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Foundations -Burberry -Fresh Glow Foundation

on 6/16/2018 5:08:00 AM


I bought it because I thought Lisa Eldridge mentioned it as a pale foundation (later I found out it was probably a different one, which is now discontinued. I am about NW10- NW13 in Mac, and shade 11 is way too dark for me. Another “porcelain” foundation that is just orange.

If you are darker than me and have normal to dry skin and have 50€ to spare, you’ll like it

Fragrances -Burberry -Brit

on 5/18/2018 7:36:00 PM


As a previous reviewer, I also got a sample of this.
Initially, it smells like a men's cologne from 90's, I can smell different perfume notes for a minute or so, but in a minute it transforms into one note sweet overpowering smell.
I rarely like sweet fragrances, they often give me a headache and this one isn't an exception.
One time wear was enough for me, there is no chance I will ever use it again.

Foundations -Burberry -Fresh Glow Gel Stick

on 5/9/2018 12:36:00 PM


So far have been using this foundation for 2 weeks and I really like it. It does a good job of making my skin look even and perfect. The make-or-break is that it lasts through the day. I wore it to a sunny outdoor wedding and it held up pretty well. I have normal / combo skin so tend to get shiny looking pretty fast, but not with this. Also like how it feels going on the skin –kind of a cooling/refreshing sensation which is nice. It’s a bit more matte than I would have expected but personally don’t mind that. It goes on more medium-ish coverage I would say. I definitely add a few more strokes to make it higher coverage but can see it working for someone that likes to sheer their foundation out too. I don’t use this as a concealer, even though it is marketed as one. Just prefer something with more coverage and precision for that. Also love that you can throw this in your bag. Overall recommended!

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Fragrances -Burberry -Touch

on 5/9/2018 12:22:00 AM


I received this fragrance for Christmas and was initially a bit apprehensive. I am 58 years old and not fussy about a lot of "new" (read created after 1990:) fragrances. Lately I have been all about fresh & citrus-y fragrances.

This one is lovely though. Not too sweet and not too sharp-very well balanced. Fresh while also feeling warm. It had a hint of powder but not old lady powder. Also a bit peppery to start then a bit woodsy and also whiff of floral..

It is soft and feminine and inoffensive. I would say it is a classic type fragrance & I love it.

Fragrances -Burberry -Brit Sheer

on 3/27/2018 10:33:00 PM


I absolutely love this scent. It’s light and fresh. It’s almost like fresh air. I always get compliments on it. People usually mistake it for a really nice soap because it’s so clean. I use it when I skipped showering. (Add a little dry shampoo and no one is the wiser.) I only demoted it to a 4 because the scent completely evaporates in 2 hours. I HAVE to spray it on my hair or put down a lotion base first. But it has to be an oily lotion to grab the scent. I think that makes it a little tedious to use. I use the spray but then I carry the rollerball in my purse because it WILL need a refresher.

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