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Powder -CLARINS -Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

on 4/26/2019 9:13:00 AM


I have purchased more than 15 foundations in a year just because I couldn't find something that would sit well on my skin.I have dry skin but I follow a good skincare routine,I don't have fine lines or wrinkles,don't have large pores,don't have hyper pigmentation,don't have acne,don't have oily t zone,I even don't care to find an exact match for my skin tone,I also don't live in a very hot or humid climate and usually I'm not out for long hours, so finding foundation for me sounds to be a simple job,yeah?NOPE.all foundations,even BB Creams and tinted moisturizers sit on top of my skin,show dozens of dry patches(eventhough I moisturize well before applying makeup),look cakey on some spots and flakey on some other parts..all foundations and concealers look so bad on my skin that whenever I wear them,I have to cleanse my face before going out as my bare skin looks much better.I'm so desperate to find a good foundation that I buy whatever I see even without colormatching.I just want something with light shade that sits nice and flawless on my skin eventhough it's not longlasting or without much coverage.I'm an easy to please person still nothing was able to even partially please me
But Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder seems to be actually good on my skin!
I've heard hundreds of times that powder makeup isn't good for dry skin but I don't have any luck with creamy contours/blushes/highlights while powdery ones do the job for me,so I decided to try a powder foundation.I searched for none matte powder (I'm not a fan of matte foundations) and I learned about this Clarins Loose Powder.a lot of makeup brands aren't available where I live so I was surprised to see it's in stock in Hiland Mall.there was no tester and 108 was the lightest shade available.eventhough I was sure it's going to be too dark for me and it was 30$,I risked and bought it
It comes in a luxurious packaging and I love the brush on top of it as it's great for touch ups during the day but I prefer to use a more fluffy and bigger brush to apply it in the first place.It's written on the cardboard box,that we have to take off the brush,shake the pot three times,then open it and use it powder that has came out of the holes
the application is a bit messy and I wish I could dip my brush right inside the powder(like Mac Loose Powders) but it's still better than a lot of other powders as there's not much waste here
First time that I used it I was on a hurry.I had moisturized my skin half an hour before,I just rubbed Maybelline Master Prime in green shade and applied Clarins powder all over my face even under my eyes.after I finished with powdering all over my face I couldn't believe my eyes! It looked lovely! so skin like and didn't cling to dry patches at all.didn't look cakey at covered the redness I have on my cheeks and evened out my skin.It couldn't completely cover my dark cycles but had brightened them so that I could go out without wearing didn't have the radiant finish I was hoping but didn't look too dry/powdery or too matte either and it's shade was surprisingly very good too! I thought 108/Sand is going to be too dark for my NC20 skin but it's light-medium,not too yellow,not too pink,not too orange or red
I felt I look pale(not light for my skin,just kind of flat) when I first applied it but after putting on a little Bourjois Bronzing Powder(Delice de Poudre number 51),a little WetnWild Color Icon Rose Champagne Blush and some The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter,my skin had never looked so good in the last two years
When I returned home after 5 hours,I went in front of mirror to observe my skin closely,it wasn't as flawless and skin like as when I leaved the looked dry and powdery on my nose and cheeks and undereyes but not in a horrible way and it still looked nice from a meter away
All in all I'd call it a successful that 99.5% of foundations look horrible on me,this one is one the rare wearable ones.It's perfumed but doesn't break me out(it claims to protect skin against pollution and it's oil free)..Bronzer,blush and highlighter are easy to blend on top of it.. it has medium coverage..doesn't wear off easily,doesn't oxidize and doesn't let my skin look greasy(I have dry skin,still some foundations look shiney on my forehead after a while) the only CON is it's price and that it looks powdery dry after a while.I'd give it 5 if it was a cheap powder
I'm going to try spraying a mist on it

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Treatments (Face) -CLARINS -Double Serum


The Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue in Chicago offers $25 facials through Clarins. Coco was awesome and recommended the double serum. I have adult acne which is pretty well controlled; however, I still have breakouts in my T zone, but am also prone to dry, flaky skin, especially if I spot treat the acne. Since I’ve started the double serum about a month ago, my skin is well hydrated and breakout free. I’ve been using it morning and night in place of a moisturizer. I use Aczone in the AM so I apply the double serum, 10 minutes or so afterward and same in the evening, except after Tretinoin (Rx retinol). I’ve been using it fairly liberally 3-4 pumps each application and using it on my neck / décolletage and am half way through the bottle. That said, it’s expensive, so I’ve just started limiting myself to 2 pumps per application, which I still think is plenty. I adore this product, but I wish it wasn’t so darn expensive!

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Treatments (Eye) -CLARINS -Eye Contour Gel

on 4/20/2019 4:11:00 PM


It's a lightweight gel that doesn't really do much for my underye area. Haven't noticed any difference since I started using this.

Primer/ Corrector -CLARINS -Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

on 4/14/2019 7:41:00 AM


Like Monistat chafing gel and numerous primers, this has silica powder suspended in a silicone base. It mattifies skin slightly, which "blurs" pored and wrinkles - just like how shiny highlighters make them look worse - without feeling as drying as most powders, or having a white cast or tint (on my super pale skin anyway).
- It's in no way a moisturizer or other skin treatment, unless you think your skin benefits greatly from said silicones with a little vegetable shortening added + silica powder. (Which I guess could be the case depending on what you're planning to add on top!)

So, I'm gonna compare it to Monistat gel.

- I just applied each to half of my face; immediate effect is identical to my eyes: less texture, which comes from cutting skin sheen without looking powdery.
I'll check in again in a couple of hours to see if I can tell any difference then.
UPDATE: well it's 4 hours later and I'd definitely be a lot shinier on both sides without anything - still no perceptible difference.

- As for "pore-filling" effect, the Clarins thicker texture feels more likely to have that, but I don't think either of these does actually. Looking in a 10x mirror I don't see tell-tale white dots in my pores (again, I'm very pale) on either side. I really think the actual skin surface is about the same, just blurred thanks to the cut sheen.
The fact that I can't see any difference with/without either of these under powder foundation seems to confirm that.

- Ingredients-wise the base is very similar, but the Clarins primer has hydrogenated vegetable oil among the top 5 or so ingredients, and many more ingredients much lower down.
- It's firmer and has a creamier/greasier feel, where the Monistat is (even) slicker, more slippery and feels a bit more powdery.

- So far I've never noticed any longevity-difference under makeup with either product.
- And I don't even see a visual difference with vs without either product under BareMinerals og foundation, in regards to pores. One of these days I'll try to do a proper half-face comparison. Also under different liquid foundations. As of yet I haven't seen it add anything under Mac face & body.

- As of now, only real use I see for either of these on the face is when you want to go without any base products, but still cut skin texture & shine a bit. If I were a man very concerned about gender presentation but also about my pores, this might appeal to me.

- Oh, bonus tip: the monistat gel on top of shiny lipsticks works the way that the Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer advertises that it works. That is, it gives a semi-matte finish (without the formula acting like an actual matte lipstick, so it doesn't make it more long-lasting, less transfer-prone or drying.)

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Liquid -CLARINS -Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation SPF 15

on 4/14/2019 12:45:00 AM


I've been using this for the last 4 years. It really has that light diffusing quality and has taken a few years off my look. It doesn't last all day...I will try a setting powder to see if that helps. It gives a lovely dewy finish.

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