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Recent CLARINS Reviews

Treatments (Face) -CLARINS -Double Serum


The Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue in Chicago offers $25 facials through Clarins. Coco was awesome and recommended the double serum. I have adult acne which is pretty well controlled; however, I still have breakouts in my T zone, but am also prone to dry, flaky skin, especially if I spot treat the acne. Since I’ve started the double serum about a month ago, my skin is well hydrated and breakout free. I’ve been using it morning and night in place of a moisturizer. I use Aczone in the AM so I apply the double serum, 10 minutes or so afterward and same in the evening, except after Tretinoin (Rx retinol). I’ve been using it fairly liberally 3-4 pumps each application and using it on my neck / décolletage and am half way through the bottle. That said, it’s expensive, so I’ve just started limiting myself to 2 pumps per application, which I still think is plenty. I adore this product, but I wish it wasn’t so darn expensive!

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Treatments (Eye) -CLARINS -Eye Contour Gel

on 4/20/2019 4:11:00 PM


It's a lightweight gel that doesn't really do much for my underye area. Haven't noticed any difference since I started using this.

Primer/ Corrector -CLARINS -Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

on 4/14/2019 7:41:00 AM


Like Monistat chafing gel and numerous primers, this has silica powder suspended in a silicone base. It mattifies skin slightly, which "blurs" pored and wrinkles - just like how shiny highlighters make them look worse - without feeling as drying as most powders, or having a white cast or tint (on my super pale skin anyway).
- It's in no way a moisturizer or other skin treatment, unless you think your skin benefits greatly from said silicones with a little vegetable shortening added + silica powder. (Which I guess could be the case depending on what you're planning to add on top!)

So, I'm gonna compare it to Monistat gel.

- I just applied each to half of my face; immediate effect is identical to my eyes: less texture, which comes from cutting skin sheen without looking powdery.
I'll check in again in a couple of hours to see if I can tell any difference then.
UPDATE: well it's 4 hours later and I'd definitely be a lot shinier on both sides without anything - still no perceptible difference.

- As for "pore-filling" effect, the Clarins thicker texture feels more likely to have that, but I don't think either of these does actually. Looking in a 10x mirror I don't see tell-tale white dots in my pores (again, I'm very pale) on either side. I really think the actual skin surface is about the same, just blurred thanks to the cut sheen.
The fact that I can't see any difference with/without either of these under powder foundation seems to confirm that.

- Ingredients-wise the base is very similar, but the Clarins primer has hydrogenated vegetable oil among the top 5 or so ingredients, and many more ingredients much lower down.
- It's firmer and has a creamier/greasier feel, where the Monistat is (even) slicker, more slippery and feels a bit more powdery.

- So far I've never noticed any longevity-difference under makeup with either product.
- And I don't even see a visual difference with vs without either product under BareMinerals og foundation, in regards to pores. One of these days I'll try to do a proper half-face comparison. Also under different liquid foundations. As of yet I haven't seen it add anything under Mac face & body.

- As of now, only real use I see for either of these on the face is when you want to go without any base products, but still cut skin texture & shine a bit. If I were a man very concerned about gender presentation but also about my pores, this might appeal to me.

- Oh, bonus tip: the monistat gel on top of shiny lipsticks works the way that the Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer advertises that it works. That is, it gives a semi-matte finish (without the formula acting like an actual matte lipstick, so it doesn't make it more long-lasting, less transfer-prone or drying.)

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Liquid -CLARINS -Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation SPF 15

on 4/14/2019 12:45:00 AM


I've been using this for the last 4 years. It really has that light diffusing quality and has taken a few years off my look. It doesn't last all day...I will try a setting powder to see if that helps. It gives a lovely dewy finish.

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Toners -CLARINS -Toning Lotion with Iris (Alcohol-free)


I’m on the fence. I’m a dermalogica kind of girl but it’s way too expensive and looking for something that’s more reasonable. So I was given this sample to use with the gentle cleanser with tamarind. I mean thank heavens I my face didn’t swell up like it did with the cleansing milk gentian but it doesn’t do anything really. I feel like the products I was given are meant for people who don’t breakout and are ONLY, I repeat, ONLY trying to balancing their oiliness. Other than that don’t expect it to give you that glow you would expect to get when you pay €30 for a toner..

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