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Polishes -Butter London -Come to Bed Red

on 11/30/2017 9:32:00 PM


I love Butter London 10X Shine formula, but I don't like much the original one.
This shade comes only in the original formula.
The color is a neutral red, I would prefer it to be a more cool tone.
The formula is thicker than 10X Shine, it goes on thicker (I don't like that), but it dries way faster when applied. As a minus, it will faster get thicker in the bottle.
It doesn't stain nails when used without a base coat. Butter London doesn't recommend using a base with any of their polishes, not for nothing.
It lasts on me for about 5 days.

Good, but not outstanding like Butter London polishes that come in 10X Shine formula.

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Eye Shadow -Butter London -Glazen Eye Gloss in Oil Slick

This product is definitely worth the hype. I managed to get it when it was half off during the Ulta 21 days of beauty in September 2017, but I will probably buy more of the shades at full price because the formula is so unique. My favorite thing about this product is that it does definitely have some shimmery particles that float throughout but it doesn't feel gritty or glittery on the eye. In the pot, the shadow is this weird thick jelly texture that BL calls "pudding", which I think is a fairly apt description. You can't just stick your finger in the pot and get the shadow out; you have to swipe it a little bit to pick it up. Once I put it on the eye (I find that patting it and then swiping over it again with my finger works best), it lasts all day even without primer. It definitely sets and becomes budge-proof once it is dried. I've used it alone and with darker powder shadows in the crease and it works well both ways. In the pot Oil Slick looks like a weird brown-green melange, but on the skin the chocolatey brown base appears to be overlaid with a wet-looking iridescent glimmer that is very fine. I find the shimmer/glitter/whatever-it-is-called-magic to be similar to the shimmer from Urban Decay Moondust in Solstice. The way that the shimmer sits within the base definitely gives a lot of dimension and the shift between colors is apparent on the eyelid. I have tried it with brushes for applying under the eye and that works alright, but fingers are definitely my preferred application for this product. If you like a lot of shimmer or duochromatic color shift but you don't like gritty glitter then this is definitely a product for you.

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Eye Shadow -Butter London -Glazen Eye Gloss in Mermaid

on 11/3/2017 2:31:00 PM

Sorry, but I didn't expect this to be a very lengthy review. Please bear with me.

I have been looking for an eye product that will give my lids the silver/grey color with a glossy or shimmery finish that is not a powder. I wanted a one-and-done kind of product. When these came out, all swatches had me drawn to it like a moth to a flame because it looked exactly like i was looking for. I was expecting it to be as blendable as Maybelline's eye color tattoos, but with more sheen and shimmer like L'oreal's infallibles. But it's completely different. And not in a good way for me.

The packaging reminds me of the L'oreal infallibles: the transparent plastic jar is square but the product is within a round lid enclosure. I love contrasting shapes like that in packaging. But this is visually more appealing because the top screw lid is wider so it covers the whole top area of the square base.

The consistency is just like how everybody described: it is like a jelly. It wiggles when you tap the sides of the container. So to keep it from getting dry, there is a plastic lid within the jar. This particular shade looks like a greyish silver with subtle greenish hue with microglitter (sorry, I'm really bad in describing things like this).

1ST TRY: I used my ring finger and got a tiny bit of product and applied to my lid. I swiped to sheer it out and was pretty shocked with how obvious the microglitters were. They didn't look micro. They straight up looked like chunky glitter. Did not like it. I tried to tap over more product to get a color build up to make the glitter less obvious. I did get it to look more silvery, but the glitter was still remarkably obvious. But I was in a hurry and had no time to remove it so I just added some color over it with the hopes of making the glitter less obvious, darkened the outer v (dark purple), black liner, mascara then left the house. I did not experience any glitter fall out, but my lids looked like DISCO BALLS. I was embarrassed to face people but had no choice. Hated it

2ND TRY: I watched yt videos where people were tapping the product and not swiping so decided that maybe I should be doing that. I still got a tiny amount using my finger and proceeded to tap this onto my lids. I built it up slowly but I would get areas chunkier than others. And despite trying to even it out with tapping motions, it just seems to stick and pile on instead of becoming even. Tried to make it look even better by blending the edges and applying a color on my outer v (I used ABH Modern Renaissance palette with Buon fresco and Realgar for crease and Love letter on outer v. Color combination looked nice). But I was still left with chunky patches. Hated it.

3RD TRY: I thought maybe a brush would be better? I used a flat synthetic brush and again took small amounts of product at a time to apply to my lid. Swiping it doesn't help. AT ALL. You have to tap the product. Aaaand it was just not working out. Again. Hated it.

I don't think you have to read this final paragraph to conclude that I HATE THIS.
- The shade is kinda nice. I love the sheen it gives but the glitter takes it away from me.
- This is impossible for me to use. I'm not sure if my skills in eyeshadow are still lacking that's why this is so frustrating or if the product itself is difficult for me to work with.
- I do see that this will look great as an eyeshadow for New Years party though! However, I am looking for a product I can use at any time and not only on specific occasions. If you work in an environment where you have to be more polished-sophisticated, I feel like this is a no-go.
- Really like how it didn't crease on me.
- It dries quickly. It doesn't make me feel like my lids are heavy or sticky.
- Packaging is pretty

It had a couple of good points but this is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT for me. To think that I wanted this for so long. I hate to return but I hate this product more.

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Polishes -Butter London -Patent Shine 10X in 24K

on 10/30/2017 1:04:00 PM

I love this gold glitter topper! The quality of the formula alone makes it worth the price.

Currently available as part of Butter London's The Gold Standard 5pc set, 24K is made up of jagged, shiny, gold glitter shards suspended in a clear base. These glitters lay smooth and flat on the nail, and that's not always the case with shard glitter. The glitters are easily distributed on the nail, no "fishing" to get them out of the bottle. Excellent product overall.

There may be dupes for this out there, but it would be hard to find one with a better formula than this one. Applies well, wears well, and removal is a snap if you use acetone.

It's a welcome addition to my collection, and I'd definitely buy it again. Recommended!!

Eye Shadow -Butter London -Glazen Eye Gloss in Amethyst

on 10/25/2017 2:45:00 AM

Just lovely! Butter London's Amethyst is a deep burgundy-purple with a tiny bit of sparkle. Currently only available as a mini in the BL Majesty's Metals set, this shade is a little different from the other Glazen Eye Glosses. Amethyst doesn't have the same shiny, metallic finish that the others do. This one dries down to a more satiny finish. On the lid, it looks more like a traditional powder eye shadow. I was surprised!

BL's Glazen Eye Gloss is a different kind of eye shadow. Not quite a cream, not quite a gel. It's more like a whipped-jelly in a pot. Applies like a liquid (I just use a sponge-tipped applicator) and once it dries and sets it feels like NOTHING. No stickiness whatsoever.

But four lippies instead of five because I didn't get the best wear out of this one. It creased pretty severely on me. But I have oily lids, so that's forgivable.

The formula is very build-able, so you can make this eye shadow as sheer or opaque as you want. This particular shade actually goes on VERY sheer at first. I need two layers to get the opacity I want.

But the application is very smooth. It just glides on the lid, with no patchiness at all.

I have tried all of the Glazen Eye Gloss shades, and Amethyst is one that I would buy again.

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