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Recent Brocato Reviews

Styling Products -Brocato -Back to the Beach Texturing Mist

on 11/10/2017 4:29:00 PM

I tried this stuff for 5 min. It smells like asparagus pee, I'm not even kidding. Horrible, had to wash my hair right away. Unreal. I bought this at a reputable beauty product store, so at least I can return it.

Styling Products -Brocato -Shine Drops smoothing serum for hair and skin

on 9/6/2017 4:18:00 PM


I've been using this product for 10 years! I love it! My hair is thick and naturally wavy (Type 2c). Even when my hair is in good shape, it does not naturally have shine. I like to use this when I flat iron my hair, and want to go for that smooth, sleek look. This works best when I apply to dry hair. (It does nothing when I apply it to wet hair.) After I flat iron my hair (with a separate heat protectant), I apply this a few inches from my scalp and focus on my ends. It turns my hair from dull to having a healthy sheen (not a fake looking shine)! The great part is that there is no sticky residue the next day. I wash my hair every three days; so, it is very important not to have residue. I don't need to apply it again after the first day. I honestly haven't tried many other shine serums, because I don't have complaints about this one. The only other shine serum I have tried was the Paul Mitchell one, and I like the Brocato one better.

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Shampoo -Brocato -Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Shampoo


I rarely have anything nice to say about shampoos. Mostly because, in the past, they've more or less wrecked my hair.

I started box dyeing my hair in high school, and only now started using a 10 volume developer from Sally's. So you can sort of imagine the damaged hair I'm working with. It's thick as hell too. I dream of Diana Prince from "Wonder Woman" hair, but mine's more of a straw-like quality.

I've tried using high end shampoos before. They never work. Biolage, Redken, Abba... hated them all. But I still make the yearly trek to Beauty Brands during the liter sale, hoping that there's some miracle shampoo for my poor hair. And thanks to the many reviews on MUA... I finally found it!

I bought the shampoo and conditioner together, so I can't say what it's like to use them separately. But I could tell an immediate difference from the first use. My hair just felt lighter. Usually, it's weighed down and I have to pull out all the stops to add some volume, but that was not the case.

As I've continued to use it, my hair has gotten nicer and nicer. It retains water so much better now, is a lot more smooth and sleek, and just feels healthier. I'm in love.

I just hate the price. My username probably indicates that I love a good deal the way most people love their first born. So I'll probably just stock up during liter sales. And I mean... I guess this is technically saving me money, since I no longer have to shell out on products that add volume, shininess, tame flyaways, and the like. I'm down to using 2-3 additional products in my hair (down from who knows how many) so that's progress.

Anyways, buy this shampoo. It's witch magic. Probably. Thank me later

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Hair Styling Tools -Brocato -Vibrastrait Oscillating Flat Iron

on 5/14/2016 11:34:00 AM

There's something kinda gimmicky about the vibration, but i think it gets my super thick hair straighter. I have extensions sewn into my head and get super shiny gorgeous hair with this. I can also make pretty waves and curls with it. Most of all I love the auto shut off. I'm a crazy mess in the morning and my house burning down is the last thing I want.

Conditioner -Brocato -Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Conditioner

on 4/2/2016 10:55:00 PM


I've used this for years with great results. My hair is 3A curly, but thermally straightened and colored. Cloud 9 provides good moisturizing with just enough slip and a clean scent. It rinses easily, even in hard water. Love this stuff.

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