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Butter London is a cosmetics company founded Sasha Muir in 2005. It began as a nail lacquer brand, and eventually branched out to create a line of face, lip and and eye makeup. All products are formulated by the "Crafted with Care" credo.* Products are available online and retail stores worldwide. *For more information on Crafted With Care, visit the company website.

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Recent Butter London Reviews

Mascara -Butter London -Double Decker Mascara


This flakes like crazy! I only put it on top lanes to test. One hour after I put this on I looked in the mirror and my under eyes were full of flakes, not just few, full wow, never seen this happen. And it didn't look good either, trashed!

Blush -Butter London -Glazen Blush Gelee

on 9/8/2018 9:53:00 PM


Originally gave this 1 star, but have completely changed my mind on it.

I originally found it patchy and glittery when trying to apply it with a brush or sponge, but I've realized that the only way to successfully apply this is by using a tiny amount, and then, using my fingers, patting it out very, very fast. If I do this, it gives me a beautiful look. It's definitely more of a metallic blush (but not TOO metallic, I don't like products that are too metallic), but it lets me skip highlighting since it gives a nice glow. The color (Dazzle) is very unique and dimensional. I love it for no makeup makeup days especially because it makes me look flushed and radiant, but it also looks nice over a full face and doesn't remove product underneath. It's also buildable. Just make sure to work fast because it dries down QUICKLY, to a powder finish. Once it dries, it dries.

Deducting one star just because it's a bit finicky, but honestly it's so gorgeous that I don't even mind any more now that I'm used to it.

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Mascara -Butter London -Stroke of wow


More like Stroke of disapointment...I bought this at ulta and was so curious to see how this mascara would work out after being super intrigued by the unique brush. I am partial to plastic/rubber bristles as opposed to traditional ones because i find that they give me better length and definition than the traditional brush applicators do. This had the plastic feel bristles and had one side with a shorter set of a few rows of bristles for volumizing and one side with just what looked like a large comb to lengthen. This is what got me. Ever since my favorite mascara lash stylist by maybeline and blu ray mascara by cargo got discontinued I’ve been on an endless hunt for a similar mascara with a comblike applicator so when i saw this I immediately threw it in my basket without thinking twice despite the heavy price tag. So at first try I got them nice and curled and right away upon the first swipe with the denser side already noticed that they had started clumping together! Mind you I follow all of the mascara application rules to a tea to make sure to prevent a sloppy looking application that would cause unecessary clumping and still, it did nothing with this formulation. I was crossing my fingers for the comb part of the brush to makeup for the other side to work some kind of miracle and justify the entire thing. Swiped carefully and it just made it worse... yes it added length and made your lashes look bigger but not in the fluttery and full falsie lashes kind of way that you’d want but more of the stick straight and spidery kind... despite the let down I decided to give it a good few tries before I wrote a review and returned it. It’s been over a week and I can’t say that anything has changed.. totally bummed after having such high hopes for it but it’s definitely going to get returned. Major flop especially for the $20 save it and get something else. Better yet, If you want something similar that will actually deliver results ( not to mention for a fraction of the price).. get lash sensational in the pink tube by Maybeline it’s a much better and cheaper option than this

Polishes -Butter London -No More Waity Katie


lavendar muddy mid-grey. Bought for the name. May have been elegant if without glitter.

- for teens or for night out
- contains no formaldehyde, toluene or formaldehyde and animal cruelty-free

- very sheer grey with mini-glitters on first coat; gets muddy grey on additional coats
- streaky (amateur polisher)
- not for work
- expensive brand
- have to remember to remove square cap to twist open actual bottle cap

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Polishes -Butter London -Tea with the Queen


Beige with slight peach undertone; or camel with pink undertone. Nice in the bottle but I didn't expect the orange-y effect on my skintone

- does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, paraben; animal cruelty-free
- appropriate for conservative work environment
- no streaks after three coats (amateur polisher)
- looks better on NC15 or lighter skintone

- almost mannequin-like on my NC25-30 summer-tan skintone and turns me orangey (yuck, boring)
- very conservative, very safe neutral shade
- pricey

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