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Shampoo -Bumble & Bumble -Thickening Shampoo


Thank goodness I received a sample of this to try, instead of shelling out $$$$$ for it. Why do you ask? Well, this shampoo is VERY drying. It felt like my hair was stripped of all moisture, right after rinsing the shampoo out and especially after blow drying my hair. My hair felt like straw all day and I could barely run my fingers through my hair without getting it caught. Also, I didn't feel as though my hair was *that* volumized, if at all. I think the drugstore has way better volumizing shampoos (for a much cheaper price, mind you!)

All in all, I would not recommend this product.

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Styling Products -Bumble & Bumble -Repair Blow Dry


Best styling cream that I've found so far. Adds moisture and helps detangle hair. Helps my hair stay smooth and not frizz after blow drying. I can even blow dry the night before and wake with smooth hair. Doesn't weigh down my fine, thin hair. It has a typical scent that I don't notice after initial application.

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Styling Products -Bumble & Bumble -Sumo Clay

on 2/1/2018 10:24:00 AM

My Hair - Short and shaggy/piecy razored style, longer on the crown and short around along the neck. Straight hair. Hair texture is fine, not heavy.

Product and Usage - Sumo Clay is what I though Sumo Tech would be for me. Sumo Clay has an odd scent, like Chinese fermented plum candy, which is fine for eating but not so much for hair; thankfully it doesn't linger. The product has a smooth, creamy clay texture and is an unappetizing grey color. Provides decent hold and texture. Leaves hair feeling flexible with a matte finish. Feels lightweight in my hair. continued >>

Styling Products -Bumble & Bumble -CitySwept

on 1/31/2018 1:10:00 PM


I'm obsessed with B&B's thickening dryspun finish so I bought this thinking it would be more of that tossled bed head piecey look. Unfortunately, this stuff just makes my hair look dry and strawlike and is waaay too easy to overdo. Back to thickening dryspun finish it is!

Styling Products -Bumble & Bumble -hairdresser's invisible oil

on 1/27/2018 3:38:00 PM


This is a good hair oil. My fav is Moroccan oil hands down. But B&B is less pricey than MO, I’ll always keep MO on hand esp when I want to ensure a good hair day for special occasions. MO has a more dense, viscous consistency compared to B&B. They both have a lovely scent, B&B smells “yummy”, reminds me of orange creamsicle. B&B controls frizz, keeps my curls intact all the while giving my hair a healthy shine. I never felt any product build up, or notice a greasy appearance. It comes in a plastic bottle w/ pump which gives an even spray output, but I don’t use it. I prefer to pour a quarters worth of product into my hand and rub it between both hands and then run my hands throughout my wet hair coating what I can, moving towards the tips of my hair and the back of my head (which is prone to frizz). Great product, con’t to repurchase.

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