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Sunscreen -Cotz -Sensitive SPF 40

on 8/26/2018 4:56:00 PM


So I switched to cruelty free products and wanted a high PPD replacement for Bioderma while I found a suitable European cruelty-free high PPD product. Apparently at 20% zinc oxide offers a PPD of about 10, so I looked for something in that range.

This has 20% ZO so I got it. It's thick and when I apply it properly takes 10 minutes to really sink in, but you're supposed to wait that long to apply makeup over sunscreen anyway so no big deal.

BUT nano-sized ZO offers very little protection apparently. Like, you may as well be using some crappy sunscreen because all you're getting UVB protection vs UVA, which is what I'm after. The website is sketch about details - somehow they're not nano but they are a little bit nano? Their particles are small enough to be nano in some countries but not others.

Zero breakouts, zero irritation. If you have sensitive skin this is a good one to try.

I will put up with a white cast and zero dry down if I'm getting the UVA protection I'm after, but this doesn't give me that. Back to Ulta it goes.

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Sunscreen -Cotz -Face Natural Skintone spf 40

on 8/9/2018 9:49:00 AM


I have extremely eczema prone skin, so I'm constantly on the lookout for a product that hits the following marks:
1. Physical sunscreen only
2. No fragrance, parfum, perfume
3. No lanolin
4. No herbal extracts
5. Decent coverage
6. No white glare or overly sunscreen-y smell
8. Hold up to REAL heat/humidity (Southeast USA. 100+ degrees and 90% humidity in summer)

If you've ever tried to find something that hits all of those marks, you'll understand why I love this product. It protects my skin, doesn't cause an allergy or eczema flare (even around my eyes!), and evens out my skin enough that I don't feel the need to add on foundation. I just use this stuff and concealer.

It does come out of the tube a startling shade of tan, but I found that it does blend nicely into my fairly porcelain skin tone. It won't cover freckles or acne, but I'm not really that bothered by my actual real skin showing through my base. I just want that sweet physical SPF without the bright shining white glare! I've already bought my second tube.

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Sunscreen -Cotz -Flawless Complexion SPF 50

on 7/16/2018 8:16:00 AM


The tint is a neutral fair compared to other tinted sunscreens that tend to be pink/orange and too dark. It does not oxidize on my face or catch and look bad on dry bits. It doesn't dry down to be matte, so I powder it. Good protection, no obvious color, no irritation, no zits, doesn't dry my skin out. So far, it's a winner (I've been using it a few weeks). I'll likely repurchase this as a good sunscreen is essential to not looking haggard. For reference, I am fair, dry-ish skin but have to blot the t-zone mid-day. In my 50s.

To compare, the Bare Minerals light tinted primer with SPF 30 is much darker (probably a good match for medium skin tones) and catches like crazy on dry bits. I'll use the BM up but not repurchase.

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Sunscreen -Cotz -SPF 58

on 7/2/2017 7:39:00 AM


I find this product very difficult to apply. It is not greasy and has an almost putty-like texture. While it isn't as ghostly white as many physical sunscreens, it leaves my fair olive skin looking ashen. I really have to work at making a smooth application. (I don't use this when I want a 30 second slather and run out the door morning process.) As I mentioned, it isn't nearly as greasy as most of the competition but upon drying, it does have a slightly tacky finish. My first tube has had a packaging failure as the cap is defective and does not seal. This is unacceptable in a relatively pricey product!

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Sunscreen -Cotz -Lip Balm SPF45 Broad Spectrum UVA UVB

on 5/19/2017 2:15:00 PM


The only thing I like about this is the sun protection. It has a weird taste and smell, is tinted light brown, and is not particularly moisturizing. Definitely not for someone with dry peely lips, because this will accentuate the dryness and make you look like your lips are dirty/gunky.

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