebrows alone. And nothing ever works. I watch YouTube and read Pinterest and Reddit and MUA and still can't get my overplucked-in-my-teens eyebrows to look full or even (and never at the same time).

I just suck at doing my eyebrows. I don't know why: I can draw a gorgeous liquid eyeliner. But when it comes to the whole "fill in with short, quick, natural strokes to mimic your real eyebrow hair" routine, nothing looks real.

So I was skeptical, but when I got this in the mail I just sat down and tried it. I'm not such a cynic I'm not still praying for a miracle.

As a NW20 with about shade 6 (light brown) hair, I bought the Natural Brown (01) shade, the lightest available. Knowing something about Japan and Japanese cosmetics, I was a little worried that it might be a bit too warm; despite the "Natural Brown" moniker, sometimes the lightest shade of a hair/brow product in Asia translates to bro-orange (think: black hair lifted "blond" that turns orange). But nope, it turned out to be pretty perfect: better, actually, than the taupe pencil I had been using. Like, a perfect fit.

And I was a little worried when not much product came out. Had it dried out? Nope again. It's like a watercolor. It was shockingly easy. I pulled up yet another YouTube tutorial on "drawing in the hair where your eyebrows should be" and drew the bottom line, drew the top line, and then started filling in. Product came out, it was liquid, and it was neither too much nor too little. Well, actually when I looked at my brows after the fact, I looked again; I didn't look like Divine or even the "cool" 16 year old that works at Urban Outfitters, so I added a little more. Maybe something in me wanted to ruin it.

But I couldn't! It worked! It was subtle, pretty, etc... I still didn't have model thick brows, but you could see them, they were even, neat, and most importantly, didn't look fake. I took my second fav product of the moment (having replaced my Essence Make Me Brow with Ardell Brow Building Fiber Gel, which seems to make them look much thicker) did a swoop-swoop, and was done.

So I've used this for about a week, and I'm going to try to go bolder... see if I can get a real THICK brow. Will comment back (and post photos if they're not unhappily hilarious) if I can.

One thing to note: it's January 2018, and while I was able to readily find it for $7 on eBay from Japan, I'm not entirely satisfied that it hasn't been discontinued. If this proves to be a true HG, going to stock up and suggest you do, too.

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