Plano Molding Company launched Caboodles in 1987, after seeing a photo of Vanna White using a tacklebox to store her makeup collection. The company currently offers both modern and retro versions of its product.

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Accessories -Caboodles -Caboodles Pro Silver Ribbed Makeup Train Case

on 2/28/2016 11:14:00 AM


I got this for $20 at Walmart almost 10 years ago and it's still in really good shape. It fits my entire makeup collection in it and it's a lot sturdier than the old, plastic Caboodles cases of the 90's. It's completely full right now. In the four drawers I have eye shadows (top drawer on one side), lip glosses (top drawer on the other side), lip balms and lipsticks (the drawer under the lipsticks) and then the drawer under the eye shadows has my mascaras, brushes, eye liners and tweezers. The big compartment is perfect for holding my palettes, cotton balls and hair stuff. If it ever broke, I would definitely buy anther one to replace it. I love this case!

Other -Caboodles -Makeup Cases

on 7/15/2015 2:15:00 PM


The caboodle I own is identical to the one in the picture.

I don't have much space in my bathroom to store makeup (minimal drawers and minimal counter space and really no room to store things at my desk or turn it into a vanity) so I got it thinking it would be the perfect solution.

It does not save space at all!
And it is too bulky to store makeup or travel with. If you're a serious makeup artist, you'll most likely have high quality cases to take your makeup in. not a caboodle.
The trays are too small to fit a lot of product! I can seriously only fit a 3 bronzers max in one of the trays.
It is hard to see all my makeup in the overlapping trays and just a huge headache.
It's not an efficient way to store product! The square trays are a horrible idea bc they aren't big enough for product

I am back to storing my makeup in those clear, countertop rubbermaid drawers and a big vera bradley makeup bag.

In theory this would've been great, but honestly it's not an efficient way to store makeup.
Perhaps the caboodle that is slightly smaller and the rectangle trays open up to rest in the doors would have been better and more compact, but I'm not going to try that one bc I know I won't be thrilled with it.

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Lip Gloss -Caboodles -Lip Dee-Lish Lip Tint

on 12/16/2013 6:27:00 PM


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Accessories -Caboodles -On-The-Go-Girl Swag Case

on 4/29/2013 3:59:00 PM


I love my Caboodles case. It comes in either pink or purple plastic. I got the pink one from Walmart for about $12 which I think is a steal. It may not be the most sophisticated makeup case, but it does the job well. It opens up with a top tier that has a large mirror, a divided storage area and a lift out pencil tray. The bottom is very roomy and can fit a lot, especially perfect to store palettes in. I like my things neat and orderly and this Caboodle does just that. Even though the bottom isn't separated with dividers, it's still very easy to find everything I store there.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Caboodles -Cosmetic Keeper Tray

Hooray for Caboodles! I have been dying for something like this to organize my most frequently used make up, I know it sounds weird (lol) but sometimes I'm so tired in the morning I like to get ready in bed with a mirror and in order to use all of my products and have everything at hand, I had to store it all in this black make up bag I got from Sheer Cover a long time ago. I also store my brushes in there, and it obviously doesn't keep them in the best shape and they get dirty from all of my powders and blushes I keep inside of the make up bag. I was at Target with my best friend, and when we saw this on the bottom shelf we immediately swarmed to it. They had a few different ones, but I found one PERFECT for me and my brushes/more frequently used products. It's the perfect size for all of my products and more. It has a section in the back with two separate holders on each side for brushes/mascaras. I put my liquid/foundation brushes on one side and my powder/bronzer/blush brushes on the other side. In the middle it's open, and I store my Urban Decay All Nighter Spray and my foundation & Daily Brush Cleanser Spray for easy access :) I also store my highlighter in the front side of it where there are these two shorter compartments on opposite sides that came with lids that I took off because I found no use for them. I can store taller products in it now :) I also store my primer in the open area and boxed blushes there as well. In the front they have those lidded box compartments and I store my Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in there along with my Hoola Bronzer and my Hard Candy's Highlighting/Bronzing powder. On the other side I store my contact case, my MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, and my "Porefessional" primer. There are 4 slots that are designed for either lipsticks/mascaras and I store my two MAC Prolong Wear concealers in there, my Too Faced Glitter Shadow Glue/NYX Glitter Liner in one, and my favorite lipgloss and my MAC's eyebrow pencil in "Flling". I know all of my specific products were probably unnecessary, but that isn't even all of the stuff I have in there and it's all perfectly organized and neat. It's not a huge clunky organizer and it fits perfectly on my vanity! For 18.95$ this was a steal. I am def buying more of these in the future, and I love that they are easy to move around (I can bring it into bed with me when I get ready and nothing falls over etc). This would be PERRRRFECT to put in your bathroom for when you get ready in the morning without having to bring in all your crap in your make up bag or making a huge mess if you share your bathroom. This is so useful and organized and I love it! If there's anything I love more then make up, it's something that can store my make up and put everything I use on a daily basis :-)

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