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Treatments -Blue Cross -Cuticle Remover


This is the HG of cuticle removers and callous softening. The bottle is huge and unwieldly, but easy to dispense into a smaller bottle for regular use. My feet were scary bad after this rough Winter and I am so glad that this made them more presentable.

Use 1: I usually take a qtip and rub it along my cuticles, wait a few minutes and wash my hands. When I forget my hands are not very forgiving and I can get some very unhappy hang nails. I keep a tiny amount in a glass dropper bottle.

Use 2: I soak my feet in warm soapy water, then dry them well. I get two plastic bags, two cotton pads and put a generous amount on the cotton. I put the pads on my heels, then the bag, then big socks. I never leave this on more than 8 minutes, then wash off thoroughly. Afterward you should be able to easily buff off any dead skin, just be careful to not exfoliate too much. A good lotion after and your feet should look good as new.

This is such an affordable and effective product. Just don't use it on broken skin or cracked heels, and be sure to wash it off well.

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Polishes -Blue Cross -Blue Cross Beauty - Lay It On Me

on 6/9/2009 1:30:00 AM

I found this polish (made by Blue Cross Beauty) at Meijer. The polish is in the bottle as 3 different layers, and you are not to shake the bottle: you are supposed to dip your brush in the separated layers and await a "special effect." Well, the "special" part is that all the colors blend together to make one mess of a color. I bought this in a beautiful combination of bright aqua, bright pink and black. I thought maybe the colors would swirl together rather than mixing. I was so disappointed. These colors together make a nasty, dark mahogany color. Along the lines of Vamp, but darker and more drab. Really unimpressive. Even with a good base and top coat, this started showing tip wear by the end of the first day. Without a topcoat, this also dries to a satin finish, not a shiny gloss. Other than looking pretty in the bottle, this polish is completely worthless. China Glaze and Sinful make far better polishes for less money, and you know what color you are getting without an unpleasant surprise upon application. Don't bother with Lay It On Me. It takes more than a gimmick to make a product worthwhile. I will add pictures later this week to show you just how crappy this polish looks.

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