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Fragrances -Cacharel -Anais Anais


Anais Anais L' Original is a Lovely Powdery Floral Perfume...
White Lily
Orange Blossom
Lily of the Valley
Anais Anais smells like a Bouquet of White Flowers mostly Lilies & Roses...Powdery & A Little Soapy...A Soft Perfume...Comes in a nice bottle & box with Pink Flowers...Ladies that like Powdery Perfumes with Flowers may like Anais Anais...

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Fragrances -Cacharel

on 12/30/2017 5:23:00 AM is a quirky odd little scent from the house of Cacharel. They are one of my favorite houses because they release such bizarre little perfumes. The 80ml bottle is so cute with the colorful little orbs or marbles that adorn the cap. It has notes of petitgrain, almonds and jasmine amoungst others. is mainly a nutty, grainey type fragrance. Also, remember in grade school art class you would have a bottle of Elmers glue to glue little stars or moons or suns to a piece of construction paper. I know....I'm weird but that is my take on this adorable little perfume. It came out in 2012 so i guess it didn't catch on like Anais Anais did but its a nice comforting perfume with an adorable bottle.

Fragrances -Cacharel -Noa

on 12/4/2017 4:31:00 AM


Cacharel has always been one of my favorite houses because they release such unique pure unadulterated favorite family of fragrances. Noa has gotten lost amongst the thousands of perfumes on the market and can now only be found at discount perfume stores or on ebay. Noa is simply perfection. I imagine a beautiful brittle princess flitting through a flower garden of a sparkling palace. Notes of peony 🌹 lily of the valley and easter lilies. Its so delicate and pure. Long lasting too. Even the bottle is adorable with a little pearl swimming about the liquid inside. Its so simple and serene in its design and fits the scent perfectly. The juice is not colored at all. It is pure white like the water from a magical spring in Switzerland. Noa also has notes of incense and coffee. In fact, i heard a long time ago that Noa was the first perfume to utilize coffee as a note. Alas, though, i cannot seem to detect it. Just the wonderful playful whimsical floral notes. I'll never be without this fragrance in my collection.

UPDATE: 07/20/2018
I can finally detect the coffee note. It really does smell like a cup of deep rich black coffee or coffee beans. YIPPEE!!!!

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Fragrances -Cacharel -Anais Anais Premier Delice

on 12/2/2017 4:47:00 AM

This is a delightful little flanker to the original and iconic pure unadulterated green floral fragrance with leatherey overtones that we have all grown to love. Premier Delive is still floral but in a much swetter way. The tonka bean, vanilla and cocoa cocoa powder make me think of a little powderey floral butterfly that has perched itself on you as sweet and cozy as a little neck scarf freely blowing in the breeze. The perfume has a note of pear too. Always one of my favorite notes and mingles perfectly with this little floral butterfly perched on your shoulder. Wonderful little fragrance.

Fragrances -Cacharel -Amor Amor

on 11/7/2017 1:09:00 PM


when i was a teenager and i have a special occasion
i will use this perfume, i always feel great back in the day when i use this perfume
so i could say that this used to be my signature scent

but for now, i already move on from this scent

scent is sweet and fresh, but not sweet from candy (i dislike sweet smell from candy tbh)

packaging is handy and compact imo

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