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Cleansers -CLARINS -Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter - Dry or Sensitive Skin

on 3/13/2019 2:54:00 AM


The best cleanser I've ever tried so far. It gives smoothing feeling and hydrates my dry skin. Loves the subtle shea butter scent. The only drawback is the price, it's quite high for a cleanser.

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Cleansers -CLARINS -Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs - Normal or Dry Skin

on 3/12/2019 7:42:00 AM


One of the first items I have bought from Clarins , in my endless search for a nice skincare range to replace Erno Laszlo . This is currently available as a great value pack on their website , with a full size of this, the Chamomile toner , a trial size Express makeup remover (which I love) and a cosmetic bag . It has a very pleasant gentle fragrance , floral but clean, and two weeks in, my sensitive skin has not reacted to it. I use the Japanese skin care method ( as per a book by Chizu Saeki - Japanese Skincare Revolution). This involves carefully removing eye, lip and eyebrow makeup first with a suitable remover. Followed by upward massaging strokes to the face with a cream or milk type cleanser, several times . It is not quick , and sometimes before bed, when I look at the many steps , copied and currently pinned on my bathroom wall, I question my own sanity. However, this product lends itself beautifully to this method . I remove the surface cream with two moist cotton pads , and then gently sluice with water . Finish with a three minute lotion mask ( using Chamomile toner) . My skin type is constantly dry and dull on my cheeks , and I have oil on my forehead and nose , because my skin is dry. I can see a real vibrancy coming back to my cheeks al ready . But crucially , the surface of my skin looks smoother. I am guessing this is due to increase moisture , the exfoliating effect of the technique and the gentleness of the product . This routine isn't for everyone , some nights it isn't even for me. And it isn't the technique suggested by Clarins , though it is similar , just more involved . But as I move through my 40s I realise I have to work much harder to care for my skin if i want it to look good. I had become despondent and lazy as my previously great skin rejected the updated Erno Laszlo products and I floundered around looking for a new skincare "home". Fingers crossed that Clarins may finally be the answer. Certainly, the initial results make me enthused again . For the record , I do not go down this lengthy cleansing method in the morning, I do a gentle wash (as per the book), with a tiny amount of a gentle foaming cleanser (currenty using a Clarins sample ). It makes the evening cleanse more achievable knowing it's simpler the next morning.
I don't think this cleanser is for everyone. The fact that it is helping so much with the dryness for me, means it could be too rich for some complexions. That said, most skincare schools of thought suggest that the way to reduce an oily t zone is to add in extra moisture, and it seems to be having a positive effect on my shiny forehead.

Whenever I read my reviews back , I think "blimey, I do go on" .. so apologies for the endless details.

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Samples -CLARINS -all

on 3/11/2019 4:42:00 AM

I asked my Dad for a Clarins mascara and specific lipstick for my birthday. He went to the Clarins counter at John Lewis and the sales assistant added in all these lovely other little samples, and a cosmetic bag and wrapped it all beautifully in a box. Really pleased my Dad because he generally uses around one metre of gift wrap and two rolls of sellotape per item. One of the samples was their express eye makeup remover which has been a revelation because I have been desperately trying different brands to find one which doesn't burn my eyes, since the one i use was discontinued. Thanks to her sample , I have found a gem, with no discomfort at all. At the same time , I have been floundering with my skincare routine as my trusty Erno Laszlo regime is now hopelessly ruined by the latest owners and my skin can no longer tolerate many of the products I used for 16 years straight . I tried Lancome , but far too heavily fragranced for my skin. I tried Moogoo, which was too drying for me . So having had this lovely gift, I decided I would try their Alpine Herbs cleanser and Chamomile toner, and I got three samples with the two piece set I ordered online . One week in, my skin actually seems to be grateful . The products smell gorgeous but are not overly fragranced for me . I am using the Japanese skin care method which is more time consuming , and is likely contributing to the improvement in my complexion. But the products are contributing too. I have already identified some other items I will buy , thanks to their samples . And that is the beauty of their generosity: It is a great way to try something before huge outlay , which was exactly the mistake I made with the Lancome day cream which I handed over to my husband after a week of use . The samples tempt you to purchase things that may not have been on your radar , which is likely what I will do since I am so impressed with their Extra Firming Night Cream . But it also makes me think , this company has confidence in their products, to give away so many samples, because there is no direct profit in samples.
Lancome made £60 from me for a day cream that my skin rejected. Had I tried a sample , it would have been a no. But the trade off is that I will probably never purchase another Lancome skin care item now . But Clarins , thanks to their generosity and belief in their own products , have gained another customer , who has crossed to the dark side and will no doubt , buy more and more items . Their products are not the cheapest , but when you read about the many plant based ingredients, their aim towards natural where possible , you get some understanding. We all know how much pure essential plant and herb oils can cost.
But that is part of the appeal for me, the natural ingredients. I am also one of those shallow plum duffs that like all their products to look nice together in the bathroom cabinet, and Clarins products look really nice.
So here is how it works in a nutshell , I have already decided to go to the counter to talk about the best foundation for me , hopefully get a sample , and will likely, buy the night cream whilst I am there . That is just how cosmetic shopping should be - a treat with the enjoyment of advice and tempting try-outs, not a chore where you dread asking for things . Clarins have a new customer, and one that will tell other people how great Clarins are.
It also means a lot to me that the Clarins family are still the main shareholders of this company, not Nestlé or Unilever etc. You have more of a chance of them sticking to their ethos I think , and standing by trusted products . Those of us who were Erno Laszlo devotees of old , have been heartbroken by the direction the company has taken under the latest ownership , the entire legacy from the 50s now destroyed, just a cash in on Dr Laszlo's name, and those of his clients (Monroe , Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy etc) . This so often happens with buy-outs. I will never forget how choked I was when Prescriptives was bought out. They discontinued all the great products, wilfully destroyed it, then ended the brand .

I will email the company to tell them how great this sales assistant at John Lewis is too.
Clarins -you won my heart.

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Lip Gloss -CLARINS -Instant Light Lip Perfector

on 3/9/2019 4:55:00 AM


I bought this in the lightest shade after seeing an online blogger recommend it.

Pros: Cute tube, lovely sponge tip, sweet smell and taste, softens lips.

Cons: Lipglossy texture (can be heavy), applying more than one layer makes the product colour look almost white which is rather unflattering, and the tube gets easily crushed and squeezed in a bag or pockets which means the product oozes out into the cap - when you open it there's a lot of product in the cap that you can't really use.

Personally I prefer a more water-y/slide-y texture to my lipgloss, and perhaps a less light colour, and probably in a hard case so I don't lose so much product. I may try the Clarins Lip Balms next.

Oh, also, it does seem to moisturise nicely while wearing, but when it comes off, lips are dry and peeling. So yeah, probably more a cosmetic temporary gloss for appearance rather than treating or improving anything on an ongoing basis.

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Lip Treatments -CLARINS -Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

on 3/2/2019 10:26:00 PM


I used this at night as a lip mask treatment. I went through the whole tube, but realized that on nights I didn’t wear this - I didn’t miss it. However, I think this product would be better as a day time gloss for people.

Although labeled as an oil it doesn’t feel greasy on the lips and lasts a decent amount of time (if eating and drinking isn’t involved). The shine is nice, but this product is definitely more of a “seal” for products/moisturizing under it rather than nourishing.

All in all, not an amazing product and not a horrible product. Personally, I would not recommend paying over $20 for a lip gloss unless there are other benefits for your lips. Especially since there are so many drugstore products that do the same thing!

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