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Styling Products -Cake -The Wave Maker Texturizing Beach Spray

on 5/4/2019 12:36:00 AM


I bought this for my little girl, who has type 3A - 3B hair. She's mixed, so it's pretty curly, and she need special hair care to have soft, smooth, defined curls. I've bought some pretty expensive texturizing sprays, gels, and creams, to no avail, until I found this gem at my local Walgreens. This spray is truly a God-sent for my little girls hair. It's a very light spray that does just what it says, texturizes it. It leaves her curls defined, healthy, and has a feather-light hold. I love this spray because it doesn't make her hair feel crunchy and hard. It's just right, and has the right balance of ingredients. Now, let's talk about the scent. The scent is amazing.. it's like taking a walk down Lemon Lane. It also has super subtle undertones of vanilla. Think about Lemon Meringue Cake. If you love lemon scents, you will LOVE this. And the best part? It absolutely WORKS. It's sugar infused, so it doesn't dry her hair out like a sea salt spray would. It's gives my daughter the perfect finish for her curls. I love this. Give it a try

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Shampoo -Cake -The Big Big Deal Sulfate-Free Thickening Volume Shampoo

on 5/2/2019 10:53:00 PM


I absolutely LOVE the 'Cake' line of hair care. This shampoo IS a Big Deal :) A little bit goes a long way with this shampoo and lathers up super super nice a luxurious. Oh, and also the smell is just like frosted cake with tones of lemon. Think about those yummy Lemon Girl Scout Cookies :) I lathered this into my hair and I literally could feel it give my hair "body and volume" in the shower if that makes any sense. It also detangles. The claims on the bottle say: strand thickening, big body boosting, never-ever drying, weightlessly cleansing. Most of the brands I've tried that were volumizing seemed to really dry my hair out but this did not. It gave me an even balance of moisture, volume, and has a feather-light lather. I cannot get over the smell. This is the 4th product I've tried out of this Cake line, and I have loved every single product and the smell, I cannot get enough of. All of the claims on the bottle are 110% true. I would also like to mention, that since I've been using a Cake shampoo (either this or The Posh Wash by Cake, Cake The Soft Serve cream rinse conditioner, and Cake 3-in-1 leave-in treatment, this system of hair care and completely brought my hair back to life. No more dull sulfates, just pure luxury and shine. Cruelty free, as well. My hair has been transformed and reconstructed by Cake, and I cannot be more thankful. No more tangles and hair fall out. No more dullness. Amazing smelling hair 24/7. Cake has made me happy about my hair, and I am eager to wash it every night and breathe in this soothing scent in the shower. I even wash my kids hair with this line, and it just really works wonder, especially for my little girl, whom is mixed. Her frizz is gone, her curls are shiny and defined. LOVE CAKE!

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Conditioner -Cake -The Mane Manage'r 3-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner

on 5/1/2019 7:55:00 PM


Have you ever tried 'It's a 10'? Have you ever WANTED to try 'It's a 10'? In my 24 years of life, I have tried an abundance of leave-in conditioning sprays and treatments. I have always grabbed and spent an EXCESSIVE amount of money on my 'It's a 10' spray, coming in at $40 (with tax) for a 10 ounce bottle, UNTIL NOW. I have discovered the 'Cake' line of hair care at my local Walgreens, and every single product I have tried, I have been absolutely in love. I picked up this 'Cake The Mane Manage'r' leave in conditioner, and it is a much cheaper dupe than my 'It's a 10'. It has the SAME quality, at a FRACTION of the price, with a much better scent/smell. This leave-in smells just like a frosted cake right out of the bakery with a hint of lemon undertones to it. Walgreens had a BOGO 50% off on all Cake products this week, so I picked this up, eager to try it! I have used it, and fell in love, as well as my daughter who is mixed, and has super curly frizzy hair. We LOVE the Cake line and will forever be customers. I paid $8.99 for a Cake shampoo and got this leave-in for just $4.50 for 4 OUNCES! No more paying $40 for 'It's a 10' (because it's NEVER on sale), and hello to buying this new Cake leave-in at an affordable price, with quality ingredients, and the BEST smell in the world, in my honest opinion. Who doesn't want to smell just like a bakery snack? :) Give this line a try, and you won't be disappointed! :) Everything the bottle claims: Seriously Softening, Strand Reviving, & Moisture Maven, could not be truer, and exceeds expectations and said claims. This product is ALSO cruelty-free, and has ZERO parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, so you can feels great about using it! Some of the ingredients that make this leave-in awesome include: coconut oil, biotin, soy & rice proteins. I'll say it again, I AM IN LOVE :)

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Conditioner -Cake -The Soft Serve Cream Rinse Conditioner

on 4/24/2019 2:28:00 PM


Let me start out by saying that I am so excited to be able to review this cream rinse conditioner! What's so AMAZING about it you may ask? Let's start of with the scent! It smells just like CAKE or cake batter, hence the name of it :) Have you ever been to a Cold Stone Creamery? Right when you walk in Cold Stone, you get hit with a mouth-watering aroma of their delicious ice cream! Well, I always get the cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone, because I'm a huge fan of anything cake flavored or scented, and this cream rinse is absolutely perfect. So perfect that I wish they made a lotion in this scent! Okay now let's get to the deliverance of the claims this Cake conditioner says. This cream rinse makes my hair soft, shiny, and tangle free! My little girl is mixed and has very course, curly hair. I put this conditioner on her hair and let it set for a few minutes after using the Cake shampoo.. I then half way rinse this amazing conditioner out and her curls are frizz free and so amazingly SOFT! I have tried so many different conditioners and co-wash's for daughters hair and this is my pick! So, to wrap this up.. This product will leave your hair smelling deliciously scented of cake, as well as give you 100% frizz control and softness! Not only is this the magic product for me, but it is the magic conditioner that solves all of my daughters hair needs as well. I could go on and on. You may look at the price, which is $8.99 at Walgreens per bottle, and wander is this worth purchasing? The answer is YES! My daughter and I have two very different hair textures, and this cream rinse has the best deliverance of any we've ever tried.. and we've tried ALOT. I've spent much more money on different brands of conditioners trying to find the right one to suit my daughters hair and this one is IT! I'm totally excited, and while the bottle says this is "totally-to-die-for", I'd say it most definitely is! Oh and the best part? Walgreens had buy 2 get 1 free and they usually do have this kind of sale... so I picked up 2 of these awesome cream rinses, and 1 of the cake shampoos, which you can read my review on that great product as well, if you'd like! :) And who doesn't love a cruelty free product? If I could I would give this 100 lippies! My favorite conditioner in my 24 years of life :)

Shampoo -Cake -The Posh Wash Sulfate-Free Swirl Shampoo

on 4/7/2019 11:09:00 PM


I saw this at Walgreens and was instantly attracted to the name "Cake". It smells like cake or cake batter, so I absolutely had to have it. I bought this 10 fl oz bottle for $8.99 +tax. My hair is super long coming all the way down my back. It is frizzy and wavy and although my hair gets oily at the roots easily, my hair is so long as aforementioned that the ends are dry and damaged. This shampoo is absolutely amazing! I blow dried and straightened my hair after using this shampoo + the matching cake conditioner and this takes all of the oil out, takes out the frizz, and leaves my hair shiny. This is my new favorite shampoo! The only complaint I have is the packaging. It's super cute and attractive to have in your shower, however, for some reason the shampoo is coming out of the bottle onto both sides like its busting out the top or something and drying to the sides. New packaging please, a pump bottle would be wonderful!! Give this a try! :)

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